Apr 3 2012 6:00pm

The Twelfth Doctor Probably Won’t Be a Woman. But If She Was....

Actresses we’d pick to play a female Doctor

The Daily Express is claiming today that a “mole” in the Doctor Who camp has revealed that we’re getting a female Twelfth Doctor in the form of Sherlock alum Lara Pulver after a Matt Smith regeneration during the show’s 50th anniversary in 2013. (This is just on the heels of an April Fool’s joke by DoctorWhoTV that new companion Jenna-Louis Coleman has been hired to be a surprise Twelfth Doctor.)

The validity of this “mole’s” claim is barely worth considering, but it did make us wonder who we would want as a female Doctor. We pick six actresses below....


6. Lara Pulver

Actresses we’d pick to play a female Doctor

So, Lara Pulver is actually a nice choice, considering how stellar she was with the material she was given in Sherlock’sA Scandal in Belgravia.” We haven’t really seen enough of her to know for sure, but we imagine a Lara Pulver Doctor to be cold and calculating. Something of a cross between the Seventh and Ninth Doctor.


5. Michelle Dockery

Actresses we’d pick to play a female Doctor

As Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery exudes both impeccable English tact, and also constant puzzlement and frustration. The great thing about Michelle Dockery (besides her killer eyebrows) is her ability to play both confident and confused simultaneously. When she gets her heart broken in Downton, it’s understated. This would be a great trait for the Doctor, as the character’s quiet sadness is essential for the conceit of Doctor Who to work.


4. Kate Winslet

Actresses we’d pick to play a female Doctor

Supposedly, she was Russell T. Davies original choice to play Rose Tyler way back when Doctor Who relaunched in 2005. The performance which tells us Kate Winslet would be a great Doctor can’t be found in films like Titanic or Finding Neverland, but rather Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Quirky, intelligent, selfish, and a little impulsive, a Kate Winslet version of the Doctor would have the energy of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors with the sass and wit of the Fourth. For some reason though, we imagine a Kate Winslet Doctor going sans sonic screwdriver, much like the Fifth.


3. Emma Watson

Actresses we’d pick to play a female Doctor

Hermione brandishing a sonic screwdriver instead of a wand? Why not? Emma Watson’s familiarity with genre-oriented concepts means she could rattle off the wibbly-wobbly Doctor Who dialogue without any problem. Everyone across the world already adores her and she’s grown into a convincing adult actress. Her Doctor might be a little more serious and bookish than some of the others here, but certainly no less courageous. Not to mention it would be a sure-fire hit with fans.


2. Helen Mirren

Actresses we’d pick to play a female Doctor

She’s already said she wants to play the Doctor, so why don’t we just let her? The gravitas Helen Mirren would bring to the role might be a nice change of pace from the super-young faces we’ve seen in the last two incarnations of the Doctor. Leaping about and being adventurous is certainly something Helen Mirren could do, but wouldn’t it be great if that person were representative of a DIFFERENT age demographic? The Doctor is a hero no matter what, and age certainly wouldn’t make the character less popular.


1. Tilda Swinton

Actresses we’d pick to play a female Doctor

This is the one. Tilda Swinton is not only one of the best working actors in the field now; she also looks like an alien. We’d like to make a comparison to her Doctor being sort of aggressive like the Ninth Doctor, or occasionally condecending like the Tenth Doctor, but there’s no telling what she could do with the role. She might be a total goofball; she might be a total alien. She might be warm, and kid-friendly like the Eleventh Doctor. She’s so talented, and looks so striking, having her at the controls of the TARDIS would be a real treat. Plus, Tilda’s fashion sense is out of control, meaning whatever she brought to the Doctor’s costume would be like nothing we’ve seen before.


Who else, dear readers could travel in time and space as the Doctor?

Stubby the Rocket if the voice and mascot of Tor.com. Stubby couldn’t resist putting two pictures of Tilda Swinton into this post.

AmyBeth Inverness
1. AmyBeth Inverness
I absolutely ADORE seeing Emma Watson and Helen Mirren on a list comparing them for the SAME role lol! Either one would bring something... incredibly unique to the role.

...but not as unique as Tilda Swinton. Spot on. Absolutely right. She would be the one.
Lev Rosen
3. LevACRosen
Tamsin Greig or Michelle Gomez. They'd be brilliant. Plus, they're less heard of, which is often a thing when the doctor is cast.
Andrew Willett
4. AndrewWillett
Helen Mirren or Tilda Swinton would be... there is not enough awesome in the entire universe. I am supposed to be working right now but my brain is so full of stories featuring either of these women at the helm that it has otherwise siezed up. I do have a question, though, for those in the gallery more familiar with British media than I am: as long as we're doing this, are there Black or South Asian actresses of similar oomph we could add to the list?
Great Bear
5. GreatBear
Til-da, Til-da, Til-da! The moment I saw her face I could imagine it!
AmyBeth Inverness
6. Deborah Blake
Oooh--great choices! Helen Mirren would be stellar. But I have to agree with LevACRosen--Tamsen Greig would be fab!
Risha Jorgensen
7. RishaBree
Helen Mirran would be amazing. I picture her as a mix of 1 and 5, with maybe a touch of 10's swagger.
Michael M Jones
8. MichaelMJones
Now I can't unthink the idea of Tilda Swinton as the Doctor. And while we're at it, let's find her a Companion who doesn't look like they belong in high school. That would be awesome.
AmyBeth Inverness
I would love to see Helen Mirren as the Doctor.

Michelle Dockery is somewhere on my "who should play Romana III" shortlist. Right behind Anthony Head, I think.
AmyBeth Inverness
10. AlBrown
You've heard of win-win?
Well, these proposals are a win-win-win-win-win-win!
Jeff Schweer
11. JeffS.
I love Helen Mirren and I think she would be fabulous, but I have to say that the Dr. regenerating into a much older person than the current Dr. is a bit jarring for me. I know time paradoxes notwithstanding but still.
So what does that leave us with?
Tilda Swinton of course. The Dr. is anything but conventional by earth standards so she totally fits the bill
AmyBeth Inverness
12. Edward Brennan
Ruth Wilson, Actor who played Alice Morgan in the BBC series Luther opposite Indris Elba. She can do crazy with so much else going on, which is sort of needed for a good Dr Who. Like Michelle Dockery too though. Personally like actors who aren't total movie stars to take over a role like Dr. Who. It is a role that sort of takes you over, which is hard when star power is attached.
Kimberly Thompson
13. tpiaswordfish
Can we please make Helen Mirren happen? Pretty pleeeeeaaasse?!?
Kevin Marks
14. KevinMarks
Michelle Dockery also played Susan, Death's grand-daughter in Hogfather, which is a very Doctorish role.
However, you missed out the only woman Doctor that Moffat already has directed - Joanna Lumley.
AmyBeth Inverness
16. John Seven
Ruth Wilson. No contest.
AmyBeth Inverness
17. JBH
Tilda...she just looks AMAZINGLY cool.
Joe Vondracek
18. joev
OK, yeah, now I can't get the idea of Tilda Swinton out of my head as the new Doctor. That just works on so many levels.

Tamsin Greig is currently in "Episodes", a joint production of Showtime and BBC, so she's probably not available.
Sky Thibedeau
19. SkylarkThibedeau
Since the Doctor keeps getting younger with each regeneration, Emma Watson would be perfect.

Lucy Lawless from Xena and BSG would make a fantastic older Doctor. She could use her Pom accent.
Beth Meacham
20. bam
I always wanted to see Diana Rigg as the Doctor. But I think that time has passed.
AmyBeth Inverness
21. Sibling
While I have a feeling Tilda Swinton would probably grow on me like Matt Smith has, in all his geekish gawky greatness, she wouldn't have been my first choice.

Helen Mirren, definitely high on my list.

Although she's an Aussie, not a Brit, I'd've liked to see Cate Blanchett on this list.

The other woman who I think could make a fabulously funny & quirky Twelve is Miranda Richardson. (Been a fan ever since I first heard her ask "Who's Queen?" in Blackadder)
Noneo Yourbusiness
22. Longtimefan
Watch the movie Orlando, then you will know why it can only be Tilda Swinton. Now if Helen Mirren was the companion...

Generally I am not in favor of a female regeneration since there are female Gallifreyans. Maybe Tilda Swinton can appear as a regenerated Romana from E space.

or Helen Mirren could be Romana and Tilda Swinton could be the Doctor and the could travel for a few seasons trying to resolve the residuals of the time war.
AmyBeth Inverness
23. UrsulaMinor
Tilda! Oh Tilda please please be the Doctor. I would watch that all damn day.
AmyBeth Inverness
24. SR
I would vote Tilda or Helen. The others would bring a uniqueness all their own to the character, but lets face it: you throw a beautiful young woman into the title role, and you're going to end up with a lot more obnoxious love triangles than are already present in the show. Though those are interesting and often comical, they tend to take away from the sci-fi wit and the need for writers to come up with stikingly new plot material. "Ok, so, in this episode, they travel to this planet, and...The Doctor is still oblivious to her affections..." *cough* boring.
Grace McDermott
25. Stormy
Tilda is definitely my first choice - she's amazing in every role, and as you say, she could do anything - very alien or very human, or shifting between the two as the situation calls for it.
Joe Vondracek
26. joev
@Sibling: Although she's an Aussie, not a Brit, I'd've liked to see Cate Blanchett on this list.

Another Aussie: Toni Collette, who might be available now that the United States of Tara is over.
Steve Taylor
27. teapot7
Aaargh! I'm torn! The thought of Tilda Swinton as Dr. Who is too perfect for words, but I've been wishing for an older Doctor for ages, so that means Helen Mirren (or Judy Dench?)

Umm, both?
AmyBeth Inverness
28. cappio
I've been saying Tilda since Ten. Glad to see I'm just ahead of my time and not crazy. Well, about this issue at least.
AmyBeth Inverness
29. Evie
Oh, Tilda. "Squeeeee" doesn't begin to cover it...
Gilmoure Gylbard
30. Gilmoure
Johnny Depp?

If Tilda can do Orlando, surely Depp can handle female doctor role

But for serious; Tilda as Next Doctor and Helen M. As Christmas special Doctor?

And why no Julia Swahlia or Helena Bonham Carter? Or are they in line for companionship?
Wired Wizard
31. Wiredwizard
It's a coin toss for me: Watson or Mirren. I think Swinton as the Doctor might put me off the show completely. (The woman gives me a serious case of the heebies...)
will shetterly
32. willshetterly
Whoopi Goldberg said decades ago that she'd like the part. There've been Doctors who looked older than she does now.
will shetterly
33. willshetterly
Though if I was in charge of casting, my first offer would go to Michelle Yeoh.
AmyBeth Inverness
34. XL
We haven't seen much of Lara Pulver? I got the impression that we'd seen most of her in Sherlock. :)

It's actually Sherlock Holmes's fault that I sincerely believe at least the next two incarnations will continue the male tradition. With Lucy Liu as Watson in the US iteration, bending the Time Lord's gender would appear to the masses more as a show that borrowed the idea rather than the one that was the origin.I

I think Tilda's a great actress, but there's at least 2 reasons she won't be the Doctor, ever. 1) She's said in interviews that she hates acting, and the Who producers would not want to give the part to someone that isn't wholly enthused at the prospect (and who would openly express that enthusiasm across all interviews), and 2) Tilda's personal life is such that parents with conservative social mores would balk at letting their children see her as someone to look up to.
AmyBeth Inverness
35. Enkill_Eridos
@Longtimefan But since River gave him all her regenerations I would assume that the doctor would have the power to regenerate as a female. Also it seemed River had better control over her regenerations with the line "I am concentrating on my bust size." During her last regeneration.

I would like to see Helen as the next doctor, but I think Matt Smith should have a little more time as the doctor. I have just grown to love him as the doctor.

Tilda would be a good runner up if Helen couldn't do it (or as the thirteenth doctor.)

I would have picked Emma Watson as "Susan" the doctors "granddaughter" that was also the Doctor's first companion. I think it would be interesting to see where she takes the role. She would be a good doctor, but I think she would be an even better Susan. Who is still a Time Lord, but we are unsure of her true origins. I would really like to see how Moffit would rewrite her into the series.
AmyBeth Inverness
36. Andrew Burk
My 11 year old daughter decided, last fall (for Halloween) that the 12th Doctor would be a woman. Her doctor loves Cake's song "Short Skirt, Long Jacket", and dresses accordingly. She also likes ascots, and has a 1920s fedora, plus black motorcycle boots. Her sonic screwdriver is a hybrid of the 10th and 11th Doctors' screwdrivers that she cobbled together herself, since the TARDIS was mad at her and refused to make one for her.

While trick-or-treating, it was almost invariably girls who recognized her, saying to nearby boys things like "No, stupid, she's not Sherlock, she's THE DOCTOR!"
AmyBeth Inverness
37. missallen
Tilda. TILDA. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MOFFAT, GET YER HEAD OUTYER ARSE AND GET TILDA! (and a hunky boy to be the companion this time!)
AmyBeth Inverness
38. Cafreen
Tilda as the Doctor? Why not her as the Master? She could play either character marvelously, but I would be intrigued to see her play an evil/ impish role... And the clothes to go with it!
AmyBeth Inverness
39. Prospero
Claudia Black would be a good Doctor. She already has tons of geek cred from Farscape and Stargate SG-1, not to mention all that experience dealing with green screen. But DEFINITELY Tilda as the Master.
Gary Schmidt
40. grs1961
As has already been pointed out, Joanna Lumley has already played the Doctor, in "The Curse of Fatal Death."

Dalek power bumps and all!

Sad that a supposed SF site can't do basic research - or is it just another case of not being aware of the real^Wwider world?
Ryan Britt
41. ryancbritt
We are totally aware of Joanna Lumley. We just figured it didn't count in canon, and were thinking of people we'd put in the running for the actual 12th Doctor, were the character to be played by a woman.
AmyBeth Inverness
42. Novashannon
Helen Mirren would be ure genius! Watson would be interesting, too.
AmyBeth Inverness
43. Ceropegius
I have only been reading the comments so I could add Claudia Black and I find somebody already has. She has shown she can do several varieties of crazy alien and rocked a scarf in the Dresden Files.

Perhaps Tilda could do the First Doctor in a multiDoctor episode?
44. Maac
Ohhhhh, I was all over the Tilda train until someone mentioned Ruth Wilson. Ruth Wilson could give me the underlying sense of offness and terror (he LOVES humanity! But he does *not* quite get us) that I want to feel from my Doctor, but she can also do sweet and warm and possibly clueless. Now I cannot DECIDE. I am so TORN.

Michelle Dockery for my second runner-up either way -- I loved her Susan Sto Hellit and would like to see her have more of a chance to stretch with that sort of thing.
AmyBeth Inverness
45. marnieluna08
NO NO NO NO a female Doctor is wrong on all levels , I don't care if a really good actress played the Doctor it's fucking wrong there has been 11 male Doctors no female it is tradition you shouldn't break a tradition such as this that is nearing its 50th anniversry !
AmyBeth Inverness
46. sharaax3
While having a female Doctor would be a very interesting plot twist and idea, it's just plain wrong. If you're born a male, live as a male, think and talk and fall in love as a male, for over 900 years, and suddenly you regenerate into a female.... that would scar anybody, even a timelord. Also, the concept of a male Doctor and female companion has been long used over the course of 50 years, why change it? Also, not to mention, he's married to River Song...and he regenerates into a she? I'm sorry, but that seems a bit odd to me.

It would be very interesting to have a female Doctor, but a great deal of Doctor Who is his past and present and even future (in River's case) relationships, and the sometimes more than friend relationship's with his companions (Rose); changing his gender would cause more complications than interesting plot twists.

As well as, his personality is completely male; always has been, always will be. Or, should be. It just wouldn't feel the same with a girl, and quite honestly, I'd be very upset if Steven Moffat decided to place a girl as the Doctor.... I'm hoping he rethinks it more before doing it, because it doesn't seem to me that it would be a very good change to bring in. I'm fine with a regeneration, but not if a change in gender is involved.
AmyBeth Inverness
47. Cia
Lara Pulver stunning in Sherlock??? I hated her in that show- a very one-dimensional Irene Adler, lacking a soul. I really am confused as to why there is a fuss over this actress. She isn't that good, at least for what I've seen. Taking your clothes off doesn't make you a good actress, and only being cold and calculating came across as an inability to create a real character. She was so disagreeable an Irene I almost turned off the the television. On the dvd, I skip over the scenes she is in. Not in the same league as the other actresses mention. See Tilda Swinton do evil in Narnia, and you'll see what I mean.
AmyBeth Inverness
48. RemD
I too, have been hooked on the idea of a female Dr. Who since David Tennant left the programme and why not? There have been 11 male Dr. Whos so far, so a female doctor is well overdue. It is 2012 after all and would revitalise the series that in some ways has grown a little predictable.

I hadn't considered Tilda Swinton or Helen Mirren, but either one would be very good choices. Tilda really does have such an exotic (alien) look!
AmyBeth Inverness
The Doctor has consistently been played as a male actor for a very good reason in the fact that the development of this character is based purely on his ability to defeat terrifying foes whilst maintaining charismatic enthusiasm throughout regeneration. Changing the doctor to a female is absurd and would break the consistenty and fifty years of solid foundation and history that the show has established.
AmyBeth Inverness
50. Jerry1962
My pick is Alice Krieg Spooky alien looking .Take a look at her as the Borg Queen in Star Trek First Contact.
AmyBeth Inverness
51. Jerry1962
Sorry that's Alice Krige oh all you haters on the idea of a Fem Doc lighten up its not going to happen. But you know it could be made to work.
AmyBeth Inverness
52. Nat(haniel)
Okay, is it my imagination, or is the Doctor a guy? I believe it's only his hair colour, eye colour, and face details that change, not his gender. If we want something never done before, let's have a black Doctor!
AmyBeth Inverness
53. james122
no no no - it's going to be Julian Richings. I saw it on youtube
AmyBeth Inverness
54. Kpd17
It would be cool to have a woman play the doctor but rember the doctor married river song/melody pond so how would that work out? And our of the list it would have to be Michelle Dockery or Lara Pulver
AmyBeth Inverness
55. Steve Wilkins
Helen Mirran is an interesting choice, but if you are going down the older Time Lady route, then it has to be Judi Dench for me. She can do "I don't take no shit" really well, as we've seen in the Bond films, but is also very adept at comedy. Imagine her and Derek Jacobi's Master squaring off against each other, in some alternate Universe. That would be an acting Masterclass!
AmyBeth Inverness
56. Wyvern
I think you'll want to take a look at this site; you may find some of the wording rather familiar:
AmyBeth Inverness
57. Wyvern
Update: Mere minutes after I posted a comment to the webpage mentioned above, it disappeared from the internet. Obviously some moderator was on the ball -- whether they were as outraged by the apparent plagiarism as I, or simply trying to sweep it under the rug, I couldn't say. Since you won't be able to see the page for yourself unless it comes back, here's what I posted there:

Stubby wrote: "Quirky, intelligent, selfish, and a little impulsive, a Kate Winslet version of the Doctor would have the energy of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors with the sass and wit of the Fourth."

dartmoor wrote: "Bringing a quirky, selfish, intelligent and impulsive character to the role, her energy, sass and wit..."

Stubby wrote: "Leaping about and being adventurous is certainly something Helen Mirren could do..."

dartmoor wrote: "Jumping around and being a daredevil is certainly something Helen Mirren could do..."

Stubby wrote: "Plus, Tilda’s fashion sense is out of control, meaning whatever she brought to the Doctor’s costume would be like nothing we’ve seen before."

dartmoor wrote: "Tilda’s fashion sense is so out there and original, that whatever she decided to bring to the Doctor’s costume, it’s guaranteed to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before."

Plagiarize much?
AmyBeth Inverness
58. Team Mobbly
In reply to your comments above

Yes we pulled it as we take plagiarism very seriously, and are investigating the issue. This is an article we paid one of our freelance writers for so will await his response.

Sweeping it under the proverbial rug is not a route we take and I sent you a mail thanking you for your comments

Team Mobbly
Bridget McGovern
59. BMcGovern
@Wyvern--thanks so much for bringing this to our attention; it's very much appreciated!

And @Team Mobbly, thank you for dealing with this matter accordingly.
AmyBeth Inverness
60. Simoneita
I'm Italian and I love the Doctor Who series.
I think that the best Doctor will be always Matt Smith.
I presume that the next Doctor will be Rupert Grint.
Sorry for my English language.
He is the perfect choice if you think that the 10th Doctor wished to be read-headed.
However, I think he is a better actor than Daniel Ratcliffe (and Emma Watson) and if the producers of the show wanna draw the attention of younger female (or male) people.
Another choice for the next Doctor is Hugh Laurie.
Always, if he wanna change the thing that the people watch him as Doctor House.
AmyBeth Inverness
61. Mr. Pond
I think Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine would be an awesome doctor (:
AmyBeth Inverness
63. Chrisfs
Sue Perkins has the style and personality to be a wonderful Doctor.
AmyBeth Inverness
64. Dannika
They really, really need to shake up this show after the 50th anniversary, and I think a female Doctor would be a great way to do that. I never thought of Lara Pulver or Michelle Dockery in the role, but now that you've said it I'm completely in love with the idea.

That said, my personal favourite pick for a female Doctor? Helena Bonham Carter. :-) She'd be fabulous as the Doctor, she's got that eccentricity down pat and I think she'd be able to play the oh-my-goodness-I'm-a-girl thing really well. Also, her and Alex Kingston on screen? Between their personalities, their smart remarks, and their hair, the two of them together would be the best thing that ever happened to the show.
Zorila Desufnoc Eht
65. AlirozTheConfused
Ugh, no, Helena Bonham Carter is so ugly. I don't see what you mammals see in her.

Tailless bipeds just look wrong; either have a tail or have more than two legs.

Besides, Meryl Streep is a much better actress, who could play just about any character.

Emma Watson would make a great doctor, and I would like to see a more scholarly, bookish, but still brave and cheerful doctor. Helen Mirren would be perfect, and we really need an older doctress.

But Tilda would be so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so great as the character.
AmyBeth Inverness
66. Sidders
The late Margaret Rutherford would have been a great Dr Who, so would Joyce Grenfell. Imagine putting Daleks in their place with a hockey stick.

Modern day, how about Sandy Toksvig.?
AmyBeth Inverness
68. Rob Howard
Tilda could be interesting. And Lara could be intersting too.

All I can say though...no lesbians. It would be cliche beyond belief.
AmyBeth Inverness
69. Wiredwizard
My top 4 choices:

4) Amanda Tapping
3) Emma Watson
2)Helen Mirren
1)Gillian Anderson
AmyBeth Inverness
70. JelleGoubert
Helen Mirren or Tilda Swanston would be a good choice. Or as mentiond above, Claudia Black :)

Another nice option would be Judi Dench, in my opinion. She would give a stately manner to the character, although she hasn't been that mobile (she doesn't run around that much) in her latest roles.
Cheryl charette
71. Cheryl
Actually, on the subject of a female Doctor Who, I seem to recall an episode a while back where the Doctor landed on a planet that had resorted to cloning its dying military force in order to keep fighting. If I recall correctly, the doctor was put in the machine and a female version of him was created. At the end of the show it appeared the young female had died, but in the last seconds of that episode was the comment "yes, two hearts" and it was implied the female doctor had survived. I have been hoping and waiting for at least an offshoot series around this character, but maybe it will be incorporated into the new Doctor Who.
AmyBeth Inverness
72. Torsional Metric
I have to say, I object to the tone of the assertion that Tilda Swinton looks like an alien; too harsh.

That aside, all of these actresses would be MARVELOUS. I have to say Mirren, Swinton or Watson are my favorites.
AmyBeth Inverness
73. bigbluemug
Love the idea of Tilda Swinton. Another who is quirky, though not British, is Geena Davis.
AmyBeth Inverness
74. HenryVIII
Sharon Small would be great.
Bruce Arthurs
75. bruce-arthurs
I have been impressed by Tatiana Maslany's multi-character work on BBC America's ORPHAN BLACK. She's committed to doing the second season for that show, but I still think she'd make a good Doctor.

If you wanted to go with an American actress: Holly Hunter?
AmyBeth Inverness
76. Sienna
I just came here to say that Emma Thompson would make an AMAZING doctor, if there were to be a female doctor.
AmyBeth Inverness
77. Stephen Mortimer
Either Sue Perkins or Tamsin Greig would be excellent Doctors.
AmyBeth Inverness
78. RedManTardisFan
I want to see Emma Watson as the doctor I don't care if it is the twelfth or the twentieth (cause let's be honest this show will not stop being made). As long as she is the doctor at some point I will be happy

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