Mar 27 2012 10:00am

Read a Free Excerpt from John Scalzi’s Redshirts

Redshirts by John ScalziUpdate: Chapters 3 and 4 added!

What happens when all the expendable ensigns on the exploring starship start comparing notes?

You get the story contained in Redshirts, the new forthcoming book from the award-winning John Scalzi, out from Tor Books on June 5th. Registered Tor.com users can start reading the Prologue through Chapter Four right here, right now. Sorry, you must be a registered user to read, but don’t worry, registration is free and painless and gets you access to more fun science fiction/fantasy related things like this marvelous excerpt.

[Read Redshirts]

Emily Lind
1. Malana
Oh, Tor. Why do you keep taunting me with a book I cannot read for another three months?
Leoni Mullett
4. LeoniMullett
I registered, I even created a password, and still Im being asked for a username and password that doesn't work. Sigh.
Erin Hoffman
6. ErinHoffman
The "" link for me creates that problem above (points to a redshirts folder on tor.com that is restricted access), but if you click on the "the Prologue through Chapter Four" link further up in the paragraph, it goes to the right place ( http://www.tor.com/stories/2012/03/redshirts-prologue-chapter-1-a-2-excerpt ).

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