Jul 11 2012 10:00am

New Art Inspired By Great Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books: The Book Show

Galerie Daniel Maghen, in Paris, has just launched The Book Show, an exhibit of paintings created by contemporary illustrators paying tribute to their favorite books. Not surprisingly, many of our favorite science fiction and fantasy books are included, including the above drawing by Nicholas Delort of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. The show is open through July 28th.

Some of our favorites...

Karl Kopinski painting Naomi Novik’s Temeraire.


Andre Kalfas took on Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun.


Richard Matheson’s I am Legend insired Michael Fleming.


Greg ManchessWizard of Oz, the villainous flipside of his heroes of Oz painting.


Drazen Kozjan and The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology.


Charles Santoso’s tribute to Maurice Sendak and Where the Wild Things Are.

Irene Gallo is the Art Director of Tor Books.

A.J. Bobo
1. Daedylus
These are all cool, but I LOVE that American Gods piece at the top of the post. Thanks for sharing this, Irene.
Duncan Long
2. Duncan Long
Some very nice work here. Temeraire is a beautiful painting... Though were it mine, I'd likely increase the gamma and extend the white/black ranges a bit more.
Duncan Long
3. Sue Wilhite
Do you think it will go traveling? Or is this an excuse for me to go back to Europe? ;-)

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