Jun 1 2012 12:30pm

Green Lantern’s Light! Alan Scott is DC’s New Gay Character

Alan Scott, Green Lantern, DC’s new gay character

In the wake of Marvel’s impending marriage between Northstar and boyfriend Kyle, DC Comics has announced which of their characters is now gay: you guys, it’s Green Lantern.

Okay, it’s Alan Scott Green Lantern, not Hal Jordan. But Alan Scott is the leader of the Justice Society in the Earth 2 continuity, and that’s pretty fantastic. As writer James Robinson pointed out on io9, one of the reasons for this change came about when he realized that by making the character younger in this continuity, they lost his gay son, Obsidian. So now the team leader of these comics will be a gay man. And that’s something to celebrate about.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is now very curious to know if Earth-2 Stubby even has a sexual preference.

Sky Thibedeau
1. SkylarkThibedeau
I still think DC wimped out. it should have been a SuperFriends member, Aquaman or Robin (Nightwing).
Shane Boyd
2. spboyd
Green Lantern/Alan Scott's weakness was wood, I guess he's overcome it!
3. TheMadLibrarian
Nah, Dick Grayson has been carrying a torch for Barbara Gordon for too long for him to start switch-hitting now...
4. Hammerlock
I haven't followed DC's contantly-reinvented continuity, but I recall Scott had a daughter (oh-so-creatively named Jade)--is that still "true"? Gay men can still have kids, of course, but it'll be interesting to see how they address it (if at all).
5. Nentuaby
TheMadLibrarian: Uh... Wait, having a long term crush on a single person precludes bisexuality? (Because that's what the slang term "switch-hitting" refers to.) I... Don't think you're clear on how this works.

Anyway, I'm actually not clear on the impact of this since I haven't followed DC's in a long time. Is Earth-2 actually a significant player in their current continuity? I heard Earth-2 and I felt kind of ripped off that they raised all this stink about a "major" character and then made it some alty, but maybe I'm wrong.
7. ishamataim
wasn't kyle rayner bi-curious for a while there? this isn't exactly new ground if so...
8. TheMadLibrarian
I stand corrected on my misuse of the term (D'oh!). I guess it's possible that Nightwing might be rewritten as gay, but it would be a pretty substantial rewrite. Of course, this is a field that's been reinventing their universe from ground zero at an ever accelerating rate, so who knows what the writers and PR flacks have in store.
9. SF
@1: It wasn't a decision from DC. It was a decision made by James Robinson, the writer for the book in which the character will be appearing. So, no wimping out by DC. More like DC supporting a writer's decision to make the character gay, which seems like a good thing.

@4: Time has been reset in the current DCU, so from what I understand, Jade and her brother Obsidian (who's gay) may not be around for a while. Everyone is earlier in their superheroing career.

From what Robinson has said in the interviews, this was prompted by Obsidian being eliminated in the reboot. Don't think that was Robinson's decision. Think it was a result of the clock in the DCU being reset.

There's another interview with Robinson here:

@5: This is all part of Earth-2 is being set up as a significant element in the new continuity. There's two new books, "Earth-2" and "Worlds' Finest," which involve Earth-2. Worlds' Finest features a couple of characters from Earth-2 who were stranded on Earth-1 for a while, Power Girl and Huntress. Earth-2 has a more general focus on all of the characters in that universe.

Also, it was the fans and the comics press that raised the noise about this. There was an offhand comment by someone from DC about this at a convention last week, and people went nuts with it. Don't think they originally planned to have his much publicity about it. This wasn't a bait-and-switch thing.

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