May 8 2012 3:30pm

Release The Weird!

From Hugo winner Ann VanderMeer and World Fantasy Winner Jeff VanderMeer comes the editorial duo’s most ambitious anthology yet; The Weird. The book’s 110 stories run an impressive range of names from superstars like Stephen King and George R.R. Martin, to genre mainstays like Harlan Ellison and Octavia Butler, to more mainstream literary authors like Joyce Carol Oates, Karen Joy Fowler, and Haruki Murakami. In short, this massive volume has more varities of weird than any anthology of of strange and macabre musings. It also includes an “AfterWeird” by China Miéville.

Check out the webcomic review of The Weird by Leah Thomas.

The full table of contents is here.

Among their many accomplishments, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer also edit the web magazine the Weird Fiction Review. Catch them at Book Expo America in June.

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Shelly wb
1. shellywb
Thanks for the heads up! And I've seldom been more happy to see that a book has an e-version.

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