Jun 28 2012 11:16am

Second Total Recall Trailer Hits

Seemingly mixing elements from the Philip K. Dick stories “We Can Remember it For You Wholesale” and “Paycheck” + aspects of the original film; the new Total Recall trailer actually looks pretty good.

Rich Bennett
1. Neuralnet
wow that looks a lot better than I thought it would... this might work after all
2. BDM
The only thing that gives me any hope for this movie is Bryan Cranston.
3. Vondruke
I think this will be more like the first movie than people realize.
4. Kirshy
The three boob woman is in it, so at least they got one thing right. If they don't go to Mars though. Fingers crossed that they don't crap on my childhood.
5. Matte Lozenge
Hmm it's Fifth Element with a drab grey color scheme.

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