Apr 26 2012 10:00am

What an Avengers Movie Would Look Like in the 1970s

What an Avengers Movie Would Look Like in the 1970s

So. This is our new favorite thing. An edit of what an Avengers movie would look like if made in the 1970s. Liberal use is made of footage from the Lou Ferrigno/Bill Bixby The Incredible Hulk show, although we’re a bit saddened by the lack of footage from the completely terrible Captain America film from 1990.

See it below! And keep watching the video to see Hawkeye’s note-perfect 1970s onscreen debut.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and definitely has footage of a 70s version of itself floating around. Such innocent times.

1. GrandGranini
Is that Peter Wyngarde as Tony Stark? Awesome! Remember Klytus from the '80 Flash Gordon movie? That man had the greatest voice ever.
jon meltzer
2. jmeltzer
Okay, what are the "Iron Man" clips from?
Rich Bennett
3. Neuralnet
Wow! that was great... thanks for finding it
4. wizard clip
@jmeltzer: I think the "Iron Man" footage might be from a tv movie called "Exo-Man." Or I could have just dreamt that. Can anyone confirm?

Anyway, this was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Hawkeye was perfect! I really didn't see that coming.
jon meltzer
5. jmeltzer
And who else could play Loki? Now, really.
7. wizard clip
Here's some useless trivia: That horrible Captain A,erica film from 1990 starred JD Salinger's son Matt as Cap.

Also, I just remembered made for TV Doctor Strange film from this era.
9. Sinole
should have used footage from the old Nick Furry movie with David Hasselhauf. That movie is sooo horribly awesome

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