May 24 2012 2:45pm

Doctor Who Mini-Episode “Good as Gold” Debuts

The Doctor Who Olympic-themed mini-episode has just debuted in the U.K. via children’s show Blue Peter. Check it out below!

1. Kadere
No mention of the fact that the Doctor lights the torch at the 2012 games?
David Goldfarb
2. David_Goldfarb
I feel like the biggest nerd imaginable for asking this...but I'm going to anyway: how could a Weeping Angel possibly be chasing an Olympic torchbearer? There would be thousands and thousands of people all watching it and keeping it a stone.
Andrew Willett
3. AndrewWillett
Yeah, there's a lot here that doesn't really withstand scrutiny. But then the script was written by a bunch of grade-school students. (Hello, my name is WET BLANKET.)
Ron Hogan
4. RonHogan
I was a bit more concerned with the fact that the Doctor just straight up shoots somebody to death. (Or at least acts like he thinks that's what he's doing.)

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