Apr 2 2012 10:00am

Steven Moffat Reveals New Picture of Old Dalek

Straight from Steven Moffat’s Twitter account comes this new Doctor Who set picture of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan posing with a Dalek from a bygone era. Apparently Moffat has been polling the cast as to which Dalek is their favorite kind, and Matt and Karen choose this one. (Arthur Darvill also got in on the conversation via Twitter, which you can read about on Bleeding Cool here.)

For now, feast your eyes on the Doctor and Amy and a 1960s Dalek! Moffat claims this is probably a spoiler, which makes us think ALL the versions of the Daleks are returning next season! 

Ryan Britt
2. ryancbritt
@1 Fred
His name is "Math" now. Math. Is. Cool. (Thanks for catching that!) :-)
3. LDB
Awesome vintage Dalek still can kick ars
4. TansyRR
It makes sense - Moffat always said the revamp was purely to justify getting more Daleks built - so why not use all the props they have available?

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