Jul 3 2012 1:35pm

J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy Cover Revealed

Simplicity seems to be the word on J.K. Rowling’s cover reveal for her new book, The Casual Vacancy. We know about the plot, and we know it’s release date (September 27), but this is the first we’ve seen of the book itself. Do you like the cover? Or would you have prefered something more flashy? Maybe shinier?

Todd Tyrna
1. Ezramoon
Ummm...normally I'm very open to book covers. But that looks like the side of a McDonald's fries box made in MS Paint.
Fade Manley
2. fadeaccompli
I love it. The fonts, the image, the cheery colors against that one big black X... That slightly crayony look around the edges is perfect. It looks like it's going to be an interesting book, but not a pretentious one.
Edward A Milewski
3. Edward A Milewski
Absolutely boring cover.
Edward A Milewski
4. Gardner Dozois
She's lucky her name is J.K. Rowling, because nobody is going to pick this one up based on the cover.
Marshall Morehead
5. Marshin
I am okay with this cover...actually I really like it. Can't wait!!!
Michael Grosberg
6. Michael_GR
I really, really, appreciate Rowling for distancing herself from her mega-celebrity-author status for this book and going with a simple design. Usually with an author of Rowling's caliber, the author's name would be twice the size of the book's title. I'm glad to see this is not the case, and that there isn't even an effort to make the cover look anything like the Harry Potter Cover. Of course, Rowling doesn't need any of it to sell a new book...
Edward A Milewski
7. Ryuukuro
It could be flashier but I like the simplicity and the retro styling. For some reason, however, the cover reminds me of George Orwell's Animal Farm. I have no idea why.

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