Jun 26 2012 12:30pm

Introducing Stubby the Rocket Keychains by RockLove Jewelry!

Allison Hourcade, of RockLove Jewelry, has created brass keychains and silver necklaces of our very own Stubby, the Rocket Tor.com logo! To sport your own starfleet, please visit the RockLove website.

Each rocket is hand crafted by Allison. “I’ve been a serious sci-fi reader since childhood (back when you won stickers on the school chart for each book you finished); collaborating with Tor.com has brought me full circle. My bookshelves have always boasted Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell, Ender’s Game, and Wheel of Time, and now my jewelry studio will be decorated with piles of Stubby Rockets in sterling and brass... those who can’t write carve little logo pendants!”

I am, of course, completely biased, but these wee rockets are super cool. I’ve gotten tons “oh, neat!” comments whenever I wear the necklace, whether they recognize it as Stubby or not. 

~ Sil in Corea
4. ~ Sil in Corea
Great idea! Very well-done!!!
~ Sil in Corea
5. GravitysBitch
I have bought quite a bit of RockLove Design pieces and I was over the moon (pun intended) when I saw these. I ran a SF & F bookstore for years and wish I could have sold them out of the shop.
Perfectly balanced, the pendant hangs beautifully and the keychain (for my former business partner) is solid and nicely finished ... he will love it!
Buy either of these fab items. Buy them now! If you love sf and Tor is one of our premiere sf publishers, you must have it :D

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