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Life After Cancellation: 6 Shows That Deserve Netflix Resurrection

Life After Cancellation: 6 Shows That Deserve Netflix Resurrection

Everyone’s experienced the crushing sorrow of seeing a favorite new TV series cancelled just when things were getting interesting. Networks pick up a handful of new shows each season and just when you’re getting enthused, the show goes the way of the dodo. But wait, there’s light on the horizon! Netflix has recently announced that it is ordering new episodes of favorite shows that were canceled in their prime. Specifically, they’ve already ordered more episodes of the hit show Arrested Development and have approached CBS Television Studios to resurrect the post apocalyptic fan favorite Jericho, cancelled back in 2008. 

In light of the power of Netflix and the fans at home voting with their online accounts, it begs the question: what other shows should receive consideration for new seasons? Let’s look at a few sci-fi, fantasy or fandom shows cancelled far before their prime that should be considered for internet resurrection.


1.) Pushing Daisies

Bryan Fuller can’t seem to get any luck. Not only did his gorgeous little show Wonderfalls get axed by Fox after only four episodes (the rest of the thirteen episode season did get released but it’s hard to find), but he couldn’t catch a break with Pushing Daisies either. This quirky ABC comedy about a pie maker who can bring people back to life with a touch was cute, bright, and chock full of star power (like Anna Friel, Chi McBride and the incomparable Kristin Chenoweth). One day maybe one of Fuller’s shows might not get cut off before it should have, but Pushing Daisies is one of those shows that was mourned when it was killed too soon. 


2.) Dark Angel

This might have been a case of a show that would have benefited from coming out just a few years later. The star vehicle for Jessica Alba’s career, Dark Angel’s grungy futuristic world of genetically engineered super soldiers seems tailor made for today’s Hunger Games-flooded market of dystopian futures and kick-butt female heroines. With an eclectic cast and a slinky, powerful yet vulnerable heroine, it was a shame that this show, like so many others, fell prey to the Fox curse. Could it come back? Well, Jessica Alba is way past this show but the world itself could use some revamping and come back stronger than ever. 


3.) Dead Like Me

Here’s another tragedy of Bryan Fuller’s lost gems. The idea of a Grim Reaper being an 18-year-old Ellen Muth who died in a freak accident was adorable enough. Having her boss be Mandy Patinkin made Dead Like Me an awesome little show that could. It had a better run than some of the others, lasting 29 episodes on Showtime before it got the ax, but this show had so much fun and heartfelt potential. Sure, some of the characters could use some updating but a resurrection of this show would be a fun edition to the supernatural shows out there right now. 


4.) Deadwood

This was one of the saddest tales: a foul-mouthed cowboy series, a single creator, and the other project that tempted him away. David Milch created the gritty Deadwood for HBO to critical acclaim, then went ahead and wanted to bring about John From Cincinnati for HBO, too. Since everything costs money, HBO asked him which one he wanted to go with and, sadly, he picked John. That show tanked pretty quickly and fans of the western wondered what Milch was thinking. Still, if HBO had some spare cash and fans could vote, I bet seeing another season of Deadwood would make fans sit up and take notice. 


5.) Carnivale

And speaking of HBO shows that never finished, let’s talk about Carnivale. Carnivale spent two seasons building up an intense story of the epic struggle of good against evil in the early 20th century. Clancy Brown and Nick Stahl put in intense performances as Brother Justin and Ben Hawkins, the lynchpins of a brilliant cast whose show was canceled far too soon — and without any plot resolution! This is another Twin Peaks situation, where fans have chomped at the bit wondering just what would have happened between the carnies and Brother Justin. If Jericho could get another season, then a vote has to be given to this lush world getting a second chance at life. 


6.) Firefly

This is the no-brainer of the list. Fox’s tragic mishandling of Firefly from day one relegated the show to horrid timeslot shuffles and brutal episode shuffles that made the first season set to fail. The Browncoat nation would rise up in support of the resurrection in a second and have been lobbying since the show went off the air to get Fox and Joss Whedon to make more Firefly. That fan swell brought about the big screen resurrection of the series in the film Serenity and has supported its continuing adventures in comic book form. Now, with Joss Whedon having proved with The Avengers that he can print money for Hollywood, the chances of seeing more Firefly in the future might be good. That is, if Whedon can be tempted away from his upcoming Dr. Horrible project and the great Marvel machine. And if the cast can be tempted away from their various current projects.


I think honorable mentions for resurrected shows would go to Twin Peaks, Joan of Arcadia, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Freaks and Geeks, Rubicon, seaQuest DSV, Brimstone, and The Tick. For every one mentioned here, there are a dozen that might be forgotten, so sound off! What would you like to see come back from the dead?

Meanwhile, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jericho. Well done to Netflix for giving great shows the chance to shine once more. 

Shoshana Kessock is a comics fan, photographer, game developer, LARPer and all around geek girl. She’s the creator of Phoenix Outlaw Productions and

Daryl Strickler
1. Seacaptain13
I think Space: Above and Beyond and Kinred: The Embraced would be good to bring back. They really left fans hanging with them. Kindred could have been better if it wasn't an Aaron Spelling vehicle! Also do not forget Shasta McNasty!
2. dustingm
Oh, man, Rubicon. I really, really miss that show. Granted, that sort of slow-boil political intrigue-cum-conspiracy thriller isn't for everyone, but I was absolutely riveted, and I was livid when it got canned after only one season.
3. trench
Wait a sec, I reliaze this is tor and were here for sci-fi and fantasy but Arrested Devlopment is comming back? Is this real or just being talked about? and OMG Arrested Development is comming back!

I never should have sold the animation rights
4. amandap
I'm going to put a vote in here for the Middleman. I know, hardly anyone watched it and it was most definitely on the wrong network but Matt Keeslar, Natalie Morales, Mary pat Gleason and Brit Morgan were absolutely amazing. The writing was witty and clever and the puns, oh the puns...
5. TomK
Blade: The Series would be great.
6. shortymonster
I would second Brimstone in a heartbeat. Loved that show...
Brian R
8. Mayhem
The Middleman and The Tick were both awesome and well deserved more airtime.

That being said, I think the US could do with taking a page out of the UK playbook and making shows which are expected to last maybe one or two seasons and plan them accordingly with nice story arcs.
If the show is a success, then make a new story arc for that season, leave a hook or two to follow on but make every season stand on its own.

The greatest English shows like Blackadder had just four seasons, 24 episodes total. Even the scifi glory that is Red Dwarf had a only 55 episodes in total, across nine seasons. Although that being said, they're making a tenth season this year. Hurrah!
9. Berthok
I still want to see The Pretender storyline finished.
10. jim162065
Defying Gravity that would be very cool to finsh the story.
Mordicai Knode
11. mordicai
Shoshana I like the cut of your jib. Pushing Daisies & Carnivale in particular would make for lovely resurrections...heck, they'd even be thematically appropriate!

As for Twin Peaks, I still have my fingers crossed for a "25 Years Later" sequel to Fire Walk With Me.
Alex Brown
12. AlexBrown
As much as I'd LOVE to have Deadwood, Firefly, and Pushing Daisies (where's my season 3 comic, by the bye?) come back, I'd hate for them to come via Netflix studios. I mean, have you actually seen Lilyhammer? Sweet zombie Jesus.
13. Chris L
I know it hasn't even finished yet, but I think Eureka still has about a billion places it could go, and would love to see it come back on Netflix.

Brimstone was a fantastic show with a great premise, but it is probably well past it's prime now.

Some new episodes of The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr. would be tremendous as well.

Joss Whedon has gone on record that more Firefly is virtually impossible at this point, as the cast and crew are too tied up in other projects
14. sofrina
"Joss Whedon has gone on record that more Firefly is virtually impossible at this point, as the cast and crew are too tied up in other projects"

that's true for all of these projects.

i agree with a lot of these choices. "dark angel" ending with the founding of freak nation was a luckier place to end, but the cliffhanger just begs for the rest of the story. didn't "dead like me" do a wrap-up movie? i'm sure it was on cable a few months ago. if you're gonna bring that back, why not bring back "g vs. e" too? same basic conceit: a bureau full of dead people working in the very city where they died.

lighters out for "carnivale." i'd settle for a graphic novel at this point. i just want to see that countdown to the a-bomb, what exactly the omega has to do with the end times and how on earth ben beats brother justin. and i really want to know henry scudders full back story. why did he try to abandon his destiny, unlike brother justin who's every act turned to evil. that show was magic...
15. Darth Touma
Umm.. and what about the 4400? that one left the fans hanging in a GARGANTUAN way.. (You know, I've always liked that word... "gargantuan"... so rarely have an opportunity to use it in a sentence)
Harry Burger
16. Lightbringer
The biggest problem with a few of these, especially Joan of Arcadia, is that actors have aged so much. Amber Tamblyn couldn't pass for high school age, and odds of that motley crew sticking together in college is nil. It's a shame, they left it right after introducing the devil.

Firefly was more than 10 years ago now. Bastards.
17. Spaz
Eli Stone, Journeyman, etc. We all have our tastes and they is no end to this discussion. Some good picks above (in the post as well as the comments).
Liz Bourke
18. hawkwing-lb
Seconding The Middleman. I would give a whole damn lot for there to be more of that show.
19. John C. Bunnell
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. has already been mentioned (though it wouldn't be the same without the late Julius Carry). From a quite different corner, what I'd dearly love to see come back would be Gargoyles -- today's animation marketplace is much wider and more diverse, and there was a great deal of storytelling room left in that universe. (I don't know if Netflix is the venue for a Gargoyles return, but deity knows I want that show back.)

And I may be in the minority on this one, but among more recent series I thought No Ordinary Family deserved more of a chance -- and more of an audience -- than it found in its short tenure.
Mordicai Knode
20. mordicai
19. John C. Bunnell

Gargoyles probably is the most likely pick, since as an animated series--it would be easier to get the voice actors in than it would for live action actors.
Kat Blom
21. pro_star
Okay. Jericho coming back made me squeee. If Jericho comes back, I may just have to fork out for "big kid internet" and a netflix subscription!!!! (yes, I live out in the boondocks. Big kid internet is expensive...and throttleicious.)

and hey, if we're talking about animation coming back....can anyone say REBOOT!!! ;) Though Gargoyles was epic, and amazing...
Constance Sublette
22. Zorra
I was fascinated with the NBC barely making a single season, Kings. Judging by the evidence of deafening non protest to the cancelation I was the only one! However, it also seemed to me there were some problems with the showrunners conceptualization of plots and storylines. Then there was the mess the network made of scheduling, including breaking up the season to run months apart.

Love, C.
Benjamin Adler
23. BenMech
Absolutely The Middleman and Brisco County Jr.
Kindred the Embraced would be difficult because its main actor died in a motorcycle accident.
Ethan Glasser-Camp
24. glasserc
re: Firefly. What I want to know is, 1. how much money and time are necessary to negotiate "virtually impossible", and 2. where's the Kickstarter page to provide the above?

All I ever wanted was to give J. Michael Straczynski a big bag of cash and say "Please make us something awesome".
Dieter Durant
25. DMDurant
The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr. and Keen Eddie
26. avidreader514
Veronica Mars. #thatisall
27. cj_wildcat
See, this is my dilemma - if Firefly were to come back via Netflix, I would happily renew my subscription... but I'm enjoying Nathan Fillion on Castle waaaaay more than is probably healthy. Still - it's Firefly!

(It's a long shot, but a girl can dream!)
28. Harry Connolly
The show they ought to bring back is THE DRESDEN FILES. It was actually doing well with its target market when it was cancelled.
29. Laundry Lady
I would love to see more of Joan of Arcadia, but I think the above poster is right that the actors have aged too much. I'd was actually looking forward to see where The Event was headed. Though the finale kind of ruined a few things for me. The premise itself had some interesting potential.
30. Rue
Brimstone, man I'd love to see that come back. Even reimagined with a new/different cast, since it's been so long. That story had more potential than it ever really got a chance to use.
Though John Glover as the devil was awesome, and I'm not sure who'd do as well. Love me some scarcastic evil.
Heck I'd be happy if that one were just available to watch anywhere.

Honestly, I'd love more Firefly but i'm not sure how well it would work now. It's been a decade, the actors have all aged and trying to pick up anywhere near where the movie left off... I don't know. I'd hate to see it come back and be less than the original work. Rather not have it retroactively ruined because Whedon couldn't bring back enough of what made it great.

And I'd give a lot to see where Carnivale was supposed to go.
31. a1ay

The show that brought Susannah Harker out of the costume drama ghetto and made a small, select minority of us into Idris Elba fans way before he was Stringer Bell? (C'mon, how much more of a pitch do you need than "Pride and Prejudice and The Wire and Vampires"?)
32. mndrew
One way they could do some of these, and keep the original cast, is to animate the series continuations. This could work particularly well for series like The Middleman, Pushing Daisies, and Dead Like Me.
33. build6
Agree with the list EXCEPT Dark Angel. That was terrible, and deservedly cancelled. Dystopia wasn't truly dystopic, heroic characters were more irritating than "special", storylines weren't heading anywhere worth heading. Terrible.
34. wingracer
A bit of a Firefly tie-in, I would LOVE to see more John Doe. The only reason I ever watched it was because it came on before Firefly (or was it after?) and I fell in love with it. Then we get left with a HUGE cliffhangar and cancellation.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
35. Lisamarie
The only show that I truly mourn as canceled before its time is Veronica Mars (and as the actors have all probably aged out of their roles, it is probably impossible to do anything with it at this point).

I know this makes us part of a very tiny minority in the geekdom, but after getting Firefly pushed on us by a bunch of friends who are huge fans, my husband and I were both thoroughly unimpressed and underwhelmed by it - it had its moments and was midly entertaining but I didn't feel compelled to keep watching it.

Then again, I was honestly expecting it to be as captivating and witty as Veronica Mars, and it just wasn't.
36. sofrina
a reboot of "witchblade" would be cool. the show was great. and they could just do a whole new concept with new actors.
Melissa Shumake
37. cherie_2137
omg, more gargoyles would be cool.

on the firefly front. yes. but i agree very much with @27 about castle. fillion was the reason i first got hooked on that show to begin with. although, with the way that the last season ended, i'll be VERY curious to see what they do with the next season, and whether it'll last much more past that...
Rosemary Smith
38. RoseRedFern
Life w Damien Lewis. Everyone I lend this to loves it.
Another vote for Veronica Mars and DeadLike Me.
Personally I'd like to see Joss do something new.
One show I really wanted to see more of was Miracles (~2003). I loved the ambiguity of the message God is now here/nowhere.
39. harmonyfb
While I definitely agree with all of your choices (especially Carnivale); I also need a second season of "Middleman!" like woah.

In fact, I'd be willing to pay a premium to watch the Middleman! actors sit around a table and do readings. (Are you listening, Netflix? This is how you can persuade me to part with $16 a month for your service.)

I would also like another season of Farscape (or, alternatively, any series which includes Ben Browder and Claudia Black.)
Liz J
40. Ellisande
@1 It's too bad that Kindred couldn't get a reboot a few years ago during the height of the vampire craze. It had a lot of interesting potential, but its time has probably passed for now.

@39 Farscape! or, yeah, I'll settle for BB and CB back on my tv regularly again.
41. Phyxie
Jericho. It was handled wrong, a little cheesey and slow with the plot direction but it had SO much potential. They brought it back, and then just turned around and took it away again.

Also, it's not sci-fi, but Better Off Ted was witty and charming. Get rid of the bluescreen and give it a budget; it could have made the mark.
42. ---------------------
the deadwood information in this article is not even remotely correct.
43. Chick J
Earth 2. People from Earth, now trying to live on a strange planet with creature that can move through the earth. A very talented cast with
Debrah Farentino,
Clancy Brown
Antonio Sabàto Jr. and others. The last episode was Devon Adair dying. And the rest of the crew very sick. Sadly the young girl who play True ( J. Madison Wright) has passed away. From a heart ailment.
44. I_Sell_Books
Odyssey 5!! And Space: Above and Beyond.

Le sigh.
45. General Vagueness
Maybe Rocko's Modern Life; definitely The Angry Beavers; if they could undo or take away the last few seasons, I'd really like more Sliders; and in the Ridiculous category, ST: TNG.
46. robio
How could the cast of Firefly not drop their current projects like hot potatoes? Nothing they are on can garner them the love and superstar fandom like Firefly.
Already mentioned:
The Dresden Files
Kindred: The Embraced (minus C. Thomas Howell --how did he ever get paid to act?)
Earth 2
Blade: The Series
Terminator: TSCC

Another I'd like to see revived:
47. MrBewildered
And nowhere do I see Farscape mentioned. Neither Browder nor Black are busy right now, as far as I can tell.

--Jerry Wright
48. ErinStatia
I agree about Gargoyles, 4400, Firefly, Witchblade and Dresden Files.

Gargoyles was one of THE most well written, thought out animated series. No offense to fans, but kids shows like Ren & Stimpy and Sponge Bob are a poor, poor substitute....

I really, really miss Witchblade and Dresden Files. I love the source material and the shows did them justice :)
49. Rufus
Saw this mentioned above, but I just want to make sure it is stated for all to see: Journeyman! Great show, and so much story left to tell.
50. jazdia
Firefly, Farscape, Sliders, Dark Angel... all shows that I loved and would watch more of.

No mention of StarGate?? I think Atlantis and Universe had a lot more story possibilities and have a strong fan base. Altantis could bring back Ben Browder and Claudia Black in some way, since they were on SG1.
john mullen
51. johntheirishmongol
Of the original list you mentioned, the only one that is a must for me was Firefly. I would much rather have Wonderfalls back than Pushing Daisies, which for some reason just annoyed me after about 3 episodes. And I personally think Deadwood should stay buried.

I would bring Jericho back but the whole evil corporation trend as the bad guy was rather boring.

Let me throw out a couple that are older that should have continued. I really liked Wiseguy, the villians were first class and look at the actors who came out of there. I would definately take some more Horatio Hornblower just play him as captain or admiral. I can see some more episodes of Remington Steele too. Too bad we all age, lol
52. therunningbull
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that my tastes run so closely to the other readers of these blogs but still...I absolutely loved about 80% of the shows listed (18% I didn't see, 2% just didn't do it for me) and though I really hate saying this; I thank FOX for at least green lighting the many many programs that they cancelled after hooking me in. By giving these programs some air time they exposed people to what is great about Science Fiction. That said....grrrrr!

Unique programs such as "Eli Stone" and "Pushing Daisies" with their amazing (i.e. expensive) costuming, set design, choreography, casting, production value, etc. are always going to fall prey when ratings and ad revenue can't cover the costs when a rehash CSI-like program can be done much easier (and cheaper).

I really do wish for a return of "Gargoyles", or at least releasing all of the existing episodes to DVD (yes, I like to have a physical product, not just a digital download).
Sky Thibedeau
53. SkylarkThibedeau
@Milo1313 Lilyhammer is pretty good. the Sopranos on Ice so to speak. I watched the whole series in one weekend and it's mostly in Norweigian!! Can't wait for season 2 to see what happens to "Johnny Hendrickson".

I wish they'd do a reboot of E&B. A continuation would probably be too much to ask for.

If they can't bring back Firefly at least bring on a new series based in the Verse.

Also maybe Netflix will pick up Blood and Chrome from the accountants that run NBC-Universal-Comcast
54. Madison
Maybe this is asking a bit too much, but I'd love some new Stargate of a more SG1 style, because the ending of Atlantis was too abrupt for me, but it's just my daydreaming. Yes, I know there's SGU, but I just can't get into it that well - they changed the style and mood so much that it's annoying. Failing that, I'd like some more Farscape.

And yes... Defying Gravity! I agree. Everybody who watched that ill-fated first season was left hanging, big-time.
55. Scott D
You don't need the whole cast from Firefly. Nope. Story's more or less about Mal. It's a ship,people come and go on it all the time-as random as the pilot ep would suggest. Joss finished River's storyline with the movie,which means you don't have to have Simon. Kaylee would probably go wherever he went so that's that. Book is gone,Wash is gone so that leaves Mal,Jayne and Zoe-with River as pilot(maybe)...AND...if the comics are considered canon(yes,there are comics continuing the story), a little bundle of joy I won't reveal here should anyone want to read them-"Float Out" would be the issue for anyone interested. I gotta think once Castle's done,with Chuck finished and Morena Bacchrin Gina Torres,um...not can fire up Serenity again in the near future.
56. Scott Cooper
Granted, I'm probably the only person who feels this way, but I would love to see more episodes of The Cape. I know it wasn't perfect but I liked the story and felt like it was improving every episode.
57. Amy H
Firefly and Carnivale are my dream 1&2. Members of Firefly cast have stated they'd come back in a heartbeat, but with Nathan doing Castle, it would have to be movies. And so much time has passed. . . It would be interesting to see.

Dear God, will someone please finish Carnivale? If not new episodes, novels or a graphic novel would be awesome. We just need to know!
58. alanapaints
Best way to deal with Eureka: YOO-HOO, SCIENCE CHANNEL, PICK UP EUREKA!!!! sorry for yelling. Syfy is almost as bad as Fox.
Re Firefly, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'd watch Firefly if Whedon did it with sock puppets. In my mind the best way would be to just pick up where the crew is NOW, (it would likely start out with a grizzled Malcolm and Jayne being thrown into jail...) and if they want to do flashbacks to fill in the time between... well, look how they smoothed out Alan Rickman for the last Harry Potter movie. I think a miniseries with smaller story arc would be the way to go - shorter work time for the cast, so they can do things during summer hiatus of their other shows, like eat and sleep. NF particularly has the burden of an entire show on his ruggedly handsome shoulders. He's a human being who needs down time so he can tweet vacation photos. Because it's really all about the fans, isn't it? :-D

I second Deadwood as well.
Nobody's mentioned Strange Luck, which had DB Sweeney and Frances Fisher. That was a sweet show.
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Xfiles. But I feel sort of done with Mulder and Scully. I wish them peace. On the other hand, where in hell is Gillian Anderson? One of the loveliest women ever, and a great actress. She has a great, underutilized, comedic streak.
Twin Peaks - I would love to see Agent Cooper (with his spiritual parasite, BOB) encounter the next Dalai Lama. I loved Agent Cooper and thought that was one of the saddest endings ever. Holding out hope.
59. Pegasuskelly
I would vote for Crusade. Sure it was taking its time building up to something but so did its predecessor Babylon 5. There was so much potential there and I get the feeling that we missed a great story arc.
60. Edith C
I would love to see tooo many shows be revived!!!

I agree with the writer that Firefly, Dark Angel, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, and Freaks & Geeks should all have comebacks!!

I'd also like to see these shows come back:
The Cape, No Ordinary Family, The 4400, Veronica Mars, Moonlight, My Own Worst Enemy, Tru Calling, and Dollhouse - Of course the lead lady in those last 2 is the same actress so that could be a problem!!

And I'm sure there are many, many more I'm just not thinking of right now!!
61. indesignkat
Firefly, Dead Like Me, and Drive. Of course, Firefly would be hard after the events of the movie, and Dead Like Me wouldn't be worth it without Patinkin (who already said no to the movie), but Drive seemed exactly the sort of fast-paced Fillion vehicle to keep people interested. It was canceled 8 days after the premiere, for crying out loud.

Tim Minear + Nathan Fillion = Even if it's a cop drama, hospital comedy, or singing competition, I'm going to watch.
62. Stavros
KyleXY since no-one's mentioned it yet.
john mullen
63. johntheirishmongol
I just remembered one that I thought was very cool, and we never got the ending....John Doe.

I was over KyleXY by the 2nd year, but I would have liked more of the 9 Lives of Chloe King.

I would still take more Buffy/Angel...put them back together.
64. Lincoln Jones
I'm a giant Firefly fan, so that's easy. I'm also a huge Castle fan though (really a Nathan Fillion fan) so I don't want to see Castle get bumped for Firefly. Well... maybe. :-P If Castle got cancelled and Firefly got 2 or 3 more strong seasons, it might be worth it.

And the cancellation I've been most upset about in the past few years was Defying Gravity. The writing was so witty, and the story was so compelling. They set it up to have such a long journey, it would have been perfect for multiple seasons. The one argument for cancellation I can understand is that making sets for that show must have been crazy expensive. But still, the initial investment was already made, and they really only had to keep filming the same ship, the bar Major Tom's, the academy, and doing CG of space. And I doubt any of those actors cost them very much. Anyway, I digress...

Really wish someone would pick it up, but since it's not even on Netflix at all yet, I doubt it'll happen.
65. Kali
I put a vote in for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It needs at least 1 more season to wrap up the storyline.
Dave West
66. Jhirrad
Firefly is a no-brainer, of course. We all want that back, and deservedly so. Others for me, in no particular order:

The 4400 - I felt like this show had so much potential, and the last season really crashed hard. But I would like to see more of that and give it a more satisfying conclusion.

The Dresden Files - There is SO much you can do with this, considering the base subject of the show/books, I'm frankly shocked at how bad a job they did on the original show. It wasn't a horrible show, but it wasn't that good, and it's something that if you did a reboot of it could be amazing. Of course, you need someone other than ScyFy (the destroyer of sci-fi television shows along with Fox) to do it. I mean, it was a perfect show for that network, and yet they screwed it up. For Dresden, someone like Zachary Levin maybe?

Dollhouse - I'm really shocked only one person mentioned this Whedon classic. I feel like the ending of it was very unfullfiling, and there is still a ton you can do with this world. I'd love to see that happen.
67. Scott Warwick
Witchblade? Definately! Yancy Butler was terrific; maybe they could do an episode where she passes the blade on to a new wielder.
The Finder
No Ordinary Family was really good, but Chiklis is doing something else

And by the way, Dark Angel was plagiarism of the worst kind and if James Cameron was an honest man, he would pay for the theft of Friday by contributing to the the Heinlein Foundation. A half million dollar prize for space travel by private enterprise would be a wonderful apology.
68. Richard Grunwald
bring back Firefly, 'nuff said.
kamas kirian
69. kamas716
I would LOVE to see Firefly brought back, but I don't think it'll happen.
I really miss Brisco County as well, but it's been so long I don't think it would work well now.
Dead Like Me could work. Same with Dresden Files (the things running syfy need to be replaced soon if that channel is going to survive as something resembling it's original concept - wrestling? really?).
I would love to see more Ultraviolet as well.
There are so many good shows that got axed too quickly, the problem is that most of the talent is currently occupied with other things.
70. monolith
Anyone remember Invasion America? Animated series by Spielberg.
71. Jrod
So I have to be the one to say it???? Fine then.


Hands down a show that NEEDS to be put back on the air. So damn tired of shitty parnormal investigation shlack it makes me sick.
72. ~Angst~
Carnivale was pure brilliance in terms of cast, strong stoytelling and dark gritty vision. It's a crime that Seasons 3-6 never aired and that the story has been stranded in Limbo for so long. Netflix might just be the answer the die-hard fans have been looking for.

Great list: Dead like me, FANTASTIC, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies. It's nice to know that other out there appreciated the whimsy of these shows. :)
73. frankie
i would like to see Men of a Certain Age,Boston Legal and Deadwood back. Would have picked Arrested Development but its back next year. Think most of the good shows coming back,depends on how sucessful the actors and writers have become.Its a different case for arrested development as was a labour of love for all involved.Can't wait for season 4.
Madeline Matz
74. mcmatz
Middleman, The Tick, definitely.
Dean Like Me was great but puttered out towards the end.
Deadwood is awesome.
I am going to throw in The Unusuals. Jeremy Renner r and in between Amber Tamblyn were in this quirky police show - a cross between Barney Miller and NYPD Blue. It was an amazing show that got a bad time slot and shuffled around.
75. Clarkbar88
First of all I'm sad no one mentioned chuck!!!! I mean come on Zachary Levi! So adorbs!
I'd also like to see more secret circle! That was a horrible ending to a series bit a great ending to a season! Smallville anyone! Tom welling in the cape finally?!! Dollhouse as well I pretty much vote most of joss' shows!!

Second of all these shows could be produced for Netflix without sacrificing their current projects! They Gould just be done in smaller 13 episode seasons in the opposite airing season I.e. castle is a fall show so make firefly a summer show! Voila one problem solved!

Third firefly could work as most of the cast has baby faces and look similar enough.. I'd also love to see more dark angel, pushing daisys, and many others from the list and comments! There are always ways to make things work like jumping forward in time a bit. As for Veronica mars they already had it figured out for her slightly aged face, put her in the CIA!

But these are obvious suggestions I suppose...
76. Sam Mills
Legend of the Seeker! I think there are so many fans all over the world that want this show back!
77. RobTV
Haunted with Matthew Fox!! That show was surprisingly intriguing, almost like watching The Sixth Sense as a TV show, and killed off much too soon. Same with a show called Partners, from the creators of Friends. Barely recall much of the show, but it ended on a huge cliffhanger and the show was well casted. Sigh, oh well...
78. Lidaro024
Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Gargoyles, Pirates of the Dark Water...
79. Jolene

that is all.

I'd take more Legend of the Seeker and Firefly, too. But mostly I just want more Farscape.
80. sirmichaelvalentine
wow after reading this and remember seeing that netflix has an original show that only plays online could netflix turn into a company that orders new seasons from popular long dead shows like jericho. it would be interesting to see our favorites return no matter who has a taste for what show. but if a show does deserve a comeback then people need to ban together and vote on them. they have to remember even if it isn't your cup of tea if you know it is a big popular show and would make big talk seeing it return then vote for it. even if you hate shows like cop investigaion drama crap. i personally would love to see CHARMED! to make a netflix comeback the female actors still look the same plus holly marie combs has already tried to make a spin off but was turned away because she tried a few years too late then the tv company didn't care. charmed story the aspects and everything else that went with it is great im a guy and watch it all the time. yea i do love mis combs milano and them they are sexy as...well you know. now who wouldn't mind seeing those sexy sisters kick some demon ass again... i know i'd love it. on a side note if live action shows would be considered for online ressurrection how about some old cartoons that are famous enough for a reboot like the real ghostbusters. now that show would definitely kickstart long waited decade old GB3. if newer shows could make a return so can old shows.
81. Larry Behrens
I got hooked on BBC's "Outcasts" which was cancelled after only 8 episodes. Loved the cast, the story, the scenery, the music. But, we've all been disappointed by great series cancellations.
82. Daniel Mejia Jr.
83. Robert Gallivan
Really liked "The Nine", anyone have any thoughts on this?
84. Gina71887
I personally would just prefer resolutions for the endings to my favorite old shows than reboots or anything, like for Dark Angel and John Doe. People keep talking about doing a spin off of Charmed. I love charmed and felt it had a good ending. Sometimes shows are at a good point to end and spin offs can be overkill and harm the original story.

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