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A Memory of Light Heads One Step Closer to Publication

The final Wheel of Time novel, A Memory of Light, finishes final revisions and heads one step closer to publication

“Today I got up, and did not have a Wheel of Time book to work on.”

That small but fateful sentence appeared at the top of Brandon Sanderson’s blog today, signifying that he had completed major revisions on the draft of A Memory of Light, the final Wheel of Time book.

Sanderson details that he sent off the revision to Team Jordan on Saturday morning and that he expects the book to head into the copyedit and proofreading phase. Brandon isn’t entirely done writing in the world of the Wheel of Time, as little things will have to be cleared up here and there during the proofreading process, but his statement is a powerful one nonetheless.

It was early 2008 when a then-relatively-unknown fantasy writer by the name of Brandon Sanderson was tapped to complete the Wheel of Time series in the place of the departed Robert Jordan. It’s been an intense ride since then, as fans discovered they weren’t getting just one more book, but three, all of which would materialize in the next four years. The thought of it all was a mountain that loomed before readers and Sanderson himself.

Sanderson’s statement today is an exhalation. That mountain has been scaled, honor is being done to the memory of Mr. Jordan, and an end, an unbelievable end, is at hand.

Head over to Sanderson’s blog to read in full his thank you to fans of the series.

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Chris Chaplain
2. chaplainchris1
Wow. I've been reading (and loving) these books since I borrowed the first five(!) in Spring 1996...when I should've been studying for Finals in my last semester of undergrad. 16 years waiting for the end of the series. Thanks to Brandon Sanderson and Team Jordan for finishing in fine style and with great class. And thanks to Leigh, Tor, and the re-read community here for a place to share our love and enthusiasm for this story!
3. jamesdbailey
Now to get a date for the ebook version. I'm willing to pay the same price as the dead tree version. Tor is making strides to become a modern publisher with their policy of no DRM but withholding ebooks to not compete with paper is just as dumb.
4. Croaker42
I hear that. Read EotW in 91. Half my life ago. Can't believe the end if almost here. Thank god.
5. JPlattCarnley
Picked up The Eye of the World my senior year of highschool (15 years ago). Haven't been able to put them down since. Not sure what I'll do without an ending to look forward to. The anticipation and discussion of theories has been almost as much fun than the books themselves. I keep joking that I might not read AMOL...But who am I kidding?
6. James Davis Nicoll
How exactly is the guy with the sword planning on using it? Plus I see another sword and what looks like a knife at his left hip; surely once the number of bladed weapons one carries exceeds the number of hands one has, it is time to consider getting a Swiss Army Sword.
Bret Scott
7. BlacksmithButNotEmo
Bought EotW at a used book store in the late 90's, mostly due to it's size and the fact that tGH was sitting right next to it...and I was looking for something with depth. Little did I know.
Ben Goodman
8. goodben
@ 6 James

That is Callandor, the Sword That is Not a Sword. It's a magical artifact that amplifies magic and isn't actually made to stick into someone. He's also one handed. Presumably the reason he's holding Callandor in such an awkward position is that he just drew it and he keeps his real sword on the side that's comfortable for drawing. His real sword, Justice, is also symbolic (sword of an ancient ruler), but more mundane. Hence the multiple swords.

Edited for grammar and to add the note about Justice.
Rich Bennett
9. Neuralnet
I cant believe we are really going to get an ending at last... spectacular news. Funny to think the last 3 were planned as one book... RJ was right, they would have had to invent a new binding process for it.

@6 That is probably Callandor, so Rand will use it to channel the one power, not as a sword.
10. Herb117
I started WoT right after The Shadow Rising came out. Since then I've finished middle school, graduated high school, graduated college, finished grad school, got my first job, got my first promotion, and graduated from professional school.
11. James Davis Nicoll
Looking at where he has hung the other blades, he'd have to drop the one he's holding to grab either of them. Or I guess he could hold the magic sword in his teeth while he grabbed for a real sword (note to anyone trying that: I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of keeping the edge side faced out)

It reminds me a bit of a cover from a Joe Abercrombie book where every time I looked at it, I discovered yet another blade strapped on to the protagonist. Not in tone (the Abercrombie was very dark) but in the mismatch between number of bladed weapons and hands in which to hold them)
12. Herb118
@11. It is both accurate to the book and a bit silly at the same time. Despite wielding a sword exclusively with two-hand throughout the series before losing a hand and despite the ability to destroy armies without lifting a arm, Rand continues to walk around with a sword on his hip.
13. Pips
Excited for 'The End' ... There is no end in the Wheel of Time, but this will be an ending ... Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time!
14. jemron
I've been worried since day 1 of the announcement that somehow Brandon wouldn't survive to see it finished. Now he has! Huzzah!
15. Kibs
Rand's multiple weapons and one hand reminds me of the one-armed Deputy in Unforgiven that carries three guns:

"Well I just don't want to be killed for lack of shootin' back."
DA Ford
17. Ford75
Wow - so close to finished. I understand those mixed feelings about teh ending, after almsot two decades of being immersed in this world to see that the end is finally in sight ...
18. James Davis Nicoll
"Well I just don't want to be killed for lack of shootin' back."

Swords and knives generally don't run out of ammo, though. And it's not like he's a Runequest character who has to stop every few rounds to bend his bronze sword back into shape....
Jay Dauro
19. J.Dauro

Last time I looked, there was a knife, a fork and a spoon by my plate when I sat down to dinner. Don't they know I only have two hands? I can't hold 3 implements.

Rand has a Sword sa'angreal, a sword, and a knife on his belt. Heck, if he was Batman he'd have grappling hooks, forensic tools and all sorts of other goodies.

You carry in anything you think you might need and can transport safely. Cause once you're there, you can't count on finding them.
Alice Arneson
20. Wetlandernw
J.Dauro - What??? This isn't KingsQuest??? I thought you were always supposed to find what you need just before you use it! That's why you look behind every tree and under all the rocks on the way in, isn't it?
Ben Lws
21. BulloftheMoor
@ 11 James
I'm not sure which Abercrombie cover you are talking about, but I'm pretty sure Ninefingers discusses on several occasions his belief that you can never have too many knives. Unless you fall into deep water from a very high place, of course.
22. James Davis Nicoll
I think it was the one about the woman who becomes disenchanted with her working conditions after her employer kills her associate and throws her off a cliff. Deeming this arrangement unsatisfactory, she seeks redress. Best Served Cold, maybe? Anyway, she had enough knives to outfit a battalion of chefs.
Ben Goodman
23. goodben
In this case the multiple swords are all about symbolism and expectation anyway. As someone stated, the character is powerful enough that he doen't need a sword as a weapon. The only reason he continued using one up until he became crippled was pride. Callandor is a MacGuffin that only happens to be shaped like a sword.

The other one is that world's version of Excalibur. You couldn't really not carry it even if you didn't plan to use it, just for the symbolism involved. Especially considering that the secondary antagonists in the series are King Arthur's crazed descendents bent on re-conquering/enslaving the world and you either have to subdue them or convince them to work with you againtst the devil.
Julian Augustus
25. Alisonwonderland
And so, today, I officially take a step toward a line. I step away from being pilot of this series, and toward once again being just a fan. I will never cross back over that line.

This seems awfully final. Brandon had previously held out hope that if Harriet wanted him to do the two remaining prequel books Jordan mentioned, he'll do it. I don't mean the so-called "outrigger novels" about Mat and Tuon straightening out Seanchan, but the prequel about Tam from leaving the TR to finding Rand on Dragonmount, and the prequel about the 20-year gap between New Spring and tEotW, how Moiraine and Lan, Thom, and Padan Fain all arrived in the TR on that specific fateful Winternight.

The second prequel, the 20 year gap, especially, is one that definitely needs to be told, in my opinion. I was looking forward to Harriet and Brandon and the rest of Team Jordan taking a break for a few years and then coming back with that story, or preferably both. Brandon's categorical "NEVER" stops me cold, and I'm really disappointed if that is indeed the case, that the decision has already been made to not tell those stories.
Alice Arneson
26. Wetlandernw
Alisonwonderland - IMO, it's become increasingly clear that Team Jordan does not feel there is enough detail in the notes to provide full novelizations of the prequels. They really don't want to "franchise" the WoT by creating more stories that might - or might not - reflect what was in RJ's head. They'd rather stop on the high of finishing the story he had written. FWIW, though, much of the basic information that would have formed the basis for the prequels may be given us in the Encyclopedia, just not in novel form.

I know - I'd like to read the stories too. But Brandon's been steadily putting down the idea of writing the other books for several years now, so I have to believe that Harriet (and all of Team Jordan) feel it's better this way.
Nadine L.
27. travyl
@25 and 26
At the moment I am quite sad that AMOL will be THE end, but I can understand that Brandon would want to focus on his own inventions (Stormlight, allomancy universe etc).
I am thankful that he put so much work into finishing this opus, for which he will always have to share credit.
Jonathan Levy
28. JonathanLevy
6. James Davis Nicoll

Swiss Army Sword. LOL :)

@25 and @26 and @27
I'm reading that statement as being open enough to allow for an encyclopedia/commentary/edited notes. He wouldn't be a pilot, then, would he? Just another editor, or essayist.
Justin Levitt
29. TyranAmiros
Brandon always said that he'd prefer that the prequels/outriggers not be written, but that if they were, he'd want to do them, to ensure that they don't go down the route of some other large fantasy worlds where works proliferate and quality varies substantially from author to author.

Harriet has confirmed several times that she'll be compiling the encyclopedia/guide with hopefully better art after AMoL comes out.
Ben Goodman
30. goodben
@ 25

I read your bolded sentance to mean that he will never go back to just being a fan (having written parts of the series) rather than meaning he won't write more (i.e., the stepping back does not say anything about not writing more--the never applies to just being a fan again).
31. Svenjo
"The End" should be something like this:
The Wheel of Time turns and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth and even myth is long forgotten, when the age that gave it birth comes again. In one age, called the Fourth Age by some, an age yet to come, an age long passed, a wind died on Dragonmount. The wind was not the ending. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was an ending.
Julian Augustus
32. Alisonwonderland

I think you are mis-reading it. First he was a fan, then he crossed the line to be a pilot of the series. Now he is crossing the line back to being a fan, and he says he is never crossing the line again.
Julian Augustus
33. Alisonwonderland

I think you are mis-reading it. First he was a fan, then he crossed the line to become a pilot of the series. Now, he is crossing the line again back to being a fan, and he says he is never re-crossing the line (to again become a pilot).
Ron Garrison
34. Man-0-Manetheran
Thanks for the link to Brandon's blog comments. They were great to read. Of particular note is:
"Mr. Jordan, may you rest in the Light. Everyone else, take a breath and get ready for the end. May you find his final words as satisfying to read as I did when I first picked them up five years ago. The very last scene is his, touched very little by me, as are significant chunks of the ending at large. I have achieved my goal in writing the books so that they pointed toward this ending he wrote, allowing us to include his words with as little alteration as possible."
As much as I love the WoT, I hope there are no sequels or prequels or other such manufactured stories that are not Robert Jordan's. They can only diminish his legacy. Brandon has his own stories to tell, and I wish him great success.
Deana Whitney
35. Braid_Tug
@ 10 - I'm in the same boat! Just add in "got married, and had a child."

@ 31 - I like your ending.

re: out rigger novels - I think those will go the way of Fanfick. People will write them, but they won't get the official stamp of anybody in Team Jordan. So I guess we all get to create our own adventures of Mat and Tuon.
36. RandyS
Can we get this published before Christmas? I have some people I want to give the book to as presents!
37. Jared McClure
They should release the book in September if its finished!!!! :P
Alice Arneson
38. Wetlandernw
Jared @37 - Even if they could get it through editing that fast (which they can't, really), there's no way they could get the printing done for a September release.
39. WoT NuT
Print it! Print it now!! Now! Now!! NOW!!!

Parched, oh so thirsty... Need WoT'errrr...

44. MRCHalifax
I have a strange sort of hope that the last sentence of the series will be "Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time..."

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