Apr 1 2012 11:30am

Entirety of Game of Thrones Season 2 Leaked

Game of Thrones season 2 leakedIn a shocking display of contempt for HBO, it appears that every detail about the highly-anticipated season 2 HBO drama Game of Thrones has been leaked, mere hours before the premiere of the show.

The massive leak originates from an obscure book carrying the dubious title A Clash of Kings, copies of which have already been distributed in both physical and electronic form, possibly worldwide.

HBO reps have confirmed that the contents of A Clash of Kings reveal the entirety of the upcoming season of Game of Thrones but did not offer any further information in regards to how the leaker obtained the information.

Unfortunately for HBO, the leaker himself is all too proud to take the credit.

Notorious author George R. R. Martin has immediately taken credit for the leaked information becoming public. The author previously attempted to capitalize on the fame of Game of Thrones in April 2011 by releasing a “book adaptation” of the popular series shoddily titled A Game of Thrones, going only so far as to add an article to the beginning of the title. Most savvy fans of the show dismissed A Game of Thrones as the attempts of a writer out to make a quick buck.

The first discovery of George R. R. Martin’s subsequent leak was apparently discovered in the Fantasy section of several public libraries. With confirmation from HBO that the details within the leak are correct, fans are starting to wonder if they should even bother watching the show, in case the slap-dash rantings in these “novels” turn out to ruin major plot points for further seasons.

Elio Garcia, webmaster of the premiere Game of Thrones fan site weighed in on the brouhaha this morning:

“I think we all know these manuscripts to be complete fabrications. I suppose we could go as far to call them “fanfic” but the fact that they are trying to actually confuse real fans is a little alarming.”

The shadowy figure responsible for the leak, pictured at right, has continued to release statements and explanations regarding the situation, most of them blatantly refusing to take responsibility for his actions. When reached him for comment, the spider at the center of this web of controversy said this:

“Hey I’m still here. These books have been out for years.”

HBO has denied the existence of GRRM, and is warning fans to stay away from any Game of Thrones products which contain the words “ice,” “fire,” “storm,” “wedding,” “feast,” “Joffrey,” or “dance.”

“We think our fans know the genuine product when they see it,” said an unnamed HBO exec. “Reading is for people who want to be confused. We never do it. Why should our viewers?”

We’ll update more on the story as it develops.

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of and can’t believe it all turns out to be a hologram. Seriously?

1. eugaet
Heh heh heh. ;)
3. TD
haha...April Fools
5. wandaXmaximoff
What is this trickery? A BOOK based on the new series of Game of Thrones, before it's even aired on HBO. GRRM must be some sort of modern day Nostradamus!!
Filippo bia
6. filippobia
... A game of jokes .... Long Live You All, guys!
7. Ajiey.Net
This man is a criminal! He deserves 50 years in Jail!
8. bboris
Damn you GRRM. Piratery at worst. Somebody stop him.
Tess Laird
9. thewindrose
HA! Good one - great picture of Martin too:)

Tonight - oh yeah!

10. AlBrown
Curse you, Mr. Martin. May your toes be crisped by the fires of hell.
Kimani Rogers
11. KiManiak
This is a travesty! As long as he doesn't do it again, for Season 3!

Shoot, next, we'll find out that the Hunger Games has been leaked. I've even heard you can find leaked information for the upcoming film Ender's Game, and they haven't even filmed that one yet!

This madness must stop!
Mo -
12. Astus
Read the leak, no mention of Ros. What happens to her!?
14. dank
Just to be clear, the preview definitely had scenes from Book 3, so the seasons won't follow the timelines of the books exactly.
15. VuKaDr
@12.Astus: I hate Ros. She adds nothing to the story, wastes screen time, and isn't in the books. Can't they find a better way of providing important information than during sex scenes?
16. Frank77
I just watched the teaser for season 2, You Live You Die it was great and i can't wait for the show to start. Tyrion is the best character.

Season 2 Teaser Video
17. KJ
Yeah, yeah, been hearing all about those leaks for the last three months. When I find one to read, it always turns out to be "fan-fic".
jon meltzer
18. jmeltzer
There's already a book? Does that mean that Kevin Anderson won't have the chance to write a novelization?
shawn keeling
19. longerwaves
When did you guy's start writing articles for The Onion? That hallowed institution fromwhich I gather all the news I need, week in, week out.
It took me 5.2 seconds to realize that I was reading a joke, but a rather good one....
shawn keeling
20. longerwaves
@ VuKaDr - I take it you have not seen Deadwood, also of HBO? Almost half of Al Swearingin's exposition goes on while he is receiving a..ah...hummer? as it were. I just recently watched the whole series and was surprised at how often this happened, which so far pales in comparison to Game Of Thrones sexytime far.
21. Zenspinner mean all the time I spent photographing those pages was wasted?? I had the nicest brocade carpet background too. :-(
22. YoungGriff
i couldn't stop laughing after "Wedding"
23. Owensmiff
I think George RR Martin stole the idea of leaking in advance the plot of an epic fantasy TV/film series from John RR Tolkien (along with his middle two initials).
24. Chosen
@23 Oh great not only did he steal HBO's show, he stole Tolkien's 2 R's.
25. VuKaDr
No, I haven't.
26. VuKaDr
I'm also not a fan of Shae.
27. Enkill_Eridos
Hey the whole plot of True Blood has been leaked as well...but those leaks were found and HBO changed the story in the nick of time..This article made me lol so hard..On a serious note I do hope HBO combines the second season with the second and parts of the third book. So season 3 will not keep us in King's Landing so much. I hate watching/reading those fools..I am rooting for the Others to take them all.
28. Sunstroke
The picture of GRRM in the lobster bib is 17 notches beyond groovy...
29. Paul McGowan
the series is based on his books that he wrote over 20 years ago.. hahaha thats like sayin J.R.R Tolkein spoiled the Lord Of The Rings Films:L

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