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Announcing the Tour for Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross’s The Rapture of the Nerds

Announcing the Tour for Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross’s The Rapture of the Nerds

On September 4th, The Rapture of the Nerds, written by Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross will come out from Tor Books. This collaboration features a post-Singularity solar system with post-humans and a bizarre, yet possible, future of existence.

Stross and Doctorow are also hitting the road in September. See if they will be in your city below!

The Rapture of the Nerds tour:

Wednesday, September 5
7:00 PM
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Lexington, KY

Thursday, September 6
7:00 PM
Makerbot Industries
Brooklyn, NY

Friday, September 7
7:00 PM
Brookline Booksmith
Brookline, MA

Saturday, September 8 & Sunday, September 9
11:00 PM on Saturday, 1:00 PM on Sunday
4th International IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Games Innovation Conference (Rochester Institue of Technology)

Rochester, NY


Charles Stross photo © copyright Charlie Hopkinson

Joe Helfrich
2. Joe Helfrich
I love that the first comment on this is spam. I don't know why, I just do.

I hate that they're not coming to northern Ohio.
Joe Helfrich
3. StrongDreams
@Joe, RIT is only a 6 hour drive, what's holding you back?
Joe Helfrich
4. Veejay J
There are some deranged individuals who don't like Ray Kurzweil and his conception of the so-called "singularity". Kurzweil is a futurist and there are some like, Jamais Cascio (sic?), who's also a futurist, who constantly attack him and his ideas. Personally, I find Kurzweil a much more interesting thinker than "Cascio".
Charlie Stross
5. cstross
Veejay, some of us (myself, Ken MacLeod, others) remember extropianism before Kurzweil discovered it. He didn't invent it; I stumbled over the EXTROPY-L list on the early internet circa 1991, and it was already some years old at that point. Nor did he invent the singularity; that was Vernor Vinge.

Jamais Cascio, in contrast, is one of the more interesting futurists I know.

Finally, before you write off detractors of the singularity as "deranged", you might want to read up on Christian apocalyptic millennial cults, and also take a peek at the work of Nikolai Federov, back in the late 19th century. Hint: scratch the shiny surface of hard-edged singularitarian rationalism and you end up in a swamp of warmed-over Christian eschatology.
Joe Helfrich
6. LordIbuprofen
Fantastic! Can't wait for them to come to Lexington!
Joe Helfrich
7. KevinDV
Question about the Rochester leg of this book tour, it seems we have to buy entrence to the IEEE confrence to hear you both speak. Not really a traditional book tour stop - will there be a free open to the fans book tour type of stop in Rochester ?
Joe Helfrich
8. Kip W
You should make a side trip to the Barnes & Noble in Pittsford. Not the one by RIT — it's rather small (though there's a college bookstore folded into it). The one on Monroe (Pittsford Plaza, right by the flagship Wegman's) is the only one outside of NYC that has a used section.

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