Aug 29 2012 4:45pm

Analog Editor Stan Schmidt Retires

Analog Editor Stan Schmidt RetiresInfluential editor Stan Schmidt announced his retirement from Analog today. Part of the Dell Magazine group, Analog has been a huge part of the ongoing tradition of print science fiction in both the 20th and 21st centuries. While editing Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Schmidt debuted a slew of famous SF writers including Michael F. Flynn, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Timothy Zahn and others.

Schmidt made a statement today about his departure and passing of the torch to Trevor Quachri.

“I have now been editor of Analog for 34 years, tying or (depending on how you count) slightly exceeding the previous longest-tenure record of John W. Campbell. I still enjoy it thoroughly, but am leaving to pursue a wide range of other interests. Two of the most important of these are doing more of my own writing, and reading Analog purely for the enjoyment of it, which I expect to remain at a high level under Trevor Quachri’s direction.”

We'd like to thank Stan for all your hard work and bringing us great stories.

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1. ghostcrab311
I will add my thanks, too. Analog is a magazine with consistently high quality stories, almost all of which appeal to me. Mr. Schmidt did a fabulous job editing. Best wishes for the future!
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
2. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Well, I suppose I always knew this day would come, but I'm feeling a bit devastated anyway. Stan bought my very first story and many, many since and I love him dearly. He is my angel and the standard I measure all other editors against.

He has a way of handling the editing process that empowers the writer and results in her wanting to do her very best work.

I'm happy that he's "passing the torch" to Trevor, though. I'm pretty fond of him, too.

Thank you, Stan, for everything.
Alan Brown
3. AlanBrown
I remember meeting Stan once at a convention with my father and son. My dad, who read Astounding/Analog from the time he came home from WWII, was especially excited. After being introduced to the three of us, Stan said, "There must be a sci-fi fan gene at work here," and then turned to Ian Randall Strock, and said, "There's a story here about a magazine editor who isolates this gene and starts cloning new readers." And then, a few months later, when the magazine arrived, I called my father excitedly, and told him which page to turn to. And there my dad found, in his favorite magazine, a story that he had inspired. A wonderful moment.
And this retirement is a wonderful moment for Stan, who was an able steward for this venerable magazine. Best wishes in your retirement, Stan!
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
5. Petar Belic
Wow, what an end to an era.
Stan, you've consistently delivered a magazine which always brought me entertainment, and the amazing 'sense of wonder' which only SF can create for me.
Thanks for the good times.
Christopher Bennett
6. ChristopherLBennett
Stan bought my first story too -- or rather, he bought the first one that was good enough to sell, and I got to that level mainly because of the guidance he offered me in his rejection letters for my earlier stories. He then bought my second story (after I foolishly tried to submit the failed first draft to other magazines before realizing I should've listened to his advice and fixed it), and two more in recent years. I'm afraid I didn't get into Analog as often as I wanted, but 2/3 of my published original short fiction to date was bought by Stan, and I consider him my first mentor.

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