May 19 2012 1:30pm

We’ll Never See Neil Gaiman Write a Scene for Amy Pond on Community

We’ll Never See Neil Gaiman Write a Scene for Amy Pond on Community

This past week, Karen Gillan, who plays the long-running companion Amy Pond on Doctor Who admitted that she adores NBC nerd-king comedy Community and wouldn’t hesitate to do a guest-spot as Amy Pond in the show’s internal Who spoof “Inspector Spacetime.”

Neil Gaiman responded on his Tumblr that he would love to cross the nerd-streams even more and write the bit for the show.

Since then Dan Harmon, the showrunner for Community and obvious all-consuming mind behind its unique style, has been ousted from the show. He posted his side of events early this morning at the above link.

To which Neil Gaiman replied with the above quote on his Tumblr this morning.

And that’s how you kill something awesome, apparently.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and can’t even bear to tell you about the Joss Whedon Doctor Who episode starring Michael Caine that was never filmed.

Mordicai Knode
2. mordicai
Ugh, my heart is in broken eggshells all over the floor.
3. Cat
Left unsaid is that Karen Gillan doesn't own the right to the Amy Pond character so the BBC would need to grant her permission to use her Amy Pond persona. Has any Doctor Who actor appeared outside of the shows as explicity their character?
Bridget McGovern
4. BMcGovern
Sony Pictures Television: entirely Blorgon-owned and operated since 2009.

And Cat: I'm sure they could have worked around any legal issues that might have arisen. Even having Gillan spoof her character would have been fantastic--an off-brand Amelia Pond could have been an even better fit for Inspector Spacetime. But all that aside, this is a terrible decision. Worst. Timeline. Ever.
Mordicai Knode
5. mordicai
3. Cat

She could play Temporary Constable Geneva, or whatever. I mean, Inspector Spacetime is proof that they can do clever Who parody.
Ian Tregillis
6. ITregillis
This is the darkest timeline.

@5 -- I had the same thought, that Karen Gillan would be the ideal cameo for Temporary Constable Geneva. They could even make Constable Geneva's outfit vaguely similar to Amy Pond's policewoman/kissogram outfit. That would be so ridiculously meta...

Oh, well. If wishes were fishes.
Alan Courchene
7. Majicou
I was so happy that Community got another season, albeit a short one, and now I don't know if that fourth season will even really be Community. What if it's actually Evil Community with a paper beard?
9. Crystallynnfairy
Quick, roll the dice
Adam Shaeffer
10. ashaef
@6 No surprise here Ian, but you are absolutely correct. Abed was right.

This is the darkest timeline and the world is darker for it.

- Evil Troy and Evil Abed

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