Aug 9 2012 10:00am

Get the First Episode of Scalzi’s The Human Division Early

Get the First Episode of Scalzi’s The Human Division EarlyYou deserve early science fiction!

Tor Books has debuted a web promotion that will enable fans of John Scalzi and his Old Man’s War series to get a hold of the first chapter/episode, “The B-Team” a week before its December 2012 release. All you have to do is sign up here. That’s it. You don’t need to bake Old Man’s War-themed cupcakes and mail them to Scalzi. Or write a sonnet set in the universe of the books. (Well, you could. No one’s stopping you.) It’s as easy as giving Tor Books YOUR SOUL email address so they know where to send the episode once the time comes.

Not sure what this is all about? Get the full rundown on The Human Division and its unique format here.

Get the First Episode of Scalzi’s The Human Division Early

1. Skandalouz
What if I am not interested in "please send me e-mail updates about John Scalzi’s titles and events and related information from Macmillan and its partners." ? It seems I cannot sign up unless I check that checkbox.
2. Da Fredcritter
Nice cover!!
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Irene Gallo
3. Irene
@Skandalouz We're checking into it, but that does appear to be the case, although you can certainly unsubscribe from any unwanted content once the registration goes through.
4. Jolie
Alright. I signed up and got the download link, but it looks like it points to a Google Docs page that isn't loading, and I can't seem to save it directly to my computer. Am I missing something?
5. Jolie
It appears to be working correctly now, huzzah!
Mark Chu-Carroll
6. MarkCC
This is novel. Apparently, being 46, I'm not mature enough to read Scalzi's novel. I'm getting an error "You're too young to sign up for these newsletters/alerts". (with 7/1966 in the birthday setting)
7. bollarice
This is like a sick joke, right? The macmillan site gives an unable to save info error on every attempt from multiple computers for a couple of days now. what gives?
8. bollarice
And the webmaster link on the macmillan site leads to a dead address.
9. JSWolf
The very first article on the front page of the website has a link that leads us to this page. So I go to sign up and get a message that the promotion has ended. This is not acceptable. You should not have the link to here on the fton page making it seem like the promotion is still ongoing. So because you've screwed up (not me), I insist on being allowed to join the promotion regarless of the message saying it is over.
10. XYZero
Why are Web Page ads still being run for this if it is no longer valid?
I came here via io9, tried to sign up, and get the error "promotion has ended".
Management Services
11. ManagementServices
As the post states, this was a limited advance promotion, which ended in December, 2012--apologies for any confusion. The serialization of The Human Division began in January, and Ron Hogan has been providing an excellent weekly Read-Along of the series every Tuesday, if you'd like to join the discussion!
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