Jul 25 2012 2:40pm

First Trailer for Life of Pi Includes Lots of Fantastic Imagery

The first trailer for Ang Lee’s movie adaptation of Life of Pi has been released. The dialogue-less trailer depicts a lot of Pi’s fantastical time at sea, from the mysterious algae island he finds to the various magic he encounters. The trailer also contains a lot of the interaction between Pi and Richard Parker, the tiger. You will believe a tiger would not just eat that guy.

Sam Brougher
1. Azuaron
I refuse to believe a tiger would not just eat that guy.
2. mutantalbinocrocodile
Spoilers. . .

You don't necessarily have to believe a tiger wouldn't just eat that guy, and I hope this film doesn't lose sight of that ambiguity.
Teresa Jusino
3. TeresaJusino
mutantalbinocrocodile @2 - AGREED.

But This. Movie. Looks. Awesome. I loved the book, and this film looks great. But yes, I too hope that they don't lose the ambiguity of the story. That's kind of what makes the story worth telling.
Chris Lough
4. TorChris
@2. Your comment is my new favorite thing.
5. Earl Rogers
I wasn't particularly impressed by the elventh hour revelation of ambiguity, especially since all the increasingly blatant magic realism/fantasy horror elements more or less telegraphed that something like that was in the offing.

Still, most of the book is pretty good!
Autumn Greenley
6. NoQuestions
I wonder if they'll be able to capture the algae island bit well. It was certainly something in the book.

Looks like it will be a pretty movie, if nothing else.
7. Baxxow
Never heard or seen anything about this book, but the movie sure seems interesting. I sure hope it'll be on the big screen here in Sweden.

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