Mar 13 2012 2:03pm

A Very Personal Reflection on The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games comic by Faith Erin Hicks

The forthcoming film version of The Hunger Games has produced a lot of excitement, but its suprising density for a young adult trilogy has also produced a lot of reflection. In Faith Erin Hicks’s case, this reflection is very, very personal. (Contains spoilers for the end of the series.)

Faith Erin Hicks is the author and illustrator of a number of webcomics, including Demonology 101 and Zombies Calling. Her comic Friends With Boys is now available as a graphic novel from First Second.

Be sure to check out her other comics on Tor.com, as well, including her fantastic tribute on A Wrinkle in Time (“Punch of love!”) and Aliens.


The Hunger Games comic by Faith Erin Hicks

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SGT Eric Mazzone
1. SGT Eric Mazzone
This is the same why is felt about the books. As a combat vet I see the exact issues with our returning vets. Haymitch is a classic example of PTSD.

I believe that these books should be required reading in high school and for everyone who has to deal with vets. It gives a great view into what we dealt with and must cope with upon returning home.

I don't care that people want to claim this is stealing from previous novels, they MUST read and understand this version to understand us.

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