Jun 25 2012 3:30pm

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Has Made Charlize Theron Sad and She Needs Our Help

I’m worried about Charlize Theron cartoon by Amanda LaPergola

We thought it was odd how no one was commenting on how Charlize Theron ruled June’s headlining movies with her star turns in fantasy film Snow White and the Huntsman and the science fiction flick Prometheus.

Thankfully, Amanda LaPergola has come to the same conclusion and put together a hilarious cartoon review/analysis of Charlize Theron over at The Mary Sue called “I’m worried about Charlize Theron.” Read the whole thing there (spoilers for both movies, by the way) and wonder... seriously, Charlize, are you okay? We just want to make sure you’re okay because it’s starting to affect performance.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and also recently watched Young Adult, where Charlize Theron continues to be completely unhappy. Get well soon, Theron!

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1. Freelancer
Love Charlize, haven't spent the money to see either movie yet. More interested in SWatH than Alien XXVII.

Maybe, with so many people out of work and having to cut back on, that couldn't be it.

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