Apr 27 2012 6:00pm

On Our Radar: Impressive Star Wars Lip-Sync Video “Party With My Friends”

This is not exactly a Star Wars mashup video. Instead, apparently, DJ duo Hot Problems have released this lip-syncing Star Wars sing-a-long as the actual music video for their song “Party With My Friends.” The lip-syncing is beyond impressive. Our favorite part is when one Luke nods at another Luke. Or maybe when Bib Fortuna says “let’s do a shot!” Or when Jar-Jar becomes Michael Jackson. Or...oh just watch it.

Interestingly, Hot Problems also claims to be from the future. From their  Facebook Page

“Dr. Hot and D.J. Problems are two men from the future who have come to 2012 to make a dance-pop record. Sounds ridiculous, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.”

Hot Problems, we will follow your career with great interest.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of and is going to party with its friends tonight.

Sam Brougher
3. Azuaron
I wonder how Lucas feels about this... he's always been pretty anti-copyright infringement, and I doubt they licensed it.
av willis
4. av willis
I'm surprised you guys haven't covered hot problems parent band ludo. It's a great band that hits on themes from sci fi, horror and fantasy all the time. Case in point one of their earlier works, a rock opera called Broken Bride manages to squeeze in a crazy awesome hodgepodge of time travel, dinosaurs, the zombie apocalypse, the biblical apocalypse, and a finale that's sure to have you bawling your eyes out.
James Hogan
5. Sonofthunder
This is SO hilariously awesome. Love it. And now I really want to watch me some SW. And maybe party with my friends.
av willis
6. Puff the Magic Commenter
Fantastic idea, brilliantly executed; horrible, horrible horrible song.

I mean, like, pee-yoo.
Steven Cole
7. scole66
Musical taste is musical taste, I guess. (I love the song, myself.)

But what really struck me was that the lip-sync on the puppets seemed better here than in the films themselves, especially the trade federation dudes, who were just abysmal in Episode 1.

Hot Problems either have some real video skillz or they hired someone who does. Very well put together.

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