Aug 13 2012 6:00pm

On Our Radar: Impressive Velociraptor Cosplay

From the streets of Melbourne comes this Velociraptor and its handler. We need to know where we can get these suits. Now!  We’re also wondering how long it took before someone said “clever girl.”

2. _Fil_
This is not really cosplay per se. Those suits comes from the show "Walking with Dinosaurs" ( that the BBC made. I saw them with my son a year ago in Brussels. This was really a fantastic show that I highly recommand. Tons of fun if I may say (c:
And with a lot of nice trivia and info for the kids.

I suppose they were doing some "PR" for the show when they were in Melbourne.
4. Gardner Dozois
Be a lot more impressive if you couldn't see the human legs with blue jeans on.
5. Carolus
#4. I don't know... If I were there, and I couldn't see those legs, I'm not sure I wouldn't have taken off screaming. I found it somewhat chilling just to watch that video for the first time, to be honest.
6. LaLa Land
That's no way to treat your pet Velociraptor! You should read this: Pet-Velociraptor-Care-With-Valuable-FAQs

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