Apr 25 2012 4:00pm

On Our Radar: Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie

Really silly ads for the upcoming movie/art project Battleship have just started appearing in New York City (Do you know what the movie is about? Nothing! Do you know what the ads show? Nothing!) around the offices so we were very pleased to see someone immediately parodying the style of them.

Seriously, Hungry Hungry Hippos is the Cloverfield 2 we never got.

1. midnightblooms
I would so go see this movie.
2. Plan R
In world overrun with spherical enemies, only one thing can save us. Hungry Hungry Hippos.
4. a1ay
I'm sure it's already been pointed out that a movie version of "Mousetrap" would essentially be the "Saw" series.
Anthony Pero
5. anthonypero
Pretty sure I heard something about "Monopoly" coming out next year. It's about two real estate investors who have to set their personal animosity aside to save the world from Alien Kittens.
jon meltzer
6. jmeltzer
I'm always a sucker for a giant hippo movie.

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