Jul 15 2012 6:21pm

Karl Urban Releases Star Trek 2 Footage, Hates Us

Oh it is on, Karl Urban. Last week Urban maybe kind of sort of let slip which villainous character that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in Star Trek 2. As recompense, he promised that he would release some Star Trek 2 footage at the end of Comic Con.

Above is 10 seconds of that promised footage. After 3 and a half minutes of Karl Urban surfing. (Skip to 3:40 or so. Then post in the comments what you wish the footage actually was.)

You win this round, McCoy.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is putting Karl Urban on the naughty list because it also Santa.

Christopher Hatton
1. Xopher
Karl Urban's last breath on this Earth? Pay to watch THAT. (Yes, I'm kidding.)
2. DaddyD
couldn't skip ahead, but when it got to 3:40 all I had was 10 seconds of a black screen. I've been Bones'd.
3. Iamme
Who knew Karl Urban had a sense of humor?
4. lorihallenbeck
karl urban seems to have become a prima donna who has no use for his fans.also,while i get that he doesnt want comparisons between his dredd film and sylvester stallones but he could have just said that instead of i dont give a damn what stallone thinks.that was rude.

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