Mar 27 2012 1:00pm

This Art Proves a Game of Thrones Illustrated Manuscript Would Be Gorgeous

Game of Thrones as an illustrated manuscript by Bill Mudron

Need a gorgeous, if complicated, representation of what happened A Game of Thrones’ first season? Artist and cartoonist Bill Mudron has put together the awesome above image of the story of Game of Thrones as depicted in the style of illustrated manuscripts like the Book of Kells.

Check out Mudron’s site for more unbounded nerd art, including official maps of Hyrule commissioned by Nintendo, art depicting Firefly, Batman, and a lot more.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Tor.com and is definitely depicted somewhere in the Book of Kells, but won’t tell you where.

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Is "illuminated" the term you're looking for
Anthony Pero
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