Apr 24 2012 3:00pm

Another Chance to Win a Memory of Light Backpack!

Now that JordanCon is over, we all need a little more Wheel of Time in our lives. So we’ve got more of those special Memory of Light backpacks full of books. They’re on Facebook right here! Just another way to win!

Josh Smith
1. Master_Moridin
Awesome thing is awesome. If only it worked. Keeps saying I haven't liked Tor.com's page. Wasn't sure who I should inform of this, so I thought I'd do it here.
2. SEG
Whats the other way that you can win? I'm not on FB, but would like a chance to win.
3. Lisa Dalley
Your app wants me to give you access to my friends' personal info as well as my own.

NO THANKS. I'm disappointed, TOR.

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