Mar 28 2012 4:23pm

George R. R. Martin Reveals New Winds of Winter Chapter

During an interview at TIFF this past week, George R. R. Martin revealed a partial chapter from The Winds of Winter, the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

The chapter is centered around Victarion, which the author begins reading at the 30:50 mark in the above video. This chapter follows one he previously revealed in December 2011, centering on another Iron Islander, which you can still read here. While not necessarily a never-before-revealed chapter since GRRM often reads from his works-in-progress, the interview does provide a wonderfully clear recording of it.

Naturally, spoilers for the entire published series abound.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and would love for GRRM to write a passage describing it as it sails through the stars....

tatiana deCarillion
1. decarillion
But did we get a release date yet? :) We need to start a pool for that...
3. Hodor
^ that's just mean.
David Betz
4. RDBetz
^But unfortunately quite possible. Note also that Stubby is careful to say, "the next book" not, "the last book".
Joel Cunningham
5. jec81
Book 6 was never supposed to be the last book.
6. Rancho Unicorno
I have a feeling that we are in for five more books. Winds of Winter split into two books and Dream of Spring split into three.
James Whitehead
7. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
I can see the series being finished in three books, honestly. Martin's done so much world building that it will be hard to finish any sooner than that.

Anything short of two books, at best, may make the series end feel rushed and unsatisfying to many readers.


PS - @2Hodor, but it is funny. ;-)

PPS - @6Rancho Unicorno, is he trying to top Jordan, then? ;-)
10. the nigerian
OMG,George! FINISH THE SERIES ALREADY! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!!!
11. daveg
Well i'm hoping that the following books will come abit sooner than previous ones. If anything pushes them it might be the HBO series.
The TV show will overtake the books, if he stays with his regular production time.
13. Mister Targaryen
Daveg, how would the TV show be able to overtake the books? :S They're his.
14. qwerty1
Can't wait! It's gonna be awesome!
15. cameronk
Mister Targaryen - the show runners have been informed of what he intends for the last two books, so if the show surpasses the progress of the novels, there will be similar occurrences, but it may not end up being 100% true to the books, with the writers for HBO taking their own artistic license from what they've already been informed by GRRM.
16. Colynnmo
I like how he stated that the characters are all likable, yes but THEY ALL DIE, sooner or later your favorite gets it with the pointy end.
I can't wait for book 6, but 2015, I was told Sept. 2012 now its 2015.
However a prequel would be fantastic, lets see what happens to Jon Snow first okay George.
17. St.Rukos
The Winter King... we have already jumped beyond the books...

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