Apr 13 2012 11:06am

First Trailer for Looper Features Time Traveling Mobsters

What if mobsters could shoot people in the past? If they could, they would in new film Looper.

Harry Burger
2. Lightbringer
Seems like a lot of trouble to send somebody back in time - wouldn't it be easier to just shoot people in the present? Time travel movies rarely hold up, unless they have serious limitations like in Source Code.
4. cloudstarer
Wouldn't it be easier for the shooter and the victim to stay where they were and send the bullet through time ?

Much less mass, much less complicated, less to go wrong

The looper stays 30 years in the past, stands at a precise location, fires gun at a precise spot of empty space at a precise time given to them on a piece of paper sent back in time.

Bullet enters some sort of wormhole to the future and exits hitting the victim who just happens to be standing in the right spot, say while having a group photo taken.

The looper can claim innocence as long as the paper is destroyed as they didn't shoot a person they shot empty space.

The dead guy in future has been killed by a mystery assassin while on a day out with his friends and the bullet cannot be traced since the gun that shot it has long since rusted to junk, no one has GSR, there are no forensics, and oh look half the police force were attending the barbeque so air tight alibis all round.

The looper can even sleep with a clear conscience as they don't actually know if there was someone on the other end of the wormhole, they just receive anonymous payments for performing this apparently bizarre set of actions, for all they know it's an eccentric millionaire watching them being idiots from a distance, all they would really know is that they couldn't find the bullet after they shot it, which if they shot a frangible round would be expected.

It'd be a boring movie if that happened though.

I'm overthinking this aren't I

I'll put my brain on popcorcn eating mode and just enjoy the spectacle, the trailer seems to be a lot of fun.
5. Dilsnik
Or poison their first baby bottle? Sounds much easier. Imagine a tiny hitler gone before he can even think of causing so much planetary horror.
Or sterilize his father? A little vasectomy action would do the trick ; No killing with that one.

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