Apr 27 2012 2:00pm

JordanCon 2012: The Bloggening, Part 4

Hi, kids! In the spirit of “better late than never”, here is my final wrap-up report on JordanCon 2012, which took place over this past weekend and somehow did not quite manage to kill me with fun. It tried, though!

No, really. I am still recovering from Saturday (well, the whole weekend, really), which is just sad. Getting old sucks.

But anyway, I did in fact survive, and now I’m gonna finish telling you how! Whoo!  

Previous report posts are here, here, and here. Note that this post is very image-heavy, so those with slow connections, be aware before you click the cut.

So, before I tell you about Sunday (the only day I didn’t get to previously), let’s talk about the big thing I was obliged to miss on Saturday, which was the costume contest. I was rather upset that I couldn’t make it to this, actually, but fortunately for me, we live in The Future™, where it is possible to record events in image form! And then share them electronically after the fact! AMAZING.

So, thanks to the wonderful photographic talents of Sandip Mehta (whose photos were previously featured in an earlier report), as well as the contributions of Re-readers Extraordinaire Leslie Annis and Tricia Grantz Irish (aka Lannis and Tektonica, respectively), I can see what I missed, and share it with you as well! ASTONISHING.

Sandip, by the way, is a professional photographer who paints photos and has some truly amazing stuff on his website that you should definitely check out. We were very lucky to have him around!

(All the below photos are courtesy of Sandip Mehta unless otherwise noted.)

First, group photo!

(photo courtesy of Tricia Grantz Irish)

And our costume contest Winnah, who happens to be none other than our own Leslie Annis herself! Check out her kickass Ebou Dari widow rig:

Note the marriage knife!

This one shows the hiked–up skirt with colored petticoats underneath:

(photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Second place went to a truly awesome horde of Trollocs:

Seriously, check out the detail on these costumes:

Paul Bielaczyc (JordanCon’s Art Show Director and representative of Aradani Costumes) as a goat Trolloc.

Leslie says the helmet was way heavy.

Vulture Trolloc!

And a wolf Trolloc, I think.

Trollocs were startlingly popular all around this JordanCon, actually:

Ewwwwww! (Tricia Grantz Irish and Kelcey Casson (con Webmaster), photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Even the ones who can’t spell:

Well, he tried. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Though there were plenty of non-monster costumes about, of course. In no particular order:

James Atkins as Aram! You can’t really see it here, but his sword has a wolfshead pommel. Awesome.

Serafina Virciglio as an Aiel Maiden. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Sophie Decaudin as Birgitte. Love the boots.

Birgitte with an expecting Elayne and a very stern Lini! Kickass. (Sophie Decaudin, Kiley Kellermeyer, Elaine Brinson, photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)


Kristen Nedopak as another Maiden.

And the lovely Kristen again, this time as… Moghedien, maybe? Not sure. Whoever she is, she looks badass.

Richard Fife as Steampunk Perrin!

Sita Payne Romero as a Sea Folk Windfinder, complete with nosering and chain.

A Tinker. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

A Whitecloak, grrr.

And then there was April Moore, co-Art Show Director with aforementioned Paul Bielaczyc, who was practically an entire costume contest unto herself:

As Cadsuane, of course (with Leslie). (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

I still adore the paralis net:

(photo courtesy of  Tricia Grantz Irish)

Here she is with her adorable husband Chip as Siuan Sanche and Gareth Bryne. So cool. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

And then my absolute favorite, April as Lanfear (Note me on the side staring in amazement.) (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Seriously, the detail and design of this dress was just exquisite, and April told us she did all the beading and embroidery herself, which just floored me. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

And of course, no JordanCon would be complete without the sight of three Mats a-dicing:

(photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

So, yeah, I’d say the costume contest was a raging success all around. My kudos to everyone who participated, and my apologies to those I couldn’t identify and/or left out. Y’all all roxxor my soxxors.

Right, and then after that everyone got drunk. And… yeah, that’s about what that was. Though I will say you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Trolloc do the choreography from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Yup.

Sunday, therefore, was… a lot. And simultaneously, very little. I completely slept through my alarm, and woke up in a hungover panic because I had twenty minutes to dress, pack, and check out. I am actually incredibly impressed at myself that I managed to accomplish this, AND didn’t forget anything, AND only looked mildly like an extra from a George Romero film afterwards. Really, go me.

I had a necessarily carb-and-caffeine-loaded breakfast with Leslie and Tricia and Toastmaster Melissa, which was lovely despite the fact that I kind of wanted to die, and then it was time for my last panel at the Con, which was, appropriately, “The Last Theory Panel Ever (This Time We Mean It)”, with Matt Hatch, Thomas DeSimone, Melissa Craib Dombrowski, and Jeffrey Daniel.

And… er. Yeah, see. I don’t know if it was my state of hangover, or the sleep deprivation, or what, but I am completely blank on what we talked about on this panel. And it’s not the delay, either – I tried to make notes on the plane back the same day, and had nothing. I mean, wow. My brain, she was done, you guys.

In desperation, therefore, I badgered Matt Hatch via email to tell me what the hell we had discussed, and – well, here is his reply verbatim:

That’s an excellent question...because I’m blanking a little bit regarding the entirety of that hour. In essence, while we proposed that everyone hit us up with theories, most of the panel consisted of questions from the audience regarding what we thought about certain theories. At one point we asked for a quick vote on Logain v. Taim; the large majority believed that Logain would kill Taim.

Jeff Daniels (of Ta’veren Tees), who was on the panel with us, proposed as a theory (related to Logain v. Taim) that Taim would use a Mask of Mirrors to appear as Rand. Logain would know it wasn’t Rand and he would kill Taim. The audience generally liked the theory. There was no consensus (in that room of fans) regarding Fain and Shaidar Haran’s final roles and Rand’s Resurrection. And we knocked down the idea of Linear Time and the destruction of the Wheel. Also, you mentioned a few times ideas that you thought were not thematically palatable… but I can’t remember which ones you were responding to from the audience.

That’s all I can recall at the moment. I know we didn’t hand out many of the stickers we had for great ideas because there were few. Overall, I came away thinking that there were not many specific ideas with wide agreement, as a whole, as to what will happen in the final book… and maybe that’s a credit to Jordan’s ability to confuse us as far as plot details.

And that’s probably about as good as you’re going to get. I remember (now that Matt mentioned it) disagreeing with several theories based on their thematic inappropriateness, but I don’t remember specifically what they were either, just that I felt very strongly that anything that took the final endgame away from Rand was probably incorrect.

I agree with Matt, though, that possibly the reason we remember so little about the theories proposed is that either no one was really willing to commit to a theory about the ending, or that the theories that were proposed were so vague as to be not terribly memorable in the first place. I think everyone is hedging their bets.

I also think this is a good thing, that everyone is generally so uncertain about how events will progress in AMoL. It makes me more agog for the ending than ever.

And that was pretty much the end of JordanCon for me. I went around and said goodbye to everyone I could find, and then crashed in the hotel room of Con Staffers Par Excellence Sarah Nakamura and Kristy Lussier for a while before catching a ride to the airport from Kristy and the wonderful Perry Minchew. Thanks, guys, y’all are lifesavers.

And since that ending is kind of lame, have some random photos of the con to usher you out!

Darrell R. Sweet, son of Darrell K. Sweet

Whoever this is for, I’m sure they deserved it. Heh. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Emma de Laat, WOT (and Nynaeve) Fan Extraordinaire.

Harriet McDougal Rigney, dispensing wisdom.

From L-R: Jason Denzel, Tricia Grantz Irish, Leigh Butler, Wilson Grooms, Leslie Annis (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

The lovely Linda and Frank Taglieri.

Team Looney Theories! L-R: Sarah Nakamura, Leigh Butler, Kristy Lussier, Matt Hatch, Alan Romanczuk (photo courtesy of Kristen Nedopak)

Leslie with Mary Robinette Kowal, in lovely Regency regalia! Note the first sentence tat, heh. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

And the long-promised photo of Artist Guest of Honor Sam Weber! And Leslie. Again. Sheesh, it’s like these are her pictures or something. (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Peter Ahlstrom, personal assistant to one Brandon Sanderson, with his awesome wife Karen.

Richard Fife, Melissa Craib, and Richard’s poor barbering choices at the Opening Ceremonies. (photo courtesy of Tricia Grantz Irish)

Team Moiraine! Kristy Lussier and Sarah Nakamura.

INDEED IT DID, Kristy and Sarah.

*snort* (photo courtesy of Leslie Annis)

Our intrepid photographer himself! Sandip Mehta and Harriet McDougal Rigney.

Jason Denzel, Wilson Grooms, and Leigh Butler.

And last but not least, a not-at-all subtle reminder of why you should clear your calendars for next year:

Uh-huh. That’s right, baby. That says what you think it does. YE BE WARNED.


And that’s about enough outta me, methinks! I’d like to thank the Academy, and also Jennifer Liang, James Liang, Melissa Craib Dombrowski, Richard Fife, Aubree and Bao Pham, and absolutely everyone who had even remotely anything to do with organizing this thing, because y’all are amazing, and also Jason Denzel for awesome restaurant-fu and voluntarily putting himself in extreme pain for what I will continue to insist is my personal entertainment (I will need a final tally of the number of times Jason was obliged to take his shirt off for posterity, please). Also owed thankage are the House of Grooms, for being just bloody lovely as per the usual, Paul Bielaczyc for letting me hijack his DJing for very important Beyonce-related purposes, Perry and Sarah and Kristy for alcohol and vehicular transportation (and also for not putting those two things together), Gary Singer for the same except minus the alcohol, everyone who put up with me on the various panels, and also Mary Robinette Kowal, Eugie Foster, Emilie P. Bush, Sam Weber, and Dr. Michael Livingston, for being kickass guests/panelists/purveyors of Cool Stuff/excellent party conversationalists/etc. Y’all should definitely come back now, ya hear?

I also want to say thank you to Leslie, Tricia, Jay, Linda, and all the Re-readers in absentia – y’all know why – and also thanks and many hugs to all the wonderful folks who came up to me at the con and said nice things about the Re-read. There is really nothing more awesome than to hear that someone enjoyed something you’ve created, so really, thank you guys so much for letting me know. I have ALL the warm fuzzies right now, for real.

And also, of course of course, the biggest thank yous to Harriet and Maria and Alan, who are, as ever, an absolute delight. Getting to see y’all is truly always a highlight of my year. Mwah.

Right, and so! I hope you have enjoyed my only-occasionally-drunken ramblings re: JordanCon 2012, and I apologize in advance for whatever mistakes or omissions I’ve made in doing so. I hope to see many many more of you at next year’s shindig, because that shit is gonna be EPIC, y’all. Cheers! 

Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
1. Lisamarie
Oh man,I wish I could have made it. Do they always have to be in Georgia, grrr!!!!

Those costumes look so awesome. So much fun!!! I wish I would have gotten a chance to theorize before all is done, heh.
2. wcarter4
You?! You will be the toast master? That's awesome! Alas that I had to miss this year's Jordancon, but I had to be inTennessee that weekend to see my best friend off before he shipped off to Texas and the Airforce for the next 6 years.
3. Kristy aka Team Moiraine
Absolutely FABULOUS time had by all... and it was soooo much fun spending time with you Ms. Leigh B. From Looney Theories hysterics, to an awesome dinner with Kristen, Jason, Sarah and Jennifer... and of course the BEST afternoon nap on Sunday in our room. hehehe!

Can't wait until next year! A toast to the future toast master. I will make sure Sarah and I have enough Vodka and skittles for all of us next year in Looney Theories! =)
Tina Aydon
4. Taydon
Maybe next year...

Great round-up of the shenanagins Leigh, sounds like one and all had a blast!
5. Kyla m johnson
And thank you letting me live vicariously through your reporting!
F Shelley
6. FSS
three mats dicing...somewhere i hear the 12 days of christmas being re-written...
Lannis .
7. Lannis
Lovely recap, Leigh, and thanks for the photo creds!

I'll admit it, ::cringe:: I have a horrible habit of arrogantly appearing in at least 50% of my photos... baha! ::snort::

Re: The Last Theory Panel Ever... I remember there was one blatant, "Uh, no. That'll never happen. Too late for a new story line now, we're finished with Dragonmount..." comment, but other than that I don't remember much being nixed outright unless, yes, it wasn't balanced thematically in the plot arcs.

And we have 51 weeks to recoup for next year... ;)
Marcus W
8. toryx
I think the getting drunk part is the main reason I don't go to Cons anymore. Sure it's a blast but damn, it's rough to recover from when you start getting older!

Looks like a good time was had by all. Love the costumes, and congrats, Lannis!
Peter Ahlstrom
9. PeterAhlstrom
Spelled my name wrong. (Happens all the time.) ;)
Leigh Butler
10. leighdb
Kristy @ 3:

Vodka and skittles, whoo! And thank y'all again, I had a blast hanging (and napping) with you!

Lannis @ 7:

Ha, I was totally kidding, my dear. Of course you should appear in your own photos! And thank you again for letting me plunder them!

Peter @ 9:

Whoops! Should be fixed now, sorry!
Tricia Irish
11. Tektonica
It really was a many good highlights....number one of which, was hanging with you, Leigh, and you, Leslie, and Jay, Linda, Terez, Paul, April, Gary, Harriet, Wilson, Kristy, etc. etc. (And thanks for the photo credits.)

Y'all, please try to come next year. So very much fun, and you don't HAVE to wear a can still have fun. We Rereaders need to support our fearless leader in her toastmistressness!
Rich Bennett
12. Neuralnet
Impressive costume skills in this group. Thanks for the updates Leigh! Cant believe the end of any/all theories will happen soon.
Douglas Miller
13. douglas
One thing I remember from the Last Theory Panel was whether Androl would ever succeed in punching a gateway through the dreamspike's block. I spoke up and said it would happen when he got a linked circle to provide him with power, which everyone seemed to agree with and started a (short) discussion about that being what meeting with the not-yet-turned Aes Sedai is leading up to.
Alice Arneson
14. Wetlandernw
Thanks again for the recap, Leigh! So much fun seeing all the pictures, too. Not quite (!!!) the same as being there, but fun all the same.

So... if I, by some bizarre turn of events, should actually make it to JordanCon next year, which costume would I do: Cadsuane or a Wise One? :) (If nothing else, I'm going to try to attend Brandon's signing in costume, so this is not an entirely pointless question.)
Gary Singer
15. AhoyMatey
I'm definitely going to be honing my Rereading skills. Leigh writes such great comedy, I can't wait to see what she comes up with for Jordancon next year. (No pressure now, Leigh!)
Thomas Keith
16. insectoid
Great job, Leigh... way to survive another Con!

Love all the costumes, especially Leslie's. April Moore's outfits are certainly elaborate!

Lannis @7: It's because you're so photogenic. :)

Toryx @8: That puts me off just a little, too (since I don't drink), and my mom wonders how I would fit in if I went. Well, Mom, I would manage; in my opinion, you don't have to get drunk to have fun.

Tek @11: As I mentioned previously, I may cry if I can't go. Must find a way! I know: I'll have Freelancer organize a pilgrimage for So Cal WoT fans... ;)

Wetlander @14: Well... if you went as Cadsuane, you could go around as April's twin. A Wise One would be cool, though.

John Massey
17. subwoofer
@Wet- no fair! You stole my costume idea;)

If we both show up wearing the same thing... who has to go and change?

Gary Singer
18. AhoyMatey
insectoid @16 - You definitely don't need to drink to have fun at the con. I had just one beer, graciously bought for me by Tektonica....
Lannis .
19. Lannis
Leighdb @ 10: Pfft... if I didn’t get your sense of humour by now... haha! ;)

Also, guys... GUYS! She likes Absolute vodka and seven. Maybe we can get Leigh the award for drunkenest (that’s totally a word) Toastmaster! Tee hee...

insectoid @ 16: Aw, thanks! ::blush::
Tricia Irish
21. Tektonica
To do not have to drink to have fun at JCon. I can't hold a candle to some of these young whipper snappers anymore, and they don't seem to care. It's so damn gung ho and silly, it doesn't matter. (And the drunks don't notice when you're not..shhhhhh.)

Welcome Ahoy Matey! We hung out at JCon with him, his great and most tolerant wife, and fun son. Leslie and I threatened encouraged him to start posting, as we need more good humor on here, right?!
Chris Chaplain
22. chaplainchris1
I've never been to anything *remotely* con-like. I grew up in south Georgia, such things were few and far between, and the few other sci-fi/fantasy/roleplaying fans I me. :)

But Leigh, your description has me thinking...this could be fun. I have family that live in Roswell, and you know what - I think I may do it! Insectoid, I don't drink either (yuck nasty-taste firewater, blech), so you won't be the only one.

I've also thought, from afar, Trekkies were costumes. And that it's goofy. But those costumes look pretty cool. I've actually never been able to picture the paralis-net before, so that's neat...and that first picture of a Maiden was really striking. Imagine 20 of those coming at you with veils up and spears in hand, yikes!

@13 Douglas, that would be neat, but I bet Jordan has something more, er, surprising in store for Androl and Pevara. I suspects MOAs from both of them in AMOL...just hope they survive it, as I think both are pretty cool. Androl was very vivid in his few pages...seems to have shadows in his past, but very cool. I like that he carries candy for the kids, and that he crafts with such care. I also hope hope hope he gets Healed of his crazy, b/c it's pretty awful-sounding.

(I wonder if you could Gateway into T'A'R in the flesh near a dreamspike? I wonder if Egwene will check out the Black Tower via T'A'R? Seems kind of strange, now I think on it, that she hasn't done so before.)

Wetlander, given your name and your championing of her, Cadsuane would seem a must...but you could also be a Wise One and call everyone ELSE wetlander. However, if you pick a Wise One, it must be specific - not a generic Wise One, but one of the Dreamwalkers or Sorilea.

@Leigh - the reread is great, and the community that's grown up around it is great. Thag you very buch.
Gary Singer
23. AhoyMatey
Thanks Tektonica @28! I'm, er, posting enough, right? Right?
Jay Dauro
24. J.Dauro
I will second (third) the comment. You do not have to drink to have fun at JordanCon. Yes, a number of folks do like to party, but alcohol is not a requirement. You are required to laugh, and people will do their best to make sure you do. And you get to interact with other folks who are just as crazy about WOT as you are (or more so.)

Seriously though, it's a fantastic time.

For those who ask why it's in Atlanta. Jennifer and James Liang live there. The two of them started JordanCon (with help from their friends) and paid for it out of their pockets. Getting a Con going is not easy, they rarely break even for many years. The two of them started this because of their love for the series and they bust their tails to produce the Con. Trying to do this outside of your local area is just about impossible. So if you do came, make sure to thank them.
Karen Fox
25. thepupxpert
Insect & Toryx - I don't drink (alot) either, I'll have a glass of wine but really can't do the PARTY thing with alcohol, also I'm hopeless when it comes to costumes but I am seriously considering coming next year! My sister lives in Alpharetta and I think that's not too far from Roswell.
Lannis .
26. Lannis
Okay folks, here's the thing... there's no pressure. Period. No pressure to drink, no pressure to wear a costume, no pressure to be crazy (that happens on its own).

The only requirement is to be open to having fun, that's it!

And I'm the first one to attest that you can stick out your hand and say, "Hi, I'm Leslie, I have no filter" and instantly people will be your friend. ;)

Seriously, come and play next year! You certainly won't regret it!
Tina Pierce
27. scissorrunner
Seriously, come and play next year! You certainly won't regret it!
truer words...never spoken...all that!! Lannis knows of what she speaks!!
I too am one of the no drinking crew, and have had so much fun at JordanCon (alas, not this one- silly emergencies).
All you need to do is show up & you will find all of the best people (in crazy awesome costumes or not).
But the BEST part is that we just get to sit & talk about the characters, the story lines, the cultures, the clothing, the world that we all love so much (without people thinking we're from another planet).
Plan NOW. April 19 is closer than you think....
Tina Pierce
28. scissorrunner
....and seriously, with Leigh as Toastmistress, how can we miss???
Tricia Irish
29. Tektonica
You guys,'s so relaxed. No one cares who's doing's very open and welcoming. It would be SO cool if the Rereaders turned up in force for Leigh's Toastmistress gig, along with it being right after the publication of the final book! Last year we had Mis and Scissorunner, as well, and I'm counting on them for next year.

Btw, this is something I never pictured myself doing either, ChaplainChris, but aside from the costumes and fanaticism about WoT, they're all pretty normal, smart, very nice people!

I haven't done the costume thing the past two years, but I was considering a Wise One for next year...but who? Wetlander, we need to consult on this!

It would just be great to get as many of us together as possible, at least once after all this time! Bring on the Rereaders, I say!!

PS: Ahoy....Bravo! Keep up the good work! ;-)
30. Freelancer

Don't ever deny yourself an interesting experience because you think you'll be in the minority in some way. Everyone can feel like that about something at almost any time. To thine own self be true.

Besides, what would happen, Leigh decides to spank you for not getting drunk? That would surely undermine her favorite rant.

I won't entirely rule out the possibility of attempting to attend, but it isn't currently a large possibility. Also, if a polar reversal doesn't occur this December, it just might next April, if Terez27 and I were in the same room at the same time. I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.
April Moore
31. aprildmoore
Thanks for posting all the photos. We are so happy you survived, Leigh. ;-) I have only JUST decided that I apparently survived as well!

Chip was pleased you mentioned him too as Gareth Bryne - we've been planning a "Five Generals" group for a while now.

For those concerned about the drinking or the costumes, there are loads of people who attend JordanCon who neither drink alcohol nor costume and it's all good. We are all fans of this fantastic book series. JordanCon feels a lot more like a family reunion than a convention. That's really what it's all about. And it can be extremely rewarding to stand aside and watch.
April Moore
32. aprildmoore
Also, I should point out, re: costumes - we can not have too many Wise Ones, Aiel, Asha'men, Warders, Aes Sedai, etc. I'd LOVE for us to have groups of all of those; it just looks so cool to have multiples.
Heidi Byrd
33. sweetlilflower
This is the first year I have been able to go, and it was sooo much fun! I only wish I could have talked to Leigh and told her "thanks!", but I never seemed to find the time.
I'll back up several others here and say if you don't want to drink; don't drink. I can attest that you do not have to be wasted to have a good time at Jordan*Con.

As far as costuming goes, just go to GoodWill and find the brightest, tackiest clothes there and come as a tinker :-)

Oh! know it is odd...I can remember almost all of the Loony Theories, but not much from the actual Theory panel? I *think* that you strenuously objected to the idea of using the True Power to seal the DO's prison....other than that, I cannot remember. If it helps any, I did not have a hangover and I got 8 hours of sleep. I think it was just an odd panel?
John Massey
34. subwoofer
It's settled then... I'm going to start buying bangles that fit my arm... maybe if I start growing my hair out now;)

If Fife can wear a shawl, well, so can I.

Alice Arneson
35. Wetlandernw
subwoofer - we can be twins! Glad you're in - I might have forgotten the bangles. :) I look forward to seeing you in a shawl and kerchief.
Ron Garrison
36. Man-0-Manetheran
Wetlandernw @ 14:

Alice Arneson
37. Wetlandernw
IF (and it's a big IF) I should make it to JordanCon, I'm pretty sure I'd do both. And if I did both, I'd probably post some pictures to get advice on which one would do better in the costume contest. :) But if I start growing my hair now, I can do a very respectable bun for Cadsuane by January, and when JCon is over I'll have a nice long braid to give to Locks of Love. Hey, I could even do a Two Rivers woman and tug my braid at people! :)
Tess Laird
38. thewindrose
Looks like everyone was having a great time!
Wetlandernw - I would say that you need to go as Cadsuane! You can than punish imposters;)

Leigh - do you think you will be doing a 'reread' of aMoL? Or is that up in the air...

Leigh Butler
39. leighdb
thewindrose @ 38:

Of course I will be re-reading AMoL! Gotta finish out the series, don't I?

to various others: It is totally not necessary to either imbibe or wear a costume to have fun at JordanCon. I've never worn a costume, for instance, and actually I think the majority of con-goers do not. If you want to wear jeans and a T-shirt the entire weekend - and many people did - I guarantee no one will blink an eye. It is an extremely relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and I've never heard that anyone who's gone has had anything but an awesome time.

Obviously I'm biased at least a little, but nevertheless I can't recommend the experience highly enough. If you've never been to a con or anything similar before, this is a perfect low-key, small-scale way to dip your toe in and get acclimated.
Jeff Schweer
40. JeffS.
If I can possibly make this pilgrimage to Jordancon, I will have to try to come up with a costume of some one from the Two Rivers.

Bran AL'Vere or maybe Haral Luhhan. I'm in the right age group for those characters and I used to Smith a bit as a hobby, making lampstands and cooking fire tripods for re-creationist battalions both blue and grey types. Tough getting Blacksmith tools on a plane these days though...
Starting travel plans now for April 2013...
Roger Powell
41. forkroot
OK - I've started working on "Mrs forkroot". Not off to a great start, but I've got a year to convince her. There was a slight flicker of interest in touring the Coca-Cola museum (her whole office at work is coke-themed - it's a wonder to behold.)
Anthony Pero
42. anthonypero
Ok, if I go to JCon 5 next year, I know what I want to dress as for the costume contest. Are there any horse's ass' around here who will help me out :D

Bela FTW!
Charles Gaston
43. parrothead
Ah, cosplay. One of the best parts of any con, and not just for the potential of lots of cute geek girls (or guys) in skimpy outfits, though that certainly doesn't hurt. I just love the level of work and creativity that some people put into their costumes. And when the cosplayers are little kids, they are adorable. A costume needn't be elaborate; the one time I went to SakuraCon in costume was as Arthur Dent (Hitchhiker's Guide): my costume consisted of a bathrobe, a towel, slippers, and a teacup. It's fun going dressed, and fun going in street clothes.

Given that my parents are only about 3 hours from Atlanta, I really need to look at going next year.
Valentin M
44. ValMar
The customs were fantastic, thanks for the photos! It must've been very hard to choose a winner but I agree that our Leslie (Lannis) deserved it. Very photogenic indeed...
Aaanyway, I think Wetlander should dress up as Cadsuane. Or if it is to be a WO- Bair :D

Also, I'm getting more and more envious of the ones attending. If I am ever to make it across the ocean from the UK, I hope I can do it so I can attend the JordanCon. Normally Atlanta isn't one of the long list of places I would like to visit in the US, now it is.
Debbie Solomon
45. dsolo
@22chaplainchris1 The first con costume was worn by Forrest Ackerman at WorldCon 1 in New York, 1939. It was so well received that the following year in Chicago, about 25 fans showed up in costume. I heard the story from Forrest at a con in Houston back in the 90s (he also coined the term sci-fi, much to the chagrin of multiple authors who preferred speculative fiction). Trek conventions didn't start until the 70s, but that is when fandom started changing from literary to media, so the media paid more attention to it.

I hope to make it to JordanCon next year, and since I have relocated to Florida, it's not too far. I'm not a big drinker, but I always have fun whenever I go to a con. First, you are with people who understand your interests/obsessions. Second, even if you don't dress up, there will be plenty of creative people who will and it will provide you with a lot of visual stimulation. Third, the panels and guests are always entertaining. It's always fun, whether it's a huge con like WorldCon or DragonCon, or a smaller local con. In fact, the smaller fan run cons like JordanCon really need the support. Go and enjoy yourself.
Cynthia Ahmar
46. tenkuu
I believe the black dress cosplay must be of Semirhage. And that Whitecloak cosplay, it seems like a Questioner, specifically.
47. David DeLaney
A side comment: that "Shit just got real" back-of-the-costume slogan is, I think, from another reader/rereader's blog: . It's a recurring theme in the comments, along with "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!", because Mark's reading books he's never read before, a chapter at a time, and recording his reactions. He started, I think, with Twilight, and having survived that went thankfully on to the entire Harry Potter series, prepared to dislike it violently, but got caught up within the first few chapters.

Between him, Leigh, Ana Mardoll, and Amanda and Bill rereading the Malazan books, I've got a full plate of reads and rereads to read, along with my regular reading!

April Moore
48. aprildmoore
@46 tenkuu - Kristen was going for Moghedian with the black dress. Her costume is based on Seamas Gallagher's rendtion of her, which you can see here:

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