Jun 21 2012 12:08pm

First Judge Dredd Trailer Hits

Debuting on Attack of the Show, here’s the first trailer for the new Judge Dredd! No word yet on Rob Schneider reprising his role as that one guy.

Adam R. Rakunas
1. Adam R. Rakunas
Looks like they corrected the mistake of the Stallone flick: the helmet never comes off.
David Thomson
2. ZetaStriker
It looks like . . . well, a sci-fi version of The Raid.
John Wolsky
3. Anomaly
Already removed. Repost please? Maybe on a video site that doesn't hate everyone T_T
Emmet O'Brien
5. EmmetAOBrien
ZetaStriker@2; I understand that's deliberate; Dredd's world is huge and extremely complex (35 years of weekly comic, ongoing realtime continuity with only about half a dozen issues with no new Dredd in, and many major storylines depend on that scale of passage of time), and the intent appears to have been to make a relatively small-scale (by Mega-City One standards) movie that tells a familiar shape of story and can focus on getting world and character in, and leaving the more outre elements for potential sequels, rather than the ham-handed butchery of iconic bits of the Dredd universe perpetrated by the Stallone abomination. John Wagner (who co-created Dredd, has written most of the defining stories and a truly impressive amount of the total volume of Dredd in existence, and who is right now doing possibly the best work he's ever done) has seen the forthcoming movie and given it almost-unqualified approval, and from interviews Karl Urban appears to really get that Dredd's at best an anti-hero and often more a useful monster, so I am very hopeful here.

(For anyone who's been paying close attention to the initial promo images, they had me at "Sternhammer Block".)
Adam R. Rakunas
6. dreddhead
Once you forget about that Raid film (!), it looks spectacular. Please let the final film be as good as this trailer. As for Karl Urban as Judge Dredd... he now stands alongside Christopher Reeve's Superman as the greatest 'real-life' incarnation of a comic book character. HE TOTALLY LOOKS AND ACTS THE PART.
Soon Lee
8. SoonLee
dreddhead @6: The Raid analogies just jump out don't they?

Apparently, Karl Urban never takes the helmet off & John Wagner approves, so my hopes are high.

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