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Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 10: “Valar Morghulis”

It’s here! The season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Nothing quite topped the pyrotechnics of last week’s battle of Blackwater, but we got quite a lot of emotional closure and a ton of question marks lingering for next season.

Warning: Episode reviews contain episode and book spoilers. If you want to remain spoiler-free, follow Leigh Butler’s read of ASOIaF. is not liable for your further enjoyment of the series if later books get spoiled in the comments.

Poor Tyrion.

For a second there, I thought I was watching an episode of Lost, with that opening shot of Tyrion’s eye.

You can’t keep a good Imp down, but for all his efforts, he’s the Rodney Dangerfield of Westeros. How unfair, to go from acting Hand and true savior of King’s Landing to being treated the same as Tywin’s horse’s shit. (So did they have manure on hand or did everyone have to actually wait for that horse to poop?)

At least Tyrion has Shae. If you haven’t read the books, you can almost believe Tyrion isn’t paying her for her sweet devotion. I would have taken her to Pentos. I’m curious to see where they go with this relationship next season. Peter Dinklage killed it in the one scene he had, getting to the heart of what makes Tyrion the crafty Imp he is. That breakdown was Emmy-roll worthy.

For as stripped of title as Tyrion ended up this season, he’s still a Lannister and better off than Sansa. I was a bit disappointed that Margaery Tyrell (aka Plotty McSidesmile) wasn’t wearing something insane, but she was dressed for the occasion of seducing a king, with that plunging neckline to show off the goods. Clever girl. How hard did you cringe when she told Joffrey that her love for him has “taken root deep inside of” her? That’s how you talk in front of a man’s mother? I was watching Cersei’s face very closely in that scene, but she didn’t look even half as unhappy with this new development as Loras did. Tyrell’s aren’t as okay with pimping out their women as Lannisters and Targaryens are, apparently.

Littlefinger creeping on Sansa.

Sansa’s relief at being relieved of her betrothal is short-lived. Littlefinger. What a creeper. I’ve given up on this Littlefinger being as subtle as he was in the books. But I like Aidan Gillen’s portrayal and I hope to see more of him — and Varys— next season. But it did kind of kill the later surprise. Will we see more of Ser Dontos at all next seaon?

Theon reacted about the same to Ramsay Bolton’s horns pretty much how I reacted to the damn ice cream truck that was parked outside my window at episode’s start. So he totally had my sympathy.

The saddest storyline this season arguably belonged to Theon. If we didn’t see so much of the Starks from their own perspective, would we love them? Just look at how cold Cat was to Jon Snow. The Starks weren’t saints. They were just good compared to the Lannisters. (Which is why I love the books. No one is perfect in the books.) Theon did at least get treated nicer than Ned’s bastard. But his misguided seige of his captor’s home was handled very well. (Barring Osha sneaking around Winterfell in broad daylight!) 

I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Maester Luwin, Maester of the Iceburn and acting patriarch of Winterfell. Like Sansa said last week, “the worst ones always live.” I guess there’s no question now; next season, we will meet the Reeds on the road north.

And let’s have a moment of silence for Winterfell. It hurt to watch that castle burn.

And no one knows it yet! Cat and Robb don’t even know that Bran and Rickon are “dead” yet. I was sure they’d find out for the season’s finale. Instead, we get Robb’s wedding (under the New Gods? Really?) It was still very sweet though. I liked this deviation from the books very much. It had more emotional weight. It makes sense. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re both painfully attractive and have good chemistry onscreen.

Another bit of onscreen chemistry (of a different kind) I enjoyed this season was Jaqen and Arya. Now we know why he’s called a Faceless Man, right? Too damn cool. I would’ve run away with Jaqen. But I’m not Arya, with, like family obligations and stuff. Damn. If I were Jaqen, I would’ve picked a different new face, not one that looked kinda like Big Ed Hurley from Twin Peaks.

One huge surprise of the night, the scene that had every ASoIaF reader on the edge of their seats was Dany in the House of the Undying. I loved, loved, loved her in the snowy throne room. As my friend Douglas Cohen, who does really great, in-depth episode reviews himself, pointed out... does Dany seeing the Iron Throne in a blizzard suggest that she won’t become the ruler of Westeros until Winter truly comes?

I was disappointed by the lack of multiple visions — the king with a wolf’s head, the smiling corpse behind the wheel of a ship — but it was so worth it to see Khal Drogo again. Oh, Drogo. This show has had a real dirth of hot shirtless men since you went to the Night Lands. Instead we got half a season of stupid brothel scenes. So glad I wasn’t spoiled for Jason Momoa’s cameo. Drogo means something to Dany. Those other strange visions didn’t. It made total sense.

I was surprised about Doreah’s betrayal. I figured the actress left her role for something else, like Rakharo. But I’m glad this storyline got a happy ending. Dothraki looting party for the win! Go, baby dragons!

One deviation I wasn’t totally on board with was the way Qhorin Halfhand’s sacrifice was handled. I don’t think it was clear what actually happened. If I hadn’t read the books, I might have been confused because it happened so fast. TV-Jon is just not as interesting as the more competent, even-tempered Book-Jon. Qhorin’s death was a tragedy in the books, here, it lacked emotion. “You must not balk, no matter what is asked of you.” I think Kit Harrington is one of the weaker members of the cast, honestly.  And where’s Ghost?

This season ended exactly where I thought it would. The three horns blowing at The Fist. That certainly didn’t disappoint. Wow. That was even more awesome than I expected. Last season ended on fire, this season ends on ice. Nicely done. This wasn’t the most even of seasons, but it definitely picked up by the end. But next season... there’s just so much to look forward to. And dread. So. Much. Dread.

As the last episode is done, I’d like to take a moment to thank the lively commenters. You guys are some of the most well-read, well-behaved commenters around. Kudos and see you next year! (Or, if you want to talk about some TV that doesn’t require much thinking, I’ll see you in the True Blood episode reviews beginning next week.)

What will happen to Ros next year? Do you care? What about Jamie and Brienne’s road trip? What do you think is the most interesting thing about Gilly?

More importantly, what do you think is the most interesting thing about the Game of Thrones season finale?

Theresa DeLucci is a regular contributor to She covers True Blood, Game of Thrones, and is also an avid gamer. She has also covered tech and TV for and Action Flick Chick. Follower her on Twitter @tdelucci

Jim Burnell
1. JimBurnell
I started reading ASoIaF 2 years ago, and I pretty much devoured it in a few weeks, so my memory of details is hazy.

One thing that I didn't quite get in this episode (and neither did my friends watching with me) is what exactly happened at Winterfell? I should know this, but it was very unclear from the episode.

One moment Roose Bolton's bastard had a small army at the gates of Winterfell blowing horns...and then Theon gave his rousing speech and got knocked senseless by his own men...and the next thing we see is Osha, Hodor, and the Stark boys emerging from the crypts to find Winterfell deserted and in ruins.

I know that Ramsay Bolton (shudder) ends up with a new Reek to play with soon, but did Ramsay's men sack Winterfell and (strangely) leave it deserted? Or did the ironmen sack it on the way out? Guess I need to re-read.
2. BRubinstein
Great review!

I know people hate it, but I really like the Ros's continued story. I'm not sure where she's going next season, but that conversation with Varys definitely secured the fact that she's still going to be a major player.

And I agree, the only thing I didn't like in that entire FANTASTIC episode was the Jon bit. It just didn't resonate! I'd really like to hear what non-book-reading watchers thought of that bit.
3. Mochabean
@1 : In the books, the northmen are about to take Winterfell back from Theon when Ramsey Snow/Bolton shows up and attacks them from behind. Theon lets him into Winterfell (thinking he is Reek), at which point Ramsey reveals hmself and his forces kill everyone (almost) and burn Winterfell.

I was also disappointed that we didn't see Dany's book visions, but I wondered if there was a concern that they may be too spoiler-rific. I took the throne room vision, followed by Drogo and son, as efforts to distract Dany by tempting her away from finding her dragons -- which did have a nice echo to her visit to the house of the undying in the book.

I was sceptical about the way they changed the timeline with the Robb/Cat story, but it came together well last night -- Robb may have been willing to listen to his mother and agree to the Frey alliance last season, but her freeing Jamie makes him doubt her advice now, and the whole thing makes more sense because we've gotten Robb's POV. I still wonder about his bride -- the books certainly hint that Tywin Lannister was behind the Westerling marriage (and likely the RW as well), and I still wonder if the meet cute "you may be a spy for the Lannisters" proves more true than false. I keep thinking about that scrap of paper Arya stole from Tywin discussing Robb's troop movements, right after Not Jayne Westerling joked with Robb "the young wolf is on the move."

Overall I thought it was an excellent season -- it will be a long wait! Thanks so much for the recaps!
4. elephant god

I agree with JimBurnell, the way the sacking of Winterfell was handled is what irks me most about this episode, or the whole season. No Reek at all? With him not even introduced to the audience, how will they explain what is happening with Theon after his maybe one or two season hiatus? And to not even show the army besieging Winterfell felt lazy and reminded me of Tyrions battle in the first season, even if I know they blew their budget on the battle last week and Dany's vision. But the joke with the Horn was just fine!
5. Owlmouse
As someone who has only read the first book so far, I thought it was obvious that Qhorin was sacrificing himself. I did not devolve into a ball of tears and woe, but I thought it was sad and noble on his part.

Oh, Adrian Gillen. He makes me so unhappy in that I find him incredibly attractive, and then, I realize that I am fancying a fairly creepy fellow. I was cringing on Sansa's belief. (Her smile and relieved laughter. So brief. So happy. So should've gone with the Hound.)

I miss the Direwolves! They're harder to find than Waldo lately.

What was the most confusing as a person who hasn't read the second book yet, was figuring out who the heck burned Winterfell and killed everyone. I wasn't entirely sure if the Iron Lamefaces or Roose
Bolton's bastard and men had done it.
Bill Stusser
6. billiam
The episode was just 'meh' to me. Tywins horse really set the tone for the entire show if you ask me. After last episode I guess I had high expectations for the finale. The story arcs that ended the weakest were the same ones that were weak all season, mainly Jon and Dany.

Before I go any further, I should let you guys know that the non-book readers I watch the show with (five people, three guys and two gals) had trouble following almost the entire episode. I found myself explaining more last night than just about any ep so far and I got more than one 'I hate you!' for saying 'I can't really say any more' or 'you'll just have to wait and see'. An example would be "Who burned Winterfell?' 'The bastard of Bolton.' 'Why?' 'You should wait until next season, I'm sure they'll explain it then.' 'Well, ok, but is Theon dead?' 'I really shouldn't say at this point.' 'I hate you! Why'd you get me started watching this damn show!'

Let's start off with Jon's storyline. They did a really bad job with everything leading up to the fight with Qorin. It wouldn't have taken much time at all for Qorin to give Jon a direct order to join the free folk and ask at least once 'Is you sword sharp?' I guess the show wants there to be more confusion as to where Jon's loyalties are but that is a mistake in my opinion. It diminishes his already damaged character too much. Show Jon is a joke! My friends have asked me more than once this season why Jon is my favorite character. And where the fuck is Ghost? I was hoping he would show up to help Jon in his fight with the Halfhand.

They really dropped the ball with the House of the Undying. I have to admit that I didn't have very high expectations for this anyways but still I was disappointed. I figured they wouldn't show any of the visions (they've shortchanged us on most of that kind of stuff even in season 1 with Bran too) but I was hoping for at least Dany's 'Three prophesy'. Instead we get Drogo. Why is everyone so excited to see the big rapist again? Am I the only one who never liked Drogo? The scene in the throne room of the Red Keep was eerie but very, very vague. There was snow on the Iron Throne, does that mean Jon will end up ruling? Did the dragons destroy King's Landing? Will the Others destroy everything and kill everyone resulting in a never ending winter?

And speaking of the Others, the last scene was disappointing. The White Walker was not scary looking. At all. It should have been horror movie scary but instead we get really bad CGI. And it should have been at night. And why would that Other just look at Sam and leave him cowering there. Total fail of a closing. I'm really wondering how this ending will affect the show. One of the women actually said 'Zombies! Really?' and got up and walked away.

Anyways, sorry for being so negative but I was really disappointed with this last episode, and not in a 'they changed everything from the book' kind of way. It just wasn't very good television in my opinion.
Caim Callohan
7. LionsRampant
I agree with you Theresa that the end of the second season saved an up and down display of ten episodes. I felt that ep. 9 "Blackwater" was the best of the year and this episode was good for different reasons of wrapping it up.

As a reader of the novels, reading about Winterfell burning was one thing, but actually seeing it burn...I couldn't help but get emotional at that part. Winterfell is home, no matter who you root for or find strengths or comparisons to. Winterfell is home to the reader and to see the black smoke from the distance hurt.

I absolutely loved the frozen throne room vision for Dany and thought it was an upgrade from the novel visions. The scene with Khal Drogo was beautiful and such a pleasant and heart wrenching scene. I was very impressed with that deviation. And I agree, the looting scene at the end was kind of fun for the Dothraki gang and even Jorah, those guys didn't get to smile one second this season, so live it up guys.

I agree with all commenters opinions about Jon Snow's scene with Qhorin. I feel the producers didnt do that scene justice and I actually feel that Kit is doing a great job with the character, with what they're letting him do. How hard would it have been to have Qhorin tell Jon his plan for 2 seconds and even have Ghost come in at the end so that the Wildlings would approve of having the direwold around? Not happy with that but onward, nothing I can do.

Thanks for the season of comments ladies and gentlemen, till next time.
8. Eugene R.
Speaking as a non-reader, I had the impression that Qhorin had arranged the fight with Jon Snow for 2 reasons: 1) it makes it easier for Jon to be accepted by the Wildings, and 2) it acts as something of a mercy killing, as Qhorin is probably not going to be treated like an honored guest when they reach the King-Beyond-the-Wall's camp (Qhorin made mention of what the Wildings were likely to do if he fell into their hands in an earlier episode). Granted, the fight scene lacked some emotional drama, as we did not see Jon's attachment to Qhorin. But, the logic for it did seem to be laid out for us.

As for the siege of Winterfell, I am left a bit confused as to how it ended or who was nice enough to carry Maester Luwin outside and lay him under a tree for a poignant farewell scene, presumably after sacking the castle. But, it was another well-acted scene, and it is the acting that is carrying the series for me.
Ben Frey
9. BenPatient
Funny, so many complaints here. I was actually quite happy with the way everything was portrayed.
Joanne Center
10. thegloop
SO excited to see more crazy buddy cop antics of Brianne and Jaime. I love Brianne so much, and that expression on Jaime's face when she killed those guys was priceless. Otherwise, I felt the episode was rushed. After last weeks ep, which focused on a single, sustained storyline, I knew that there was a lot that needed to be done, but the pace just felt a little off. I really thought the House of the Undying stuff could have happened a couple of eps ago instead of more "where are my dragons!" whining.
Genevieve Williams
11. welltemperedwriter
@thegloop I loved Brienne's scene too! So much badass. Still think you can take her, Jaime? That look on your face suggests you might not be too sure...she did beat Loras Tyrell after all.
12. Tenesmus
I think the destruction of Winterfell was meant to be unaswered. I assumed that the Ironmen traded Theon to the Bastard for safe passage home, then the Bolton troops torched Winterfell. I could be wrong, but who knows.
13. AlBrown
Regarding changes from the book, I would rather see Tyrion with the nasty dueling scar than with most of his nose missing. And I thought the Drogo dream was very touching, especially when Dani turned her back on it and walked away. Good to see her taking charge. I liked the fact that the Other just looked at Sam and rode on with a look of "you're not worth the trouble of us lifting a bony finger to kill."
And like 'thegloop,' I thought that scene with Brienne and Jamie was just spot-on perfect, wonderfully written, and wonderfully acted. I can't wait to see more of them next year.
I enjoyed this season very much, although I almost wish I hadn't read the books. I think Season One was more fun, not knowing what would happen until it did. But regardless, I still look forward to every episode. Can't wait for next year!!!
14. Twi
Apart from Dany's scenes in the snow, I found the House of the Undying disappointing... The books made me feel like Dany had scoured the place clean of the evil inside with her dragon fire, the show was like... oh, she killed the sorcerers by burning them. Now she's leaving. I liked the conclusion with Xaro though.

Jon NEEDS more development next season. I expect his journey with the wildings to be full of change for him, the last few episodes for him have been dull and not shown what makes him wonderful at all.

Finally, while I'm okay with the Reeds coming into the show later, they left it very vague as to who actually sacked and burned Winterfell. This is kind of uh... important. I feel like even a short scene like this would have made it clearer:
1. Ironmen knock out Theon, go to leave, surrendering as Robb had said they could.
2. Ramsay Bolton takes Theon, lets them go... then has his men attack their backs as they leave.
3. Ramsay rides into Winterfell, Theon bound across his horse, and orders his men to burn it all, and rides away.
4. Team Baby Starks leave the dungeons and see the destruction.

It would have added what, three minutes? I'm sure they could have cut that time elsewhere *coughRoscough*
Chris King
15. KingFielder
The end scenes with the Others looked really video-gamely to me. After being smart with the Battle of the Blackwater and setting it at night to hide some CGI shortcomings, why not do the same with this scene? Shouldnt the Night's Watch have to be watching at, you know, night? And how is fat Sam going to kill an Other and make it back up the Fist of the First Men through that swarm of snow zombies? A great idea for a visual, but that's a deep story telling hole to dig out of.
Rob Munnelly
16. RobMRobM
Quick thoughts:
- generally liked the episode.
- would have preferred more out of HOTU (not necessarily book level LSD trip but more). For example, I wish that PP had left out a vial of blue stuff in the entrance way, with no doors opening until she drank.
- The WW walkers scene was fine but I really really really wish (1) Ed and Grenn made sure Sam was following - ridiculous that they would leave him behind, given friendship and NW credo - and (2) Sam hiding behind a rock in plain view. He should be dead and, when he's not, it will be a big plot fail. Ugh.
-WTF was up with Robb saying vows using the Seven? Robb needs a weirwood tree. Not sure, but I don't think Volantis follows the Seven.
- The rest was great - Tyrion, Joff/Marg, Sansa/Littlefinger, Brienne/Jamie, Arya/Jaqen, Theon/Luwin, Luwin/Bran, etc.

Theresa - thanks for the re-reads. Tons of fun.

Rob Munnelly
17. RobMRobM
Oh, and I also would have bet dollars to donuts that Salladhor Sam would have picked up Davos from the sea during the ep. Why else to introduce him this year - just showing Davos helping Stannis get forces together is not enough. Need the scene with him saving Davos and offering to go off pirating with him ... and Davos sticking with his duty.
Rob Munnelly
18. RobMRobM
Re the whole season, I thought it strarted strong, had pacing problems in the middle (two back to back slower eps in 7 and 8 didn't work, even though each was strong in its own way), and then ended well. On balance, strong, enjoyable but not perfect season - still, very well worth watching and incredibly addictive.
19. CPRoark
I am only half way through AFFCs. I am thankful for sites like this one and towerofthehand: As much as I like reading the books, I feel like I miss so much when I hear people discussing the subtext of each chapter. I think I'll need to reread the whole series immediately after finishing...

Anyway, is there a chance Ros, working through Varys, will be the one to make Joffrey's wedding "memorable?" That would be a pretty big deviation from the books' implications, but might fit the TV characters. Varys seems to be much more sympathetic and concerned for the "realm," and would gain more favor by freeing the empire of the boy king.
20. Eyeless621
I think episode 9 and 10 should have been reversed. It seemed like a weak finale to me, and people thinking Tyrion might be dead would be a good cliff hanger. Jon and Quorin were just handled wrong, I had to explain to my non-book-reader friends what their plan really was for Jon killing him, so Quorin wouldn't seem like a mean guy who just got himself killed (where was ghost?).

And the White Walker wouldn't have left Sam there if he saw him, he'd be dead. Also, wasn't it just a few of them that attacked their camp waiting for Jon and Quorin to come back, with Sam killing one of them with the Dragonglass that Ghost should have helped them find, rather than a huge army of Others and a White Walker?

As for Dany... Ultimately she ended up at the same place as in the books, meaning she still has no ships or army and needs to go somewhere else, but it does suck we didn't get the whole prophecy thing for her. Though it'll probably be a better reveal to not know ahead of time (assuming they don't change that stuff too), so thats ok.

The smiley-face painted on the Wierwood over Maester Luwin was funny, and not how I pictured it (I don't mind it, it was just funny looking to me).

I really do like the show, I'm not as cynical about it as this post probably comes across, I just wasn't a big fan of this season finale. The Brienne and Jamie scene was awesome, Tyrion was good as always, Arya and Jaqen are bad ass... sucks that we have to wait so long for season 3 now!
21. tigeraid
Episode was fine. Deviations from the book are fine.

1. If you couldn't tell that Qhorin was sacrificing himself to get Jon into the Wildlings, you pay very, very little attention when watching TV.

2. I too am worried/thinking Robb's wife is a spy, too. Really interested to see how this works into the RW later...

3. Loved the touching scene with Tyrion and Shae. Especially since I know what's coming... :/

4. In the book I understood it that the Bolton force burned down Winterfell, but so far they leave it open in the show. I don't see why this is a problem, or a reason why the episode is "bad", or why it bothers those who were watching with you. Maybe we'll have a clear answer in S3e01?

I've lost count of the number of times in our GoT discussions that someone says "WELL THAT EPISODE WAS AWFUL, WHY DID SO AND SO DO THIS? WHO WAS THAT GUY? THIS WAS EXPLAINED IN THE BOOKS!" and rabble rabble rabble... And then the following episode, their questions are thoroughly answered. Have patience people, damn.

I do wish we'd had more of Qhorin though, to me he was really crucial to Jon Snow's development and we barely saw any of him in the show. We all feel sad to see him die because we know him from the books--I think those who only watch the show barely had it register for them.
William Fettes
22. Wolfmage
What Qhorin planned was pretty obvious since two weeks ago. They have been very heavy handed with the foreshadowing, dialogue and every physical confrontation on the march has been accompanied by a clear wink and a nudge.

It’s been established that Qhorin would die for certain in Wildings capacity, whereas Jon would not. Qhorin's interactions with Jon have been dominated by the theme of doing what it takes and he has explicitly said that one member of the Night's Watch inside Mance's camp would be worth hundreds outside. His show of enmity has also obviously been faked for the benefit of the Wildling, and his hushed direction to Jon have been self-explantory IMO.

I think you have to miss a hell of a lot not to have a good idea of what's coming. My non-reader wife guessed it a while back. Admittedly, Jon’s
expression during the fight didn't exactly communicate that he was accepting of the plan and resigned to it. But that makes sense to. He wouldn't necessarily accept it until the very act. That's evidently the reason Qhorin insults his family -- to help him steel himself and go through with it. It's a very superficial reading to think he is actually killing Qhorin in a pique of fury.
Chuk Goodin
23. Chuk
I think Jason Momoa said in interviews that he was pitching for Drogo to come back because he liked playing him. I hope it's actually true that he convinced them. I did not like book Drogo very much but he's good on TV.
Can't wait for season three...
24. scrimshaw
Am I the only one who thought Dany's vision of the iron throne involved ash, not snow? As in the ash of dragon fire? The roof is burned out after all.
25. Black Dread
I had assumed the "3 horns" Others scene was going to start season 3. I didn't like the scene - Sam isn't stupid. I don't care how fat he is, three horns blow, he is going to run like Jesse Owens.

Otherwise, I liked the episode. Robb's marriage is different, but still a colossal act of stupidity. Tyrion is still realizing that he isn't just underappreciated, he's hated. Arya is still awesome and slightly scary.
26. Mels
one point-I haven't read the books, but I knew exactly what Halfhand was up to--based on his facial expression, I figured it out well before Jon did (in the episode before the previous one, when he said the wildlings would trust him if he did what needs to be done")
27. RichardB Karsh
Sure I'd love one...and will still buy my "treasured" hardcovers!
Bill Stusser
28. billiam
So here's the thing, the problem its not that it was hard to figure out what Qhorin was up to. The problem is that they failed to show that Jon was following a direct order from a superior officer to join the wildlings. Now instead of Jon doing his duty for the Night's Watch, what we have is some kind of muddy morale dilema, which is, in my opinion, what the show wants. With the way things went down in the show, Jon can't even explain to his brothers when he gets back to the wall that he was just following Qhorin's orders. Plus, it just made Jon look stupid.

Also, where the hell is Ghost?
29. Black Dread
Can't wait till next season. Can we call it Three Weddings and a Ton of Funerals?
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
30. tnh
Joss Whedon, Stephen Moffat, and George R. R. Martin walk into a bar.

Everyone you've ever loved dies.
Rob Munnelly
31. RobMRobM
@28. No doubt Ghost was getting his butt nipped by a sexy gray wolf as she lead him closer and closer to her pack.

I for one can't wait for Arya's wedding to the Frey boy. That will go well.

tnh @30 - Steven Erickson was there waiting for them, no doubt.
Harry Burger
32. Lightbringer
The House of the Undying scene reminded me of the test to become Accepted in the Wheel of Time books. The person going in is shown all of their hearts deepest desires and must turn away from them, choosing going on with the test as more important. Some can't make that choice and get stuck in fantasy dreamland forever. I don't think it's unreasonable for writers who are fans of ASOIAF to have also read WOT.
33. amcorrea
I haven't seen any complaints yet about the "dracarys" scene where she destroys PP. So what's going to happen with that fantastic part of ASOS where she claims her Unsullied from the slave merchants at Astapor and makes her huge statement against slavery? It took me by surprise, I loved reading it, and I could just see the whole thing done well by HBO. But now they can't do that because they moved it up in order to off one character?! Not smart.

This is one example why this season wasn't as powerful as it could've been--some of the deviations declawed strong scenes (eg., not having R and C hear about the "deaths" of Bran and Rickon, etc.).
34. Emily D
I was a little disapointed that Arya didn't have to kill any guards when she was escaping with Gendry and Hot Pie. Probably says something about me that I was bummed out when the 11 year didn't have to murder anyone ;)

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