Mar 15 2012 6:00pm

A Memory of Light Ebook Release Date Confirmed

A Memory of Light Ebook Release Date ConfirmedTor Books has announced that the ebook edition of A Memory of Light, the exciting conclusion to one of the most epic fantasy series in existence, will be available for e-reader devices on April 9, 2013. The initial book release is scheduled for January 8, 2013. is celebrating The Wheel of Time all throughout 2012 — appropriately, the Year of the Dragon — in anticipation of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s final volume: A Memory of Light. You can check out original articles, exclusive wallpapers, recollections from Brandon, and more on our index page for A Memory of Light.

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1. Paytonius
Wow three months for an ebook release after the hardcover comes out. Try not to grub too hard for money guys.
2. calebflan
I'm well aware of all the supposed controversy about ebook releases vs. hardcover releases, but the release date gaps for the Wheel of Time books has always been incredibly disappointing to me.

Thankfully I have a full collection of hardcovers I need to complete, but my point still stands that there isn't really much reason to delay the ebook so long after the harcover release. It feels like greed on someone's part to me.
Adam Miller
3. AdamM
The biggest downside to this is they'll actually lose a sale from me.

I was buying the hardcover either way, but didn't want to carry it around, and was going to buy the ebook to read. Now, with the delay, I won't need the ebook.
TW Grace
5. TWGrace
I thought the Agency Model was supposed to stop the windowing?
6. L. Lawson
From a marketing side, this makes sense, especially as ebooks will replace MMPBs eventually. HCs and MMPBs don't come out at the same time anyway. More publishers will do what TOR is doing (perhaps they already do, and I don't know).

However, as I loathed WoT and never continued reading the series, I'm not chuffed at this news.
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
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Anthony Pero
8. anthonypero
I think Tor releases some books simultaneously, but there was no chance they were going to do that for AMoL, or any other book that will make the NY Times best seller list. As far as I know, NYT still doesn't count eBook sales on its list. Or they have a separate list. From a marketing standpoint, Tor needs every sale to go towards the hardcover, so it will launch at #1.
9. Craig Meyer
Sucks but what I expected. I've only read WoT on ebook and don't intend to buy a paper book now. So I have to wait another year! The worst part is having to cut myself off from the whole community while I'm waiting for Harriet's clock to run out. Nice respect for your readers.
Anthony Pero
10. anthonypero
April is 4 months. Not a year. But I do sympathize.
Roger Powell
11. forkroot
Funny how one's perspective can change. A year ago, I wouldn't have paid much attention to the spread. Now I understand why eBook readers are annoyed.

I bought a Nook last summer, to cut down the amount of books I hauled on vacation.

Although I own all the WoT in physical books and plan to purchase the hardcover, I have converted to eBooks for new series, such as Patrick Rothfuss' wonderful Kingkiller Chronicles. I know that when the third book in that series comes out, I will want to buy it right away and would not have any problem with paying the same price as the hardcover (or at least the discounted hardcover price.)

So I guess I'm like anthonypero - sympathetic to those who would prefer the eBook at the same time as the hardcover.
12. Craig Meyer
Anthonypero, April 2013 is a year from now but I understand the confusion between us.
Anthony Pero
13. anthonypero
@Craig Meyer:

Gotcha... I was going from the HC release date. It is an EXTRA four months, but yes, I see your point now, it is a year wait from now until the eBook comes out.

Here's what I do for books I know I'm going to buy first printings of. I realize this will not make me any friends within Tor's employees, but this is how I am able to read books, since my library hasn't purchased a new fiction book in 2 years. I just got notified that they finally purchased ToM 2 months ago. Hopefully this will help out someone who really really doesn't want to pay for both HC and eBook. Please note I will NOT be doing this for AMoL, since I own the other 13 hardcovers.

I buy the book for something like $15 shipped on Amazon. I'm an Amazon Prime member. As soon as it arrives, I photograph it and list it on eBay with a $.99 starting price and $3.50 shipping (For A Dance With Dragons I had to charge more. Big book!) on a 7 day listing. I read the book. I pack it back in its Amazon shipping container. Someone wins the bid and I ship it to them. I have yet to have the winning bid be less than $10 (Plus shipping). For A Dance With Dragons, I actually paid less than what the winning bidder did. Go figure. I leave the money in my PayPal account, and if I really liked the book, and know I will read it again, I buy the eBook when it comes out. It works basically like paying a small rental fee on the hardcover. So I'm paying a small premium to read the book right away (which is only fair), rather than waiting on the eBook.

This might work for you Craig.
14. Mike G.
Greedy move.

I expected Tor (well, Macmillan, I suppose) to have learned from how annoyed everyone was when they did this for the last few books.

You'd have gotten pre-orders for both the e-book and hardcover from me in a simultaneous release, for the same reason others mentioned: I have a set of hardcovers to complete, but don't want to carry it around.

With this dumb move, I *might* buy the e-book sometime around June - I want to make sure I don't help the sales rank, so I'll just be patient. The hardcover can wait until 2014 when I can pick it up from a remainder bin, if I bother...
Jay Dauro
15. J.Dauro
Anthony. It is a 3 month wait, not 4. Yes I would prefer them together, but I will buy both anyway.
17. Maelin
Sigh. When will industries stop this knee-jerk fear reaction to new technologies and actually embrace them?

Some bored guy is going to scan the whole thing page by page on the first weekend anyway. Now you have just given everyone more of an incentive to pirate the ebook instead of buying it.

If this is how TOR wants to treat its readers, I'm not feeling particularly inclined to do things their way.
Dale Norman
18. dokipen
Bloody ridiculous. As has already been said, I'd have happily (and gratefully) bought the hardback and eBook the same day (one in the house, one to carry around) but that's just not going to happen now.

I assume the audio book will be released the same time as the hard back and will immediately be available via torrent sites making the reason for delaying the eBook completely redundant?
James Whitehead
19. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Not too worried about this myself. Mostly since I do not own an e-book reader of any kind - small, somehwat expensive electronic devices, aren't in the budget of a family of five with small children. :-(

Also, while we have to wait a little longer for the final book, and then a little longer than that for the e-book version, at least we're getting it.

22. Taedirk
I'm sorry that someone is so scared of technology that you don't want my money.
23. Baberaham Lincoln
Ohh well, buy the hardcover and pirate the ebook. I'm only buying one copy either way. Just a shot in the eye to not be able to read it on my preferred format to begin with. I would have pre-oredered it for an ebook version, sure as hell not now. Truthfully, there's enough out there that maybe I'll wait for the prices to come down in general at this point.
Charles McGhee
24. ManshimaAlantin
@ 19 Kato

Check out Mobireader or Kindle for the PC. There are many eBook readers for the home computer, and since I store all my books on my home network, I can read them on any device I connect to it.

Once you have a reader, you can get free books at and (free library section).
25. MrFixitx
Three months seems very execessive and punishing to readers who buy ebooks.

I can understand (still not happy with) a 2 week delay between hardback and an ebook version. But lets face it when this comes out on Amazon it will be $14.99 minimum and most likely it closer to $20.99 since it will be nearly 2,000 pages by all reports. Its not like 3 months after the hardback is out the ebook version will come out at $9.99.
Roy McCarty
26. kloud213
I just want to put my two cents in. I don't really care if the pricing is the same for hardcovers and digital formats. But I bought a kindle because carrying massive tombs like SFF books is a pain in the ass. So please release hardcovers and ebooks on the same day.
27. syphon
I am incredibly disapointed by this and can't even reason the logic behind it. This is a pretty terrible move by Tor, and frankly I feel betrayed by them. I haven't bought a physical book since buying my Kindle last year. I would have happily paid full hardback price for this on Kindle, but I find myself forced onto an arbitrary wait.

Instead of buying the book on its release day (like I originally planned), I will probably just pirate it. If ever a company's actions have encouraged me to pirate their product, this is it.
Anthony Pero
28. anthonypero

Please see my comment @8. I obviously don't speak for Tor, but I would imagine that this is their reasoning.
29. Lydi
What about the audio version? I always buy the HC version of the WoT books (I have them all at this point) But I don't have time to sit and read any more and generally only get to audio books any more.
I was hoping to see the book for the Holidays this year, waiting even longer - I'm just disappointed by the whole thing but I'm not suprised at all. Considering how long ago the first book came out - we are just lucky to see the blasted thing at all.
30. RWG
Greed perhaps but most likely we still have a publisher that isn't fully on board with e-books. I have the series in hard cover and will complete it. However, as mentioned by others, I won't buy the e-book now as I will have already read it. In contrast, if they released both the same date, I would get both just to finish the collection and so I wouldn't have to cary the book around. Sighhhh.....
James Whitehead
31. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
@24ManshimaAlantin, thanks for the info. I will have to look into that, if not for me then definitely for my children. I'm OK with my dusty old books but my kids are far more technologically advanced (and hip) than I am.

Jonathan Duhrkoop
32. JDuhrkoop
I am one of those who buys only e-books now. If Tor is doing this to make more money, I think it is a mistake. Although people may still buy the hardcover and the e-book, the fans will be annoyed at the runaround.

I have pre-ordered every previous Wheel of Time book since I started reading the series, but not this one. I encourage everyone who disagrees with this policy to cancel their pre-orders. You will still be able to buy the book, but it may send a message.

Additionally, I will try to use my local library's ebook lending service to get Tor books from now on, rather than buy them. Scanning ahead the next few months, it looks like that is seven books I would certainly have bought, and a few more possible ones. Guess I'll use that money on a publisher who is interested in my business.

That will not be as easy to do, but it's what I will be recommending to my friends who have e-readers and were upset about the last time the e-book release was delayed.
33. JillA
This is extremely frustrating. I was going to buy both, one so I could have it in the same format as all my other books, the other because it's so much easier to read and carry. I don't do that often, but this series was worth it to me. Now I won't. Let me add my voice to the many on the internet who have already explained this, even though it's obviously not sinking in: if you don't make it available to buy, someone else will and they'll make it available for free. Why can't corporations understand this?
35. Mark W
When this was done with a Gathering Storm (wider spread, I know), there were BEAUTIFUL EPUB versions widely available online within 2 weeks of the hardcover release. Anyone who really wants an e-reader copy and is unable to find satisfaction from the publisher can certainly get a very professionally composed one for $0. I'm not saying this is my plan, but it seems very foolish on the part of Tor even in view of the issues with ebooks and Best Sellers lists (do these really influence sales much anymore anyway?)
36. taxilian
Yeah; this is ridiculous. This just means that readers who want to read using an e-reader will have to pirate it and they'll probably lose sales.

Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. Can't claim you're saving money either because when ebooks come out with the hardcovers they are still the higher price.
37. Cynthia103
Really disappointed with this. I was planning to buy both the hardback on its release date to complete my collection and the e-book so that my husband and I don't fight over who gets to read it first. There is no reason for me to buy the e-book at this later release date. Does just seem like money-grubbing from my perspective. :-(
39. Baub
Wow, do they think fans will sit still when the first scanned copies pop up on TPB?

Why wouldn't they hit all parts of the market, unless they are scared that the ebook version will cut into hardcover sales?

Well, instead of ebook $ versus hardcover $$, the choice then becomes hardcover $$ versus pirated -0-. Very shortsighted.
Hugh Arai
41. HArai
taxilian@36: You may not have noticed but lots and lots of people whinge when ebooks come out at the hardcover price. Basically there is a highly vocal minority that simply complains anytime a discounted ebook release is not simultaneous with hardcover release. But unless and until ebook sales outweigh hardcover sales that's just not going to happen for books like AMoL however entitled some may feel. I'm a little curious where all these ranters have been all the years paperbacks have come out later than hardcovers. Correlation of digital media with expectation of instant gratification I guess?

For the record I'll be buying both hardcover and Kindle as well.

@39: Yes, they probably do think most fans are not in the habit of ripping off authors if their preferred format isn't released "fast enough".
42. SGTalon
This really is a bad plan. Reminds me of the problems the music and movie industry is facing or worse the Newspaper Industry. Instead of embracing the digital age they are being dragged there.

Paper media is getting harder to justify. Tor should be on the leading edge of the digital media revolution and coming up with new ways to use it rather than punishing the people that have already gone there.

As this stands, i will be getting mine from the library instead of buying the e-book on day 1.
Corneliu Dascalu
44. corneliu9d
HArai@41: Hardcover vs paperback is way different than hardcover vs ebook. Personally, I'm simply not buying the hardcover or paperback, not because of the price, but because I want only the ebook. And that's the point a large part of those who "whine" are trying to make. Releasing the hardcover 3 months before the ebook seems like trying to force me to buy it, and I won't. I'm not losing anything by waiting until the ebook is released.

But at the same time I am fully aware that it wouldn't cost them anything to release the ebook on Day 1. I am fully aware that they are trying to bully me into doing what they want. And I start feeling like getting a pirated book just to say "screw you".
45. TomD
Apologies if this was posted above, but Sanderson has mentioned a few times that Harriet (Robert Jordan's widow) is against the concept of ebooks and thinks books should be paper and curled up with in a chair. Very traditional in that manner. Sanderson has been very up-front about his attempts to make sure the books are released in an ebook format in a timely manner. So I don't think it's a money grab or anything like that, just respecting a traditional older lady sticking to what's comfortable.
46. Asha'man Morodrim
Seriously. This is dumb. Like others, the draw of an ereader device is not really the price. I gladly pay just about full price for new books when they come out. It's about the convenience. Not only can I get the book as soon as it's available, it's also far easier for me to read with as well as being the perfect reading travel companion since I don't have to lug around a huge, space wasting book.

What point is doing this to get the NYT best selling moniker if you piss off your customer base to do it? I hope it backfires.
47. mire
Meh, I'll buy them both (and probably the audiobook too), but I'd have done so anyway. I like owning the hardcover, but I want to actually read it on my iPad. Seems silly. If anything they should be bundling the ebook with the physical copy, not putting up arbitrary barriers.
Simon Dick
48. simond
Wonderful, just what I expected :(

On the other hand if I treat the HB launch date as a time to start on book 1 again...
Jonathan Duhrkoop
49. JDuhrkoop
TomD@45: One person's likes or dislikes are not relevant. Disrespecting a large portion of your readers because you have an preference for one format of books is a bad decision.

Again, I'd recommend that people cancel pre-orders and stop buying ebooks from Tor while they push this anti-ebook policy. There are lots of publishers that are want to sell us ebooks. Tor doesn't.
Thomas DeStasio
50. ThinkerT
JDuhrkoop@49: when that person controls the rights to the intellectual property, their likes or dislikes are darn sure relevant.
51. ereadchick
Well, this isn't really what I expected. I certainly won't pirate the book, but they've just lost out on an extra e-book customer as I was planning to buy the hardcover when it came out as well as a copy for my Kindle. Books are just plain ol' clunky anymore. =P

I have a habit of rereading the entire series whenever one of the new books comes out, so I have had to buy the rest of them for the Kindle if I didn't want to lug my hardcover around. As there are no more books coming out, I won't need to buy this one to read again later. To make us wait for three months after release to be able to do the same with AMoL is just icky. Shame, Tor. Shame. :(
52. Brick
@8... NYT BestSellers List the first item on the page is Combined Print & E-Book Fiction: Maybe you're talking about a more official printed list that I'm unaware of?

I'd love to hear Tor's reasoning if it isn't greed. I feel this delay is a poor choice as they're giving people a justification to pirate the eBook version and punish the publisher by not ever buying the Hardcover.
53. WordTipping
@52 The list is the combined PRINT and ebook, i.e. mass market, trade, hardcover and ebook. The critical piece is the Hardcover list which doesn't include ebook sales. When something "debuts" as NYT#1 they are looking at that list. The ebook list is hardly exhaustive either as it excludes a good number of self-published authors that are not part of the traditional system. So take it witha grain of salt.

Maximizing hardcover sales is not just a benefit to Tor, it is a benefit to the entire supply chain from materials to distributors to brick and mortar. Providing an ebook at release even at the same price will impact that entire supply chain negatively. Windowing your book releases helps your business partners not to mention future negotiations.

That said, I think creating an artificial barrier for consumers to protect an outdated business model is futile. It is causing Tor to loose sales and customer respect at a time they need to be boosting both.
Jennifer B
54. JennB
I would have bought both if they were released on the same date. I will buy the hardcover to complete my collection, but I prefer to read on my Kindle. Since I will have already read the book by the time of the ebook release, I have no reason to buy it. I have reread the series a few times, but only to refresh my memory after long gaps between books in preparation for a new book being released. This is the last book so I probably won't be reading it again for a very long time.

Kind of a bummer, because I really prefer reading my light weight e-reader to a giant wrist breaking hardcover.
55. ZekeT
I would be very curious to see stats on piracy rates for similarly hyped books:

Piracy vs. sales if the e-book is released 3 months later;
Piracy vs. sales if the e-book is released same-day.

I don't steal books, but my guess is that the piracy rate is much higher with a delayed release. This doesn't make much business sense to me!

In any case... looks like I have 3 extra months to reread the series - I don't buy DTBs anymore.
57. Shingetsu
Up until a few months ago I wouldn't have cared about the e-book. Finally bought a new Nook STR. I was going to buy the e-book and hardcover at the same time. I have lots of series I plan to still finish in hardcover or paperback, but now I am getting them in e-book form as well.

I find the delaying of the e-book to be a pretty stupid thing to do to fans. Now I will just be reading the hardcover on release day and not bothering with the e-book. I suppose more money for me, less for Tor.
59. Sebulr
I am very disappointed with the attitude of the publishers. I have read ebooks and audiobooks almost excluslively for the last ten years, and have read the wheel of time since the first book came out. I have moved away from books in general because I can only have so many book shelves. I'm sure many people feel the same way.

Please change your mind on the ebook release date, annoying your fans is not a good way to do business, we actually do want to pay you.
61. stu11926
Harriet is correct in that a book is great for curling up in bed...if it's a paperback. That is easier said than done with a five pound tome like the WoT hardcovers have been. I much prefer my Kindle to curl up with in bed...and I don't lose my place when I fall asleep and it drops. I just can't get excited about AMoL knowing that I'm going to have to wait three months extra to read it in comfort. The series has dragged on long enough and I'm ready for it to be OVER! Bring on The Stormlight Archives!
62. AdamUndefined
Another lost sale. I'm not interested in owning physical books anymore. I'll go to my local library and borrow a copy though. I would have purchased an e-book on day one if it was released at the same time as the hard cover. Delaying the e-book release is pretty much guaranteed to increase piracy as well. There will be non-official e-books on torrent sites way before the official release date. We live in the future now, please update your business models accordingly.
64. Jamesp
At least this time they are letting us know before hand that the ebook is going to be out later. Last book they did not and many people preordered it.

I am sorry folks. I love these books and respect all the people involed but I also know how the industry is changing AND the price points for each format. There is no good resone for the delay NONE. After the last books customer service disaster I vowed to never by a book by the people involved. I did read it but I borrowed it. I also stoped buying the ebooks as they came out. This is more about the customer service aspect of how this was handled especialy for the last book for me but that does not take anything away from the pure disconect from a large part your demographic.

I easly spend 3-4k a year on books. None of that has gone or will go to Tor.
65. Tigerlily
Someone mentioned on this forum how expensive ereading devices are. So, consider using your PC. I don't read my ebooks on expensive little gadgets. My PC works very well, lovely big screen, comfy chair, mouse remotely connected to the PC so I can flick through the pages.
66. redpen
I started reading WoT in '94 when I was 13; at 31 I am still reading. I own all the HC's most first edition. I love the feel of the five pound book. I love to see them on my book shelf. I love to lend my books out. Granted, I have about a thousand books but I wouldn't give them up for anything. It's like record collecting; it's almost more about the experience than the format. To me the issue is more about the time between books rather than the format. I need this story to end. I need closure. Hopefully I can lend these books to new readers in the future. Side note: as a speed reader digital books are harder to read. I don't know why but my eyes get tired and I get a headache. I personally prefer paper.
Frank Gerlach
67. Spacecadet56
I think the price for the lowest priced kindle is somewhere in the $70-$80 range and their e-ink format is very easy on the eyes compared to the back lighting of a TV screen. I do a lot of reading in bed being a single older person and the light weight kindle is easy and comfortable to hold and read.I think convience is the main selling point of kindle for me. Finish one book in a series, and you can be reading the next volume in under 60 seconds! To me, that is just plain amazing. You can even check out books on your library card from your public library. Sure the more popular books probably have a waiting list but you can find that out with out getting in your car or leaving your house, and if your having trouble getting around like I am because of a bad back you will appreciate the kindle.The kindle "fire", you can watch movies in color in bed, that's a little more spendy, its $200.
Side note to redpen: I'm a speed reader, have been since high school not real fast,1200-1400 w0rds a minute with 85 %to 95% retention. Maybe thats not speed reading now days but it was and I find the e-ink display just as easy to read as a regular paper paged book..After all thats what it was designed to look like and thats also why its not back lighted so it would be easy on your eyes. So why your getting headaches is a mystery. You might want to get your eyes looked at, you might be straining them.
68. jasoraso
I think that TOR should have tried something new with this last book of the series: Hardback for normal retail hardback price ($20 for this big of a book?) + $5 for an ebook download code; or just the ebook for the going rate of new ebook releases ($12?).

For me, this would have convinced me to buy the dual version.
69. bryanbremnere
I clicked on the Scalzi and got the "Memory of Light" web site, Not real good web site testing before release.
70. KatS
Annoyance over the digital release date is a practicality issue for me. Like many I've had gladly bought both, but for different reasons than every person here has mentioned. My husband and I both read the series and he'll be deployed to Afghanistan when the book is set to release. Have you ever tried to send a Hard Cover book as big as ANY of the WoT books in a care package??? Or tried having shipping done internationally? It absolutely SUCKS!

For that reason we bought my husband a Kindle so he can read new books down range as they are released, and not have all of those books take up space in a very limited space situation. Now he'll have to wait until he gets home to read it instead of enjoying it during his downtime.

So while I will be buying the HC so I can read it, I won't be buying an ebook version. And I won't be buying a 2nd HC copy to ship to him as that would be the entire care package filler and cost more than I paid for the book to ship it (especially on my own.)

Thank you Tor for making such a wonderfully thought out and considerate decision. *eye roll*
71. LANMind
I'm very disappointed in the decision to wait those extra months before making the ebook available, when I've already waited years for the series to conclude. I recognize that as a business you have to make decisions that support yourselves, but frankly, I don't care about that. I don't need the tactile qualities of a physical book, and even if my lifestyle supported carrying them around I wouldn't do it. I want my books when I want them, how I want them, and anything that gets in that way of that will drive my business elsewhere.
Roger Powell
73. forkroot
You know what I would like to buy? A "premium" e-Book package, ideally released at the same time as the hardcover (and counted for sales on the NYT list.)

The premium package would include the e-Book as well as a nice colored 11x17 folded map. The one thing I don't like about reading fantasy series on my Nook is that the maps are almost unreadable.

So I would pre-order my premium package from Amazon or B&N - and then the map would be shipped to arrive on the release date. Meanwhile, at 12:00AM on the release date, I would be able to download my eBook.

Might be nice to have the cover artwork in the package with the map too.
75. Disappointed_Kev
Why not release a combined hard cover/ebook package for a slightly higher price? I'd buy that, then everyone's a winner?
Fredrik Coulter
77. fcoulter
I've just scheduled my own reread (and reaquisition) of the series. Starting September 7 (a payday), I'll be purchasing a WoT book every two weeks, and culminating with a Memory of Light on April 11.

I don't know how much longer publishers will be able to have separate print and ebook sale dates, but I can hold off a couple of months. Very few books need to be read on their release day. (The exception, of course, is for books I can preorder on my Kindle. They just show up.) After all, I haven't even read the last few books when it felt like the series was never going to end.
Fredrik Coulter
78. fcoulter
At this point, I've stopped buying dead tree books with the following three exceptions:

- Text books and study guides
- Graphic novels
- The latest book by a Guest of Honor at a convention I'm going to

Everything else is an eBook. Far more convenient, even if I have to wait for some new books.
80. Dancethespears
I don't really believe in E Books anyway. Yes, I kinda understand all the hoopla, but "Oh, they are so convenient"? The first book was released in 1990. That was 22 years ago. Will your Ereader still work in 2035? Doubt it! paper back= $7.99. Ebook= $7.99 + $200.00 for reader= $207.99+tax. I don't really see the point. Especially when it is more expensive.

When the battery runs down you have to stop reading. And don't forget that if you want to reread the book in your latter years you would probably have to buy a new ereader since the battery on yours, after constant recharging, will only last 20 minutes if you don't have it plugged into a constant source of power.

At one point I looked into buying an Ereader until I found out ebooks are generally the same price as paper books. How do you make up the cost of the device to even read the book. It's an unnecessary cost. And an Ipad takes up more area than a book, so where do you get "lug around a book"? A paperback will fit in my cargo pocket. Will your Ipad? I don't want to hear that "I can carry 137 books with me stored in my Ipad so when I fly I have something to read without lugging 137 book on a plane.". Well, because that would be GREED.

One novel at a time is good enough for me. I also like to pass on great experiences to loved ones and friends. Would you pass on your kindle to your neighber, which he may pass on to his father, who in turn may then pass on to a coworker so they may enjoy something as wonderful as you did by being pulled into a world where nothing of this world matters. Something that for that instant can take your stress and worries away? A story should be shared. Atleast, that is what my mother used to say.

If you are going to steal the book you are NOT a FAN. Tell me why are you are even on this page. Would you steal from someone you respect? If you don't respect Mr. Jordan, Harriet and Brandon Sanderson, then again, why are you here? Their story shouldn't matter to you.

Tor is publishing it. They may do as they please. When you create and build something, you may do with it as you please.
So as all of you have verbalized your opinions, so have I.
82. everygamer
"I don't really believe in E Books anyway. Yes, I kinda understand all the hoopla, but "Oh, they are so convenient"? The first book was released in 1990. That was 22 years ago. Will your Ereader still work in 2035? Doubt it! paper back= $7.99. Ebook= $7.99 + $200.00 for reader= $207.99+tax. I don't really see the point. Especially when it is more expensive." - Dancethespears

Unfortunately, Dnacethespears, you live in a very narrow view of the world. E-readers are hardly the reason why ebooks are really going to replace printed books, if it was just the kindel or nook your statement would make complete sense. The truth of the matter is, and you look at how the industry is moving, tablet's are the real reason. That $200-$500 investment in hardware is more than just books, its video, music, email, social networking, games, news, it is basically all entertainment and communication methods pulled into a single device (along with smartphones which I read my first 50 ebooks on).

As to will your e-reader still work in 2035 ... yes. An e-book is just data, and I can read those ebooks I have bought on my tablet, phone and computer. 50 years from now what ever people are walking around with will likely still be able to open an ebook file and let them read it. Also, 50 years from now that ebook will be in the same condiditon as the day it was purchased. My house can catch fire, my tablet, PC and phone can be destroyed, and when my insurance pays to replace them I will be able to re-download my books again, but those wonderful paper books will be gone. Poof.

"When the battery runs down you have to stop reading. And don't forget that if you want to reread the book in your latter years you would probably have to buy a new ereader since the battery on yours, after constant recharging, will only last 20 minutes if you don't have it plugged into a constant source of power."- Dancethespears

My battery for my tablet lasts 14 hours, it recharges when I sleep, so it never runs out when I want to read. Traditional ereaders like the Kindel/Nook the battery lasts 30 days due to e-ink technology before needing to be recharged as they only expend energy when changing pages. Batteries that over time loose their charge capactiy dont really matter because people are always going to be replacing their mobile devices as new technology is released. A $500 ipad will be a $5 device in 2035 just due to the advancement in technology, manufacturing and avalability. Lastly, smartphones, tablets and mobile computing devices are becoming common devices, 20 years from now I will likely not have the tablet I have now, I will just have a better one that will still read the ebooks. Ebooks are not tied to a single device .... it is tied to your account, so, download over-and-over-and-over again as much as you like to as many devices over the years and read as you will. I just re-downloaded Enders Game yesterday, I read it 3 years ago and felt like re-reading it before Card's new book comes out later this week to get me in the right mindset. I bought it and read it the first time on my old Droid X phone, I downloaded it this time to my ASUS Transformer Prime tablet (like an iPad, but running Android). But if I wanted too, I could download it to my phone just as easily, in fact I can have it on both devices and they will communicate my page number so that if I finish reading on my tablet at lunch, then open it on the bus with my phone it will bring me right to the page I was reading.

"A paperback will fit in my cargo pocket. Will your Ipad? I don't want to hear that "I can carry 137 books with me stored in my Ipad so when I fly I have something to read without lugging 137 book on a plane." - Dancethespears

My phone fits in my pants pocket and all my books fit on my phone. My phone has a 4.65 inch screen, which is just slightly smaller than a paperback book. For those with poor sight, you can bump up the font size .. because ebooks are just software, and you can change the print if you need too (unlike a paperbook).

That said, my tablet is smaller than a magazine and fits in my wifes purse.

I think maybe you should try an ereader before you bash it, most people I know that have said "I like to read paper books, I dont want an e-reader" as soon as they get one and read a few books with it say they wont ever go back. My guess is that technology is just scary to you, maybe its an age gap thing, or your just stubborn. The reality is that the world is going digital, public libraries are offering e-book lending programs, book stores such as BN are cutting more space away to sell devices and non-book products because they see the writing on the wall, they will go out of business if they can't bring people in for things other than books (ex.... Borders, Waldenbooks, etc).

My ebooks will outlast your paper books, I can bring my ebooks anywhere, you can lend ebooks, and lastly the kids today will grow up using ebooks ...which means that when our generation kicks the bucket there wont be many people even looking for paper books anymore.

One last thing, the cost of ebooks are high right now because publishers have to include the risk of decreasing hard cover sales. They have to basically guess how many people are going to buy hard covers, and how many people are going to buy ebooks. As the paper > ebook switch happens they are not sure how much they are going to waste on creating too many paper books so they build that risk into ebooks. Ebooks are written the same way paperbooks are, then they go through a fairly simple process to create a digital copy that is formated cleanly. Then that file can be duplicated and downloaded to millions of customers at a fraction of the cost that it would take to purchase materials, print, stock and ship paper books. So when it gets to a point that it is no longer worth it for them to print paper books, ebooks will be able to drop in price. This is a good thing, its simple economics, the less expensive a thing is, the more they are likely to sell. So if the cost is lower, yet the margin is the same, then they make more money. If a author gets the same cut per book they were making before on paper as they would with ebook, they should make more money too because the decrease in cost is due to a decrase in production costs not in quality or author/publsher share in profits. If publishers tell you it costs a lot more to make ebooks, they are quite frankly leaving out that it costs way less to distribute, and the longer they distribute the more value is in that asset as after a certain amount of time they recoupe all of their production costs and then it is all gravy after that ... going forward for years, and years and years. That same file built 5 years ago is being copied and distributed, the only costs at that point is less than a penny in storage costs to track that they sold it to someone, and then less than a few pennies to cover the cost of the bandwidth to download the file.

Honestly, the publishers are afraid, in 50 years they might be going out of business too. A writer today can write a book, edit it themselves (or pay a service to edit it for them) and then self publish the books to and Amazon. Those companies will then mange sales, distribution, etc for 30% of the sale, leaving 70% for the author. I doubt that most authors get 70% of book sales today from publishers. Then with social networking authors can basically do free advertising (facebook, twitter, youtube, google+, etc) and reach millions of people without a publisher, distirbutor or store to help them.

Welcome to the 21st century!
83. Trevor Wilson
Oh No ;(

I only read on kindle nowadays, the delay is an awful decision.

I trust that the delay will mean kindle version being a lot cheaper than hardback?
84. Alexwithlove
When will they release the cover of the ebook?
Jay Dauro
85. J.Dauro

I believe the covers for the printed version and the e-book are the same. Originally Michael Whelan was doing the e-book and Darrell Sweet the printed cover. But Darrell passed away before he could complete the cover. So I believe they switched to use Michael's for both. If you go to the Tor A Memory of Light index, you can find links to both the uncompleted sketches from Darrell, and the completed cover from Michael.
Jay Dauro
86. J.Dauro

My mother was a devoted reader. As she got into her 80's, she could no longer read a hardback, too much weight to hold, and if dropped on her leg, torn skin. During a cruise, she would read 10-12 books. She could easily carry 100 on her 1st generation Kindle if she wanted. At the current time, she could get the e-book at about the same time as the hardback, and was able to keep current on her authors. There was no way she could take 10 hardbacks on a cruise. Since she passed away, the Kindle has been passed to her niece.

Her Kindle has been in constant use for over 5 years, and has been used to read hundreds of books. Still works fine.

When it comes to distribution costs, there is some difference between a paperback and an e-book, but less than most people think. Most people overestimate what the actual cost of printing and distributing a paperback is, and underestimate the cost of distributing e-books.

Finally, we all know that pricing is rarely based on what something costs alone. It is based on what people will pay for the product.

That being said, enjoy what you want. But be aware that the day is coming when many books are not going to be available in paperback.
88. Alexwithlove

89. Greg S
Other than the WOT, I am effectively boycotting purchasing any TOR Hardcovers, and then only will I do it after the ebook releases to complete the set. I will purchase Kindle or Ebooks, because I wish to encourage their use and the immediate delivery of books to these devices. Since it will take me several months to read the series over again with my already purchased books, I will just start when it releases and by the time I am ready it will be available in Kindle. I am over any publisher who will not embrace the use of technology to make it easier and simpler to enjoy the pleasure of a good book.
90. Tabitha M
Personally I don't mind paying the same price for hardcover as for an ebook if it means I will get it sooner. I like having the hardcover books too but I would much rather not have to pack it everywhere I go and I love being able to take my kindle with me to doctor's appointments, the movie's to read while waiting for the movie to start and anywhere else I might have some free time to read. I think they should release a special edition of the book, hardcover and ebook together, make it cost $10 more or something. You can get the ebook at the same time then, you just have to buy it with the hardcover and would have to buy it from whatever company you have your e-reader through. I know it's not a perfect solution and a lot of people will complain about the price, etc but at least we would have the option to buy it the same day it's released and be able to read the book the way we want to read it. I would buy it and I'm sure there are many others that would buy it also and be grateful at least for the chance to have the ebook earlier.
91. Nags
Darren James
92. b8amack
I wouldn't want to pay hardcover price for an ebook, so I don't see what all the complaints are about. @People like Nags... if you can't stand the wait, then get a library card.
97. thirteenfox
This large gap hurts, since I will be overseas on a deployment I do NOT want to have my hardcopy get all chewed up by the conditions it would see where I will be. I am using my ebook reader because it allows me to have all my books, while not having all the weight, thank you TOR for delaying something even more that I have been waiting years and years for.
99. Garidin
I'm really disappointed to hear this. I heard that Harriet opted to delay the e-book for Towers of Midnight, and I tried to be kind about it. I said to myself, "Well, maybe she's just not convinced yet that there are sales to be had with this new technology." So I deliberately waited patiently for that release and paid the full price for the legitimate e-book as a means of demonstrating that, yes, fans of the series were willing to buy her late husband's work in that format, and that it would be profitable to distribute the title in that format.

But this release date indicates that my message was not heard. :( And this time, I might opt not to spend at all.
100. Robert M
I ended up borrowing a friends copy of book #12 and never purchased it as a result of the delay. I will probably do the same this time
108. DougL
Poor choice by TOR or whoever made this decision. It's not an environmentally friendly decision, think of the paper, the fuel consumption for delivery and all else that goes into distribution.

Also, please note, I have pre-ordered a physical copy, so don't flame me for saying so. I have digital copies of all the previous books from Kobobooks and hardcopies as well. For the first 10 books or so when I was in University and moving around a lot I own 3 or 4 copies. So, I am not a pirate.

Having prefaced that, you are just begging for scanned copies of your book to go out on day 1, it was available for the last two books.
109. Chris74
After WOT came out for Kindle I rebought the entire WOT series.
I am going to buy the AMOL ebook version and not the hardback.

I recommend that people, who want to read the ebook, to skip
the hardback.
110. Mardee
I'm doing what most people above mentioned - borrowing the book from the library or a friend, and then buying the e-book once it comes out. This is just greed that is driving this decision - it's the last book so Harriet is counting on readers to buy both the phsyical and the e-book. After all the money she has already made off this, it's just sad...
111. MikeF
I have heard many times that the delay of the eBook version of AMOL is Harriet Rigney's decision, but I've yet to hear it from her. Has there ever been an interview with her or maybe a press release? I have to wonder, because of the wide-ranging list of justifications I've heard.

I don't know if Harriet follows this message thread or not. But in case she does, I have a few comments regarding some of the reasons I've heard for the delay.

"eBooks don't get counted in NYT Bestseller list" - First of all, isn't this no longer true anyway? I thought eBook sales were now included. But even if there was a grain of truth there, can we quantify the sales gained as a result of getting onto a high place on the list? One presumes there are people who buy particular books mainly because they there are a lot of other people buying them, so obviously placing high on the list is a good thing. I'll agree that a lemming's money is as good as anybody else's. But how does that number compare to the sales lost by delaying the eBook version? Even if one doesn't factor in piracy, you have think there are some people who will simply borrow the hardcover in the interim. Certainly the delay has to have some negative impact?

"Harriet likes paper" - Well, ok. I do too. So much so that I have thousands of pounds of it around my house, in bookshelves, file boxes, or just stacked against the wall. But enough is enough. I simply don't have room to keep piling it up. I can appreciate that some might prefer the experience of paper, but why does that have to be the only option? Are you trying to convince people to read paper? Frankly, the people who are reading eBooks have already made that decision, and you're not likely to change their minds.

"The delay is to maximize profits from the hardcover edition" - Maybe there's some justification in this, but I really disagree with the idea that the hardcover is inherently more profitable, as long as the accounting isn't done in some goofy fashion.

The wholesale price of a hardcover is typically less than the price of an eBook edition, and the costs of production, shipping, warehousing, etc, generally offset the retailer's cut of a digital version. They really should come out pretty close to equal.

Marketing costs are one of those things that's kind of hard to factor in perfectly. But for books with a significant marketing budget, keep in mind that a lot of that money goes to things like in–store point–of–purchase displays. If you're averaging your marketing budget across all editions, and including that in the eBook column at any point, you're doing your math wrong and you're associating costs with the eBook version that don't really have anything to do with it.

"Fear of piracy" - Yes there'll be piracy, but the real hardcore pirates will pirate the book no matter what, regardless of what format the initial release might be. They always have. They always will. The only way to stop it is to not release anything in the first place, and even that doesn't always work.

However, a lot of people are on the fence about piracy and will usually at least consider buying something that's readily available. But if you don't give them the option of making a legitimate purchase at the same time it's otherwise available, they generally will not. Withholding a digital release of just about ANYTHING has never done anything but push many of those people off the fence, onto the side of piracy.


The delay is really a bad idea from pretty much every angle. It's just going to hurt sales in the long run. Once upon a time, holding back a particular version of something may have been a good way to maximize the profitability of the initial release. Obviously in some respects, this strategy still applies. That's why movies (prefer to) come out in theaters before they come out on Blu-Ray or DVD.

However, that situation is not quite analogous to withholding an eBook version of a book, and it's a mistake to look at it that way. An eBook isn't at all a "home" version of the "theatrical" hardcover. Traditionally, people have looked at mass-market paperbacks that way, but the idea doesn't really apply to eBooks.

Just like different movie theaters support different versions of a movie with different surround sound formats, 3D systems, digital projection versus film, etc., eBooks and hardcovers are really just two different delivery systems for the same basic content. It wouldn't make sense to delay the Dolby Digital version of a movie by a month or three because you prefer the initial release in DTS, and it doesn't make sense to delay an eBoook version either.

Please, Harriet, reconsider.
112. Mardee
@MikeF: I think the "maximizing profits" concept comes from her belief (probably with some justification) that many fans will buy the hardback book just to have it on the day it comes out. But those same fans will also buy the e-book in April because they already have the rest of the collection on their Kindle or Nook (as I do), and will want it to be complete. Hence, the "greed" aspect.

BTW, you are correct - the NYT does include e-books with hardbound books in its best seller list, and has for a couple of years now.
114. MikeF
@Mardee - I've no doubt that some people will buy the hardcover and then later buy the eBook. The question is, how does that number compare with the lost sales of people who end up buying NEITHER the hardcover nor the eBook because they downloaded a pirate copy rather than wait 3 months for the official eBook release. There are a lot of people who will buy the eBook if it's available, but not think twice about downloading a pirate version if not.

Of course, this is just all "what if" because we have yet to really hear any official word on what the justification for the delay might really be.
118. Yak_of_Shadows
I'm happy it's getting released. Unfortunately living on one of the Hawaiian islands. There's no bookstores here. Borders went out of business and e books are the only option.or ordering and waiting. I sure miss book stores.
120. Tor Storruste
Ever since I discovered the series, I have bought the hardcovers. I will of course continue doing that. For re-reading the books, I do like the eBooks, however, since my Kindle is a fair bit lighter than the books.

When trying to order The Gathering Storm, I discovered it was not available in my region. I had to be a resident of the United States to be able to buy the eBook. Why is this the case? Why can't you just take my money and give me an eBook? The same story applies to Towers of Midnight as well.

Do I have to cheat Amazon and pretend I live in the United States? Do I have to pirate the book? Please give me a legal way of buying the books.
121. Thomrit
is it cheating to buy an U.S. Kindle or as I'm considering buying a British Kindle so that i can get kindle books that are available at Amazon U.K....the Ki and Vandien kindle books are available there but not in U.S.
i don't see how that could be considered piracy since i'm paying one Amazon division for the kindle and the books.
122. antichris
ugh! Stop it already. Just release all the versions at once!

I don't care if you charge a premium for paperback or ebook, just make it available!
124. whoever
I'm loving reading all these post from people talking about what "people" might do because of this decision. I, and pretty much everyone else who reads ebooks, will simply wait 2 day for the first torrent and we'll have the book. 2 days is easy to wait, but it certainly isn't right to make us wait 4 months. So I hope the publishers enjoy the limited money they receive from the hard cover.
125. Scott Jesweak
i refuse to buy paper books anymore. i love to own my books for my kids to read when they get older. i dont have space to keep storing these space wasters. please realize that slowing the release date of eboojs is not helping the inevitable book era disappearing.
126. everyone
Way to promote piracy, publishers...
127. Spacecadet56
I wonder if Harriet had ever heard that old saying ,"You reap what you sow"? I don't know this for sure but I'm guessing that she's not what you'd call a green person either. I do know for my part that after I get my ebook with the last part of the story I've been faithfully following since the begining these many years ago and how many more great works by Jim Butchers, "Harry Dresden series I have to read, also on Tor(Damn the luck)I will never read another Tor offering. In fact I will go out of my way to discourage any new authors from signing any contracts with these lowlifes. I know that Tor could care less about one person calling BS in the wilderness, however in the days of the internet we shall see. I hope after what Tor has pulled with Harriets help I hope everyone will say to hell with the low-life bastids.
128. JHJ
Way to not understand technology, Tor. You should replace your staff responsible for this decision. As we see with the entertainment industry and their battle with pirates, the people want your content and they want it NOW. They are willing to pay.

Here we stand at your shuttered window, collectively yelling out:


129. sharon24
i need to understand somthing, yestrday i bought the hardcover edition of a memory of light here in israel , but evrey where it appers that it wont be released until 2013 ,WTF?

by the way it was really starnge that the first relased line at the start of the book states "2013"
was it also realesed in other contries ahead of schedule?
Katie Frey
132. TalithaSedai
Do you guys put up such a big fuss when a movie is released in theaters only and then, 4-6 months down the line, it's finally available in a portal format? >.>

I honestly don't see the difference. In order to see it right away, you have to put up with the experience the "publishers" force on you (noisy audience members, cellphone lights, smelly popcorn). To see it at you're own convenience in a setting that fits your particular needs/desires better, you're forced to wait on a 4-6 month delay.

No different from your problems about the delayed ebook, but I hardly see people complaining similarly about movies.
Erik mayne
133. wolven74
I'm sure this is both a marketing strategy and Harriet's dicision. This has nothing to do with the publisher as a whole. How do I know? I've bought Steven Erikson's books. They're published by TOR, and the ebooks for his Malazan series were all available the same day as the hardcover. So, with that in mind I'd say this is more of a Harriet/marketing decision. I can't disagree with it.

Harriet struggled with finding an author good enough to finish her husband's work. She obviously has an emotional attatchment to it that should far supercede the fans'. I thank her graciously for allowing the fans to get the final chapter. She could have easily decided against publishing it. Beyond her emotional attatchment, profit is clearly a motive here, and why the hell not? The publisher knows how huge this book is. They know that they will make a killing by the hardcover alone. If they released the hardcover and Ebook together that profit would be reduced. By releasing them seperately they double their profit. That's just good business.

And don't give me the line about TOR not giving a shit about the fans. You know that the book was fast tracked as soon as Brandon handed in the manuscript. They could have sat on it a lot longer than they did. We fans have no idea what they pushed back on their publishing schedule to give this book to us.

So, to all the people bitching about a 3-4 month delay. Please be respectful of Harriet's wishes, and just be thankful she allowed the books to be completed. I imagine letting the final book be released is sorta like seeeing your youngest child off to college. She has to let go of a very dear connection to her late husband, and to a very large part of her career as well. We have waited over 20 years for the end of this series; I'm sure another 3-4 months won't kill you.
Katie Frey
134. TalithaSedai

"My ebooks will outlast your paper books"

Wow, do you really...really think that? Have you heard of orphaned digital works? There are tons and tons and tons of programs out there that simply do not work on modern computers, not without a whole lot of work and expertise and patience. Some are programs that will never work again as they were written in proprietary formats or stored in an archaic fashhion. And all these programs were written in just, what, the last 60 years?

On the other hand, we have tons of books preserved from 1600s, the 1500s, earlier.... Things printed on physical paper have survived hundreds of years, but I couldn't play today the computer game I purchased 20 years ago to save my life.

Digital content is getting better in regards to longevity, but you can't guarantee that proprietary ebook you have will work on the next device you own, especially if you decide to jump platforms, let alone the device your children will use. And if the company that manages your licensed content goes under...good luck holding on to it! In the long run print is a helluva a lot more durable than digital.

@192 sharon24,

I hear some indie bookstores and bookstores in other countries put the books out as soon as the get it, with no regard to "publication dates." Count yourself lucky for getting a copy early. The majority of us will need to wait another 10 days to see it in stores.
135. WashTheSpears
As others have said, this is Harriet's decision, and I, for one, wholly support her in her right to have the book released as she wishes. If it weren't for others at Tor working to convince her that eBook releases are important, it probably wouldn't ever get released on eBook at all. She owns the rights, she sets the terms, and that's the way it should be. Force authors and rights owners to do things your way and you'll just end up with fewer good books to read. She has invested a lot of time in this series and she deserves to set the terms for its release. She has enough money from previous sales that she is willing to take the loss in order to do what she feels is the right thing. You may disagree, but you didn't help edit the series and you don't own the rights, so you'll just have to live with it. Punish Tor and/or Harriet if you want, but it's not going to change her mind. This is the last book she'll be able to release the way she wants, so try to have a little patience.

You are right that the industry is moving towards eBooks. Brandon knows this, Harriet knows this, and Tor knows this. They react in different ways. Brandon loves it. After all, he convinced Tor to let him release every draft of Warbreaker on his website AS HE WROTE IT, at no cost to readers. The sales of the hardcover proved he was right, that it didn't hurt him. As others have said, Tor has released eBooks at the same time as hardbooks in other cases. It's not a money thing for them, it's the authors who ultimately set the terms. Tor respects the authors and the rights holders, and kudos to them for it. Without the authors, we wouldn't have books at all. Until you have had your own book published I don't think you can really understand just how much of an author's blood, sweat, and tears go into a well crafted book.

Is it sad that eBook readers will have to wait? Of course it is. If that means you get it from your library and read it hardcover first, then that's just fine. Again, Harriet is willing to take the cut to encourage people to have the kind of initial experience with the book that she wants them to have. This isn't about piracy. It's hard to worry much about piracy when every book is available at libraries all over the world. Most people buy books not because they need to pay money to have access to them, but because they like owning good books and because they want to support the author.

If anything, Tor would push to get the eBook released at the same time. They get a much higher percentage profit on eBooks than they do on printed books. It's been an ongoing point of contention for authors who feel cheated by the new format, since the main argument for the publisher's larger cut of the profits, the risk of not selling what you print, just doesn't apply to eBooks. Authors feel that they should get a larger share of the profits. As it is, they could get that larger share by self publishing, but a big part of the reason that most don't is that the publisher is still providing a lot of value. Even though eBooks don't have the same costs and risks, the quality of the editing and review process, and the huge value of being promoted by a big name publisher like Tor are difficult or just plain impossible to find by hiring hourly workers.

Finally, I want to point out that this is not a knee-jerk reaction as some have claimed. This is an issue that has been analyzed and discussed over and over again. A lot of thought goes into a decision like this, and a lot of people share their opinions on the way it should be. The issue is a lot more complicated than most people assume it is. There is a lot of emotional investment, there are the risks and potential rewards that always come with a rapidly changing industry, and there is a lot of legal and cultural precedent that is difficult to shift when there are so many interested parties. My advice is to hold on and see how things turn out when the dust starts to settle. Suppress your own knee-jerk reaction and be grateful that we get the priviledge of having such an amazing work of art shared with us. Ultimately, eBooks are the future, but exactly how publishers, distributors, and authors will come out of it remains to be seen. I just hope that in the end, it's fair for everyone.
136. Trigger
This was an unfortunate announcement. I love the WoT series. I'm also an adult onset epileptic who is only able to read books via an ereader, because paper books trigger seizures.

As a long time fan who has read and re-read these books, eagerly awaited each book in the series, I am very disappointed in this decision.

Tor needs to take note, some of us do have disabilities that do not allow us to read paper books and LOATHE audio books because they do not have the same feel as reading a book.
137. ccap
With all due respect to Harriet, I have felt the series was very poorly handled since James Rigney's death. But then I guess we are fortunate she did pick up the ball and (eventually) oversaw the series to an end at all.

The hardcover/Ebook combination could have been a win / win.
A poor decision for poor reasons, but in three months it won't matter, it will be over. At least until the TV/movie rights are negotiated.

I just hope we do not have a repeat situation with Martin and ASoIaF.
138. TZSanders
Just adding my additional disappointment here - I also planned to purchase both the eBook, Hardcover, AND audiobook at the same time. I grew up on the series, I'm a big fan of both authors, and I can't wait to finish the series - but now I'll probably just stick to my audiobook and hardcover. Actually, it leaves a bad enough taste in my mouth about Harriet (for whom I feel profound sympathy regarding the death of her husband, but it's STILL bad business), that I may just stick with my audiobook alone. So, 12.95 spent on this product instead of a potential ~$55 or so. Congratulations, you made a bad decision.
139. thegrognard
Thanks for nothing. Won't have to get any version, I can hear all about it on the interwebs on Jan 9th.
140. VH
Well I just found out the the HC and eBook would not be released together. Thats the worst idea Harriet has made (besides forcing Jordan to expand the series in the first place). I normally buy both from the writers I love the most. I really dont like reading the HC of the books I collect so as to not mess the books up. But oh well.
141. JS123
Why don't they just release them at the same time? They could charge the same price as the hardcover, and probably wouldn't lose a sale? For those that purchase the hardcover, offer a discounted price for the ebook as an add-on. I've already ordered the hardcover, and was hoping that we could get the ebook on the same day so that I could read it as soon as it was released, without having to lug a huge tome around. Guess I'll wait like others until June/July to purchase the ebook. Horrible mistake on TOR and Harriet's part, and a very poor marketing decision.
142. Megs1788
Despicable! If I'm forced to wait, I might as well get on the list at my local library. You just lost another sale.
143. Jeff the Zombie
After much deliberation, I pre-ordered the hardcover version of the book. This may be the last paper book I ever buy -- it's been at least three years since I purchased one. And with eBooks -- first Kindle and now on iPad -- my annual book purchases have quadrupled.

I understand people are attacking Harriet out of disappointment -- overall, I think she has done a good job of handling the series since her husband's death. Choosing Brandon Sanderson to finish the series was the right choice.

I do think the eBook delay is terribly shortsighted, and although limiting the delay to 3 months is probably the best compromise we could have gotten, it shows that Harriet or Tor or whoever made the decision doesn't understand how reading has changed in recent years.

For people worrying about GRRM and aSoIaF, have no fear -- Dance With Dragons was released as an eBook on the same day as the hardcover.
144. Angiemac
Very disappointed about this decision. I read a lot of the comments above and can appreciate Mrs Jordan's feelings however, I very strongly feel that she should respect her husband's (and ghostwriter's) fans who have brought a lot of money to their family over the years. Perhaps she should try an e-book reader. I still curl up in a chair. I just don't break my wrist with a HC or strain my eyes with poor lighting or have to lug a 1kg+ book to work and have my lunch squashed. It's a disappointing reason if the poster is accurate.
I suppose I will just have to wait the extra 4 months but I will cancel my pre-order to hopefully make a small point.
145. KCH
I just logged onto the iBooks store ready to preorder Amol, and was disappointed to discover that I will have to wait until April.... Since I've waited and waited for years as it is! I own most of the series in paper , some hard back, some paperback , but once I got my iPad, I downloaded all the digital copies, and bought the last one only on ebooks. It's so easy to go back and re read sections of past books, check out a wiki fact, and be able to read in bed at night with the lights off! Tor is sadly out of touch! No hard copy for me, not even from the library. I now read my library books digitally as well. I will wait....impatiently, but I will wait ....
148. Mark Norway
I will wait, I'm not buying both physical and ebook versions.

What a backward, shortsighted decision & what a great shame that the launch of the last book of the series will lead to so many excited readers finding out that as a ebook user you will have to wait until April. Bound to leave a bad taste in the mouth for many fans.

(please think of the environment before printing out this digital comment ;)
151. MC55
For those folks who are calling an elderly widow names, shame on you all. That type of cruelty is inexcusable.

Now, I am also mad though that I can't see the ebook until April. I could get it online, but won't, because that would be stealing. For those who self-righteously tell me to read the paperback version, or act like I am "destroying" literature (and you know who you are), I CAN'T READ the normal books. My eyes are quite bad, partly genetics, and partly glare from sand in Iraq when my eyes suck already. I can only use the ebook format, or the audio book format due to listening or larger font. I love the WOT and other books, but I love not having blurred vision and headaches a lot more. So please understand that soem of us use the largest font ever and ebooks/readers help us read. Stop self-righteously condemning us.

As for the whole "respecting Jordan" thing, I am both respectful and uncertain of the late author. I admire his service to the country as a brother in arms, and his genius story-telling skills he exhibited. But ever since I heard he made some statement years back about writing the book in part to explore what choices you make in war based on his time in Vietnam in his youth, I have been a little uncertain. My way of coping with my problems from Iraq is IN PART through my passionate beliefs (some may say rigid) beliefs on warfare, justice, vengeance, etc., and the morality thereof. Suffice it so say, any idea that Jordan may have endorsed any of the situational morality of the AS, or the joy in fighting of others in the story horrifies me. I would say that I am closest to Perrin in my views, but even he sometimes disgusts me with enjoying fighting.

What is the point of this screed? Simple, I have potentially VERY passio0nate (and to me as I cope with my nightmares and flashbacks, guilt, so on, serious) disagreements with Jordan and his widow, yet I am able to still admire them, and to not be mean. I am not perfect. Please don't think I am claiming to be. I just ask that others be respectful of those who have different views and reading choices. And stop dismissing each other either. I doubt that Harriet is quite so dismissive either of ebook readers, or thinks so little of us, but even if she is or does, it doesn't excuse us for being cruel. It makes us just as wrong as those who are dismissive and mean to us.

Blessings in the name of the Lord.
152. CMan
Add me to the list of disappointed fans, I travel a lot and don't like lugging around a giant hardback book on the plane to read, thus the reason I have a kindle and the kindle app on my phone. I've got the entire series on hardback, but I don't read them. So now I'm forced to drag what was going to be a collector item with me because of Tor's piss poor planning. You do realize that 99% of the people I know (30-50 age group) own a Kindle/eReader app and don't carry books around anymore? Perhaps you should look at your demograph and figure out a business model for people reading your books. This will be the last book I buy from Tor until they figure out how to accomodate people actually buying thier products. I hope the authors out there looking to use Tor as thier publisher pay attention to this and find a publisher that has a clue when it comes to the reading habbits of people under the age of 50.
157. Commited_Positivist
Funny, I thought Tor was supposed to be on the leading edge of technology for publishers.

Way to embrace the past -- and way to keep ebook pirates in business.

Profoundly disappointing.
158. Dpros
Never an excuse for piracy.

Well, lots of the over 50 set need a large print edition if they cannot get an ebook. Younger 35-50 year olds may prefer their ereaders; but, a good many 50-100 year old eyes need their ereaders.
159. Tomrific
Simply ridiculous.
161. Johnabcde
well I would have paid full price for an ebook version - at the same or similar time as the hardback.

But if you think I'll pay a hardback like price for an ebook 3 months late you're very much mistaken...

If I can't get a timely copy - I'll wait for a cheap (paperback) price on the ebook - hopefully many others will do the same and TOR will learn the penalty for manipultaing it's loyal reader base
164. jaxmagicman
I just said this on facebook, but:

Release it at the cost of the hard back and then in April lower it. I am sure plenty of people read ebooks because of the ease of it. I almost exclusively read ebooks now. And if I don't (last WoT book is an example) I go down to my library and pick it up and read it. So by delaying the release they lose at least 1 customer. It doesn't gain any though. Sure people who can't wait aren't going to wait and they will buy it. But they would have bought it at that cost if it was an ebook too. There isn't a person out there that is going to be, you know I was going to not buy this book at all, but since it is only in hardback I will now.
Vincent Lane
165. Aegnor
Sanderson has indicated previously that it was Harriet's decision. I seem to remember reading that it was over concerns about piracy. I don't know if that is accurate or not as I'm just going from vague memory.

Regardless of the excuse, it is likely a poor decision that will cost them some money. Delaying the e-book will have about zero effect on a pirated copy being available. A pirated copy will likely become available sometime tomorrow. Those who would prefer a legitimate copy, but are willing to get the pirated version, will get the pirated version. That will get people used to getting pirated copies and make them more likely to in the future with other books. It's the same mistake that the music industry made 15 years ago and from which they still haven't fully recovered.

As far as myself, I would be getting the hardback regardless, as I want to complete my collection, but I would have also absolutely bought the e-book on release day. Now I certainly won't be buying the e-book in April. I may at some time 3-5 years from now, when I do my next reread, buy the ebook. Maybe. So essentially in my case they've traded two certain sales for 1 certain and one looong delayed possible sale. And as you can see from the comments here, I'm definitely not alone.
166. iSynic
Delaying the release of the e-book does nothing to prevent piracy. You're removing the only legal electronic (see: convenient, affordable) avenue of acquisition, and at that point you have only yourself to blame if it's pirated.

I'm so incredibly disappointed that I didn't bother to google the e-book release date until now. With the book coming out tomorrow, I assumed it would be as easy as pulling up Amazon's page for 'A Memory of Light'. Imagine my surprise to find that I'd be waiting another three months to read the final volume of a book that I've been waiting over a decade for.

I don't mean to sound bitter but damn.
167. Bryguy
Was looking forward to buying the ebook. GRRM's books are available on ebook on release day, this reflects very badly on Tor.
169. ccap
Very poorly thought out decision, as I posted last week.
I have no doubt that someone will have a digital copy out on the internet by Wednesday.
I am not endorsing piracy, but it is just poor business to piss off so many loyal fans that have been following the series for 20 years.

If it was Harriets decision , senior management at Macmillian/Tor should have done more to push a simultaneous Ebook launch despite her.

They lost 2 sales from me, and I will think twice before I pay for any Tor offerings in the future.
171. Jerry Wall
Yup. Lost sale for me. I won't buy the hardcover (due to space) but would have bought the ebook. No I'm just waiting on the library to have one for me. So less money. Good job!
Ashley Fox
173. A Fox
Well I'm looking foreward to picking up my great big bloody tome tomo!
stephanie L shaw
174. andsparkyknew
Thanks Tor. I will have to cart this door stop book to work and back everyday for a week. On my bicycle. Instead of reading it on my iPhone, like a civilized person.
175. JaneUpsilon2342
A decision that is out of step with other recent best-selling titles. Like others, was looking forward to reading it on my Kindle on the plane on an international holiday. The paperback will take me over my very precious luggage limit. I can't think of one other top 10 best seller in the last 12 months that had such a ridiculous gap going electronic. It's 2013 for goodness sake. A poor marketing decision.
176. DenaR
I've spent the last year of my life reading this series. And now I find out the day before the release of the last book that I can't even get the kindle version for another 3 months? SERIOUSLY!!! I have never had to wait on a new release. What a horrible cruel decision you made TOR! Nice way to treat your loyal customers!
178. Joe not happy with Tor
Here I am all ready to finish off a 20 year commitment, when lo and behold, Tor decides to try and push for better NY Times ratings by stalling the ebook for a quarter. Thank you for exactly nothing. This will be the last Tor book I buy for a long time - b/c I can't justify pirating the book. But burn your bloody souls, I hope you choke on the ash-ridden profits you light-blighted wool heads.
183. MollyPocket333
I'm super disappointed. I have massively cut back on physical books because I move a lot. The WOT series are so huge, they didn't make the cut. I guess I'll wait and borrow it from a friend in a few days. I was so looking forward to the's a bitter disappointment.
185. Thomas Steiner
Canceling my pre order at amazon in protest of this shambolic practice.
186. Pixelfish
I must say I too was disappointed with this decision. I was ready to purchase it on my Nook, since we no longer buy hard copy books for space and health reasons. And no, I won't be getting it from the library because the waiting list is probably already so crazy long that I could just wait the extra months.

And well, I have done without the book for that long already. First world problems, sure. I will note that I often put off, sometimes permanently, buying content just because, well, budget and time. If you don't get the sale when i think about it the first time, you might not get it later. I won't pirate--i make it a rule generally not to, unless there really is no other way of getting the content...and after all, I didn't even torrent Downton and Sherlock though I was sore tempted. BUT...I do resent being in the position where I woukd like to give you money for the format that works best with my small hands that hate holding large books, and my bad eyesight, and my lungs which eschew book dust. I really would have paid full cover price to read the ebook. (Look at Lois Bujold's latest novel, where I paid a chunk of money to Baen to read the eARC. Never had I felt so warmly towards Baen. All that good will engendered!)

I have no idea who made this decision, just that I feel it was a misstep. And sadly, I won't be staying up late tonight with the hardcover reading fans. (My bosses thank you though for my continued productivity and my lack of "sick day".)
187. Denitsa
That's like the most stupid marketing decision, EVER!
Dear TOR, you should know by now, that WOT fans are hard-core fans (and people who have not read WOT certainly won't start the series with the last book!). So those fans, would buy the hardcover or the paperback (depending on their collection) no matter what. It's not an option not to buy it when you have all the others books on you shelves. Those money are absolutely sure for you, since no fan could resist not to have a physical copy of the book.
But many people would buy also the ebook, so that they can read it all the time, everywhere. So it made much more sense to have the ebook published along with the hardcover, if not even earlier. Because everyone would like to read it the earliest possible, in no matter what format and then to buy the book for the shelves.
Furthermore, this way, you would also profit from all the international fans, like me, whose collections are in other language than english and who would wait to buy the paper-copy on this language. This way, they'd also buy the ebook (because a fan cannot wait) and you'll profit from them TWICE.
But since you pushed back the ebook date so much, guess what - if I'm going to wait 3 months for the ebook (since I don't want an english paper copy home), I can just as easily wait for 5-6 months and get the book translated into my own language and cheaper than what you charge on Amazon. In the mean time, the ebook will certainly leak in internet and you'll lose my money TWICE! Once for the ebook and once for the cheaper non-english version I'll buy.
So YAY for you, smart marketers you have, no doubt!
188. KimeraStorm
As a full time working mother (toddler with baby #2 on the way), my only time to read is on my commute. Weilding that huge HC book (even if I could pry it out of my husband's hands) back and forth on crowded trains isn't happening unless I want to destroy said book.

Oh, I should read it at home? Yeah try that with a toddler armed with crayons and sippy cups. Again book destroyed.

I have been reading this story since I was fourteen. Twelve years of being a loyal fan... and I am told that I cannot read the book until three months after everyone else. Thank you for nothing TOR.
189. Anti Tor
Thank goodness I can punish them for this by reading it from the library and never buying a copy.
192. Courtney King
I'm partially sighted and this smacks of discrimination. Truly pissed off, and not at all happy with their greedy, blinkered short sighted nonsensical decision.
193. GreedyTor
Releasing the ebook four months after hardcover? You just guaranteed I will never buy a hardcover (or paperback) from Tor. the pre-internet publishing companies (like thei newspaper coousins) in general have no idea how to operate in the digital age.
194. readerofpaper
there's a lot of whining going on...just buy the book, if you want to read it so badly! humans have been turning the pages of books for hundreds of years, it's not going to kill anyone to have to hold a real book.
195. A kindle reader
Add me to the "I was all set to buy the ebook today and am horribly dissapointed I can't buy for four months" group. I started reading this series when the first book came out, and have 2/3 of the series in hardback. I've only bought kindle versions recently and have no desire to buy a hardback. Today (January 8, 2013) has been on my calendar for a long time, and I finished a re-read of the entire series in early December. All in preparation for getting the last book today.

It won't happen. I'll get an electronic version as soon as I can, and I don't care how. I'll eventually buy it, but it may take several years if I find a free version first. I don't buy or read physical books any more; I curl up with my Kindle or iPad to read everything. Tor is clearly not interested in my business.

Tor needs to explain why they feel they must treat their loyal readers so poorly. I understand wanting to get their publishing numbers up, but this is playing the game at the expense of their customers. Which is unexcusible as far as I'm concerned.

Tor has obviously forgotten who keeps them in business: the reader.

Shame on Tor
Please don't reward these morons by buying both the hard cover and the ebook version...
197. @readerofpaper
Dear readerofpaper,
EVER occured to you that people exist outside of USA and UK? And that it's not an option for everyone to go buy the book from the nearest store or to take it from the library???
I would buy the book as soon as it get available where I currently live on the language I want it to be. But it's simply not fair, for the people who counted on the ebook to find out how the story ends, before they can get the paper copy.
Not to mention how deeply uncomfortable is to go around the city with a ~1000 pages hardcover in your bag!
198. Scott Rowley
I have to agree with the majority of folks here. The ebook delay is absolute crap! I will not buy another hardcover book in my lifetime. WAKE UP TOR! Your avid readers want the ebook now...not in 4 months.
200. Jozan Brinter
I have been waiting for this book sence the last book came out... I stayed up half the night to get it on kindle. Now they tel me I need to wait three or four more months?? That is seriously annoying and sort of pointless.
201. BrainHitchHiker
I just found out about not being able to get the ebook until April. I was planning on buying an e-copy and a hard copy, now I have to go into the city to the bookstore today to buy my hard copy and will forgo buying the ebook as I will not need it anymore!

I think most of us have a collection of Wheel of Time books and want to finish that collection while still reading the books in a much lighter and more convenient ebook format. I guess there will be a HUGE loss in ebook sales after this!! Heck, my husband is listening to the audio version of the book right now!!!
202. Amanda W
Add me to the long list of people frustrated by not being able to purchase this book in the format(s) I want. I will be buying the hardback book, but I also wanted to read it as an e-book for portability, etc. So, guess what just lost money. Because by the time the ebook comes out, I won't need it anymore.
203. Pixelfish
It's not going to hurt to hold a real book in your hands, says a reader who must not have arthritis or carpal tunnel. Yeah. (I don't currently have carpal tunnel, but I have in the past, and I have friends with arthritis.) Try again. Especially with the doorstops that the WoT books are. Even under the best of circumstances, those things are unwieldy.

BTW, despite the assertation from another reader that a real fan won't want to not have the physical book in the house--well, actually, I've gotten rid of all the physical WoT books because they took up too much room and cost a lot to move repeatedly. (I gave nine boxes of books to the local library for their rummage sale.) I can assure you that I will not be getting the physical book at all.

REPEAT: This is not about the price point. I would gladly pay hardcover price for the format I want. I have not been given that option though. And while I realise it's too late to do anything about that for WoT, I do want to provide feedback to Tor that I hope they will not do this in the future.
204. Kiden
i've been looking for the ebook all day, since i was so excited about the book being released today...find the hardcover, can't find the ebook, and now i find i need to wait another 3 months? congratulations, tor, you just lost another sale, i'll just get it from the library. i won't pay the extra for a hardcover, and i'm sure as hell not another 3 months, when it was supposed to have been released almost a year ago, and i know that i'm not the only one to feel that way. i MIGHT buy the paperback when it comes out, but odds are, i won't, or if i do, it will be a used copy, just to finish my collection. by then, though, i will have the book memorized, so it's doubtful.
205. notkevin
204 comment numbers

So Tor, you deleted 58 comments that you didn't like? Very democratic.
207. Book lover
I completely understand delaying the release of the digital book. But why does it have to be so much later? I've waited so long already!
209. Wild Bill
This will encourage people to illegally download the ebook since it will most liekly get leaked onto the internet within a few days. That is pretty sad that this poor decision was made.
210. Thomas B
Add me to the list of disapointed - first thing this morning, I synced my Kindle expecting the pre order to arrive (I ordered it on the day the book became available on Amazon). I knew today was release day and never thought to check. I mean who wouldn't release the ebook at nearly $20 expect when they are competing with an equally expensive Hardback. By April, you just know that retailers will massively discount the HB and there will be plenty of second hand copies around.

I understand (from B.S. twitter feed for one) that Harriet wanted to delay the eBook for a year and this was a compromise so I'm not ranting now like I was when I checked my amazon digital order earlier (believing it was a TOR money grubbing event). Congrads though, I've now cancelled my order and I'll wait until it's released in April and immediately discounted. I started reading this series in 1996; if you want me to wait three more months, I can wait six more and get a cheap copy.

Fortunately for me, I only realised that the date was coming up just a week ago. I was frantically re-reading the earlier books (onto book 3 now) but now I'll just calmly finish them. I was up until 4am reading this morning to finish book 2. My work thanks you.
211. WoT Reader
Because I love this series so much I would probably have bought the ebook and the hard copy (because I have all the other paper/hard backs). But because this is only being released in hard back at first I will never buy the ebook. I know your probably worried about piracy and all that but the same thing can be done with paper. Example: "Hey buddy, you want to borrow my book so you don't have to buy it?". Hope you can get over this problem with other titles.
212. Sadly Disappointed
I never post comments or the like, but the ebook decision has left me completely gutted. This is an absolutely ridiculous way to treat what would have been paying (I will not be the only one abstaining from all the other posts on here). You are welcome to my library royalty payment which gladly I do not have to pay, but will now not be purchasing this book in any format. A curse on your bad management skills, the last book of the series should not leave such a bad taste in the mouths of people who have supported this series since the beginning.
213. Joe8000
What a dumb business move by tor. You can't share ebooks but you can certainly lend out the printed copy to everyone around you which I will gladly do.
214. Ben WB
Pre-Kindle I bought every wheel of time book in physical format, and then I bought them again for the Kindle once I switched over (to re-read). I've introduced and recommended the book to countless people as well.... This is riduclous and I'm leaving 1 star ratings eveywhere possible to warn people.

Dumb, I won't be buying this one, going to get it used, or borrow it from a friend.
216. K.
You can add me to the list of disappointed ebook readers. My husband and I have stopped buying novels in paper format. We made this decision because we could not fit another bookcase into our house. Plus, once we converted over to e-readers, we found that we loved the versatility.

We were poised to purchase this book today but if we have to wait until April, we might as well just borrow it from the library instead. I have no plans to buy a paper format just to complete the set. I might buy the ebook later but now I will wait until it gets to a price point that I find acceptable for ebooks -- which is less than $10. If it was available today, I would have paid more for it.
217. Not Happy
I have most of the W0T books, but was planning on reading this new book (ebook), then purchasing the entire series again (ebook) to re-read. I will NOT be purchasing this series again as a result of this decision. In fact, I will not purchase another book by TOR ever again. It's a shame, because I really like Brandons books. I can however live with out them. I refuse to support a company that is so uncaring of it's customers (we already have enough banks to treat us like that).
Marcus W
218. toryx
I find the comments blaming Harriet for the delayed release of the e-book to be rather unlikely at best (and just plain insulting at worst) since she doesn't seem to have any objections to people cuddling up to their ipods or car stereos with the audio version of the book.

I'm not at all surprised by those comments similar to or mirroring that of @readerofpaper, who offered the not uncommon opinion that if it doesn't cause *me* any difficulties then it doesn't matter.

I do find it unfortunate that Tor or Macmillan made such a decision that actually causes such a disservice to the reader. Generally speaking, I'd think that we live in an age when any access to a book would be given preferential treatment, no matter the economics. Publishers are nowhere without a reading populace and it's no secret that books are finding fewer and fewer readers all the time.

Putting aside the issues of people who don't want to lug a big heavy tome around with them, what about people who are both hard of hearing and have bad eyesight? The e-reading devices have been a godsend for them. There's no question that reading on a tablet that allows the reader to set the text to whatever size and shape is comfortable is appreciated by a rather large group of people. There's a reason that Amazon has had such record sales with their Kindle and that ebooks are selling so much faster than hard copies. And it's not just because people are lazy or seeking instant gratification.

Right now there a lot of people who rely on their e-reading devices for personal or medical reasons. These people too have waited a long time to read the final book in the Wheel of Time series. But no, they aren't allowed to read it because someone decided that ebooks should come out at a different time.

It's been over 22 years since The Eye of the World was first published. That's a long time to wait, and while I imagine the series have been most popular with a younger audience, after 22 years there's no question that several long time, committed readers are now in their sixties, seventies, even eighties. Hasn't it occurred to anyone at Tor/ Macmillan that these readers might find it difficult to handle the size of the print, or perhaps the heft of the hardcover book when dealing with arthritis or other muscular/ joint issues?

That's what I find so objectionable about the decision to delay the e-book copy. I'm only 38, and though I do have a severe hearing disability so that the audio book is not of much use to me, I can handle the hard cover without too much difficulty. I'm clearly not the one who is going to be affected by this. But my mom is, and so is my dad. For that matter, how easy would it have been for Mr. Jordan to handle the heft of this book in the last year of his life?

I don't know who made the decision and I don't care what the reason was. It was the wrong choice, especially for a publishing company that specializes in science fiction. For shame.
219. Tsp8432
It's evident from the nearly unanimous tone of comments that Tor really made a poor decision. There I was at 12:01 last night with sleeping kids trying to find the new release for download. I don't want a physical book because I like to read snug in my bed at night with the lights off. I do not like the implication that someone is making me wait three months because I'm doing it wrong (with respect to comments that Harriett doesn't think ebooks are the way to read).

It's the future, whether you like it or not. Get with the program Tor. Not only are you pissing people off who would otherwise be your great supporters, you ARE encouraging piracy.
220. disappointed
Adding to what @tiryx said up there^

What about the people living in foreign countries? Should I wait for a year until it is translated in my native tongue or should I order the paper/hardback online and pay 50$ for shipping (yes 50)?

This is a SERIOUSLY worng decision on your part Tor. You have lost a loyal customer.
222. Lost sale
Woke up this morning ready to pay a premium to read "A Memory of Light" on my Nook. Now I am on the list to get it from the library and may never buy it.

Very disappointed in the decision not to provide this as an ebook on the release date.
223. REL
+1 to the complaints about the lack of an e-book release for A Memory of Light (and any other new release for that matter). This is particularly annoying because of the teaser prequels that were released for the last 2 WoT books on Kindle!

Seriously folks, wake up and get with the program. I have been using a Kindle since the first version was released, and I have not bought a single paper bound book since then. If it's not available as an e-book of some sort, I don't buy it. The world is quickly moving away from print books, and it will be reduced to a niche market soon enough. Your resistance to the inevitable is just making us (your readers) angry. I will pay a premium (i.e. hardcover price) to get a good new release in e-book format, which just means more profit for you! You get the additional revenue without the cost of hardcover printing.
225. Shane123
This is ridiculous- the consumer is not asking for 2.5 pounds of wasted trees, get with it and release it sooner.
226. Rob McClellan
Went to buy MoL for my Nook this morning, only to find it not listed. Searched and found this post. Words can't express how utterly disappointed I am -- no eBook until April? Are you s#!tting me? I have been collecting this series since book one nearly 20 years ago! The failure to release the ebook in conjunction with the paper version is, by all and every account, an EPIC FAIL by Tor's management.

What a misjudgement of your audience. What a disappointment to us long term fans who now prefer digital.
227. Knox1
It has taken 12 hours now to post this because of my anger over waking up this morning and being so excited to finillay finish this series, and low and behold after I took off work, I CAN'T BUY THIS BOOK FOR 3 MONTHS!??? Yes I know I can go buy the HC but I don't buy paper anymore. Great choice TOR way to insure I never NEVER buy a book from you guys again
228. Ryan Sintobin
REALLY, this makes me not want to read the last book. Okay thats not true, but dont they understand their will be pirated copies out the next day on the internet, how much sale are they losing due to delay,and how many fans are they upseting. I cant really explain how disappointed i am. my hard covers never last the test of time. I reread them to much.
229. richard s smith
No Ebook? Sad Panda here........
230. chefbaker#1
My library told me that Tor is not releasing the email books untill later. Does anyone know if this is true all over or not?
231. Ryan Sintobin
You know the sad thing is, i would have probaly paid more money to have this on my kindel then the Hard back would have cost. thats how long i have been waiting for this. But i wont buy it in hard back, those days are long gone for me
233. DisappointedCanuck
So, you're telling me I spent $400 on an e-reader that I purchased for this book specifically and I won't get a copy until April. To hell with you, I'm going back to Game of Thrones. I'll buy my hardcover from this discount bin next year.
Katherine Dorman
234. KatJD
Yes, it is unrealistic for Tor to expect their customers to wait 3 extra months for the ebook edition to be released. I do hope that the lost revenue this is ultimately going to cost them serves as notice to the other publishers that this practice is bad for business. I too was going to purchase the book, the ebook and the audio book to complete my collections. Pre-ordering the audio book was the last of my money Tor will ever see.
235. kormathaw
Thanks Anthony for the explination @8. I was going to be mad at tor but now I'll be mad at NYT. Unfortunately it does mean I wont be buying the book but will bum it off a friend who was buying he hardback anyway.
236. cdsky
Like many here, my husband and I planned on purchasing both the hard cover and the ebook version. Oh well, has Tor proven they don't want my money! We already have the paper copy on reserve at our local Barnes and Nobel. That book was going to be a show piece on our bookshelf. Our Nooks were charged and ready. To bad Tor. You could have made an extermely large profit off of the fandom that Mr. Jordan's books have created. Instead, you have chosen to treat us all as irrelevant (or perhaps you were thinking we were all criminals). Good luck at making up the lost profits!
237. Annoyed
I spend about 1.5hrs a day commuting, and in the next few weeks this will be time spent thinking about how I could have been reading MoL if Tor weren't so greedy. That's a lot of time spending getting pissed off with Tor - I wonder how many Tor books I'll end up buying in the future?
Joshua Patterson
238. Greenpat23
Seriously no e-book, I live in China I wold have to pay double the cost of the book to have it shipped to me. Thanks TOR, or whoever made this decision, now I get to wait 3 more months to read this book. The whole reason I bought a Kindle was so I could read these books when I moved to China, what a depressing day.
Kevin S
239. keystonereader
I'm not sure we should be blaming TOR. Last time around, it was Jordan's widow that held the ebook release up. Regardless, it angers me because I only buy e-books now. I would have happily paid as much or more to have it the same day. As my protest, I will read my friend's hardbound book when she's done so they will never be getting money from me. Sad, because I hate to punish Sanderson and Tor (if it isn't their fault) but... that's life. At least it won't be going to his behind-the-times widow.
240. Timoth
Does anyone know when the ebook version will be available for preorder? I'll feel much better when I can just know that the item has been preordered and all. It just will give me a sense of peace, strange as that sounds to some, I imagine.
242. Commuter
The only time I get to read is on my commute. I brought a Kindle for this as I do NOT want to carry books in my backpack to work; they take up too much space, are heavier and are more easily damaged. As someone who has brought and read many TOR books, I am disappointed by this move. I hope TOR takes note of the fans reactions in this thread; the people have spoken.
243. Edward Brennan
How Tor can be so good when it comes to DRM, and the serialization of Scazi's Human Division online, while being so atrocious when it comes toWoT. I would have happily, like many readers, paid full HC price for a digital copy.

To do this flies in the face of the read anywhere aspect of getting rid of DRM. Now you try to keep me hooked to a dead tree. WTF, Tor? I have some loyalty to your authors but not for your brand.
244. E-book NOW please!!!
Why couldn't you just sell it as a combo set like movies do these days, i.e. DVD+Blu-ray+Digital copy? You could sell the hardback + ebook for $5 more than the hardback alone. A majority of readers would buy this combo because so many would actually want to own the hardback but still want the portability and instant availability of the e version. Plus, my wife and I could read the e version at the same time. Something we can't do with a hardback.
Ashley Fox
246. A Fox
Fuck you, screw you? Sigh. How rude. Other's have managed to make complaints (valid ones) in a polite manner.

Anywho, heres a good thing about the delay:

Im about halfway through (no spoilers, dont worry) and there are lots of silly mistakes. It's quite frustrating actually...I would'nt have minded if ALL release dates had been during April and that extra bit of work put in.
247. sdfdf
@A Fox

Because what they did to the fans is not a big "f@ck you" from Tor right? It's exactly that and they deserve the lost revenue and backlash.
248. Druski
Wow. Been reading the whole series on ebook and had absolutely no idea about this artificial delay in release. Friends are reading the book and excited. I woke up today and immediately went to find it on my ereader, but it was not there. Shortly after I discovered this delay.

Wife and I are expecting a baby any day now, and was really looking forward to reading this in one hand, with sleeping infant in the other (not something you can do with a hardcover).

I simply had no clue about the delay and am vastly disappointed.
249. freieschaf
Sad news. There is not much left to be said from what I read on the previous comments. I was going to buy the ebook and then buy again the paperback edition as I have the rest of the series in that format, but now I am not so sure about buying any ebook. Old greedy ways, how disappointing.
250. Purplebugblatter
Not going to feel bad now when the torrents go up. That really does look like a money grab. There's no way I'm going to avoid spoilers before the official release.
robert anderson
252. kaffien
I was looking forward to purchasing this book. Normally I buy both the ebook for quick reading and the hard cover to collect as i wanted the whole set in hard cover.

I will be skipping both. I'm rather upset about the large delay between hard cover and ebook. I care not why they did it.

I will not buy this book or ebook. nor will I pirate it.
I won't even discuss it with friends to promote it either.

Shame on you TOR.
253. Maletero
I know I'm way, way late to the discussion, but I'll chime in.

I was a little upset about the delay at first, but the more I thought about it the more I wondered what's the big deal? How is this different from having to wait a year or so for the paperback? As long as I've been reading, the hardback comes first, then paperback is released later. I generally prefer to read paperbacks, so I'd usually wait, unless it was a series or author I'm really invested in.

I fail to see the fundamental difference between the old hardback-paperback release schedule and what Tor did here. In other words, quit your whining, and enjoy the last WoT book! Support the authors that made this happen.
256. stian b
From my 1 star rewiev on amazon, i know i should not be doing things like that but this really pisses me off:

i have already bought the physical book at the day of release, i had pre-ordered the audio-book on and i wanted to buy the kindle ebook for reading on the bus for my commute supplemented whit listening on the audio book when i am walking. i have the physical book for my book shelf and for reading when i am at home. i cant phantom how they can do thin on the 14 book of this series, do they really believe it would hurt their sales releasing the e-book together whit the finale book? Now people are going to waiting for letherbound copies for their bookshelf.
257. Kijael
Probably lost a sale from me as you can guarantee that there will be an "unofficial" version online before I can get hold of the official ebook. I haven't read a physical book in years.
259. iSynic
Well, that's very reasonable of you Maletero. But I don't think it's the same at all. None of us care if we pay the full hardcover price for the ebook. I would pay hardcover price to have it now.

They're inconveniencing fans that have waited 10-22 years for this final volume to come out. They're encouraging piracy by not offering a legal electronic avenue of sale (as evidenced by the fact that it's already leaked).

And to top it off, they have no email address to get a hold of Tor, only snail mail. They're not responding to these complaints, nor to those on Twitter.
260. Paula Jones
This is nothing but an attempt to make more money off of people who can no longer afford to waist money. I have all the HC of the other books but I can't afford to waist money buying 2 copies of every book. I love my Nook and enjoy all mybooks in one place. I will not be spending twenty something for a HC. I am really pissed that I have to wait l0nger to read this book. No one cares about anything but money. It sickins me. They are only doing this because ebooks a cheaper, well they are quickly catching up to the cost of actually buying the book, but reading is one of the few pleasures I can still afford. Now I have to wait 3 months to read this book? Every other series I read has released the ebook on the same day as the HC. This is as bad as having to wait for the paperback version. I am very dissapointed.
261. Dan Shockley
I'll either wait to read the e-book when it comes out, or perhaps find a hardcover copy to borrow from a library if I get a chance before then (and am willing to lug around a big stack of paper between slices of cardboard for a week or slow --- unlikely!). Care about the series enough that I probably can't honestly say I'll skip the book completely, despite my anger over the stupidity of this decision.
I'll also remember that Tor let this decision happen this way, despite the disrespect and disdain it showed to the fans/customers.

This was a bad decision, and is unacceptable in 2013.
262. DavidWL
I've waited long enough for this series to reach completion, and I'm NOT pleased to wait 3 extra months because I prefer ebooks for fiction. Maybe I'll wait a bit longer for the paperback release to force the Kindle price downward. TOR could have had my $20 today, but instead they'll get $10 next year. In the meantime, I'll be less likely to buy any TOR books until I get over being angry. Roll up that market data point and smoke it, TOR. You'll make better decisions than on whatever you're currently smoking.
Scott Silver
263. hihosilver28
I know this has been stated before but after seeing the vitriol here, just wanted to chime in.

First: I agree. The ebook should have been released yesterday.

But this is not TOR or Sanderson's plan. This was Harriet's decision and TOR and Sanderson convinced her to move the ebook release from a year delay up to 3 months. Sucky, yes, but not TORs fault. Brandon posted a blog that explains that.
264. Timoth
The difference, in case you missed numerous comments to this effect Sir, is that some of us DO NOT HAVE THE PHYSICAL ABILITY to read print in physical books, as it is often too small. For that matter, arthritis also plays a role. Why some of us should have to wait when we have a disability is mystifying to me. Especially when it is over little more than some idiots making print vs ebooks into some sort of stupid ideological crusade of tradition vs post-modernity somehow in their absurd imaginings.
268. Johnny U
What Harriet could have had from my pocket book for an ebook, yesterday: $25

What she will get from me now: $0.

This isn't by choice. I'll have my copy from the library in a few weeks. It will take me twice as long since carrying a 900 page book around isn't practicle for me anymore. It'll stay on my night stand where I'll read it when I can, which won't be as often as I can by pulling up the kindle app on the iphone. But, Harriet has seen fit to make sure that Kindle edition isn't available right now so she can be sure (in her mind) to get the NY Times Best Seller ribbon on Robert's last book when everyone in the world besides her knows she would have had it anyway without pissing off 1/2 of her husbands fanbase. Shame-shame-shame. (By the way, to the other pissed off fans. DON'T go to Amazon and give the book 1 star because we're mad. The book will be awesome. Post here. Email these clueless publishers who let this happen. Do anything besides be part of a sub-3 star rating on the finale of a series we are all obviously passionate about).
269. Sarah R. Lewis
Understanding that it's not Tor who is holding up the ebook, I'm still compelled to comment here in hopes that the general outcry will make enough of an impact that Harriet might be encouraged to reconsider.

It's very disappointing to have to wait an arbitrary amount of time to read the book in my preferred format. I'm not interested in buying (and storing) a physical book, so I'll get it from my library in a few weeks... but that means I probably won't end up buying it, period, as I don't generally re-read books. This non-purchasing isn't intended as "punishment"; it's just the natural consequence of the poor decision to artificially delay the ebook release.

One suggestion I would make for Tor (and I've seen it scrolling through these comments): next time you're dealing with an irrational rights-holder, it would be wonderful if you would pitch them on a hardcover + ebook "package" deal. I would have gladly paid for that (and donated the hardcover). Bestseller lists and fans appeased.
272. Bookreader
I was so hoping to buy the ebook today! I am now #51 on the waiting list for the public libary copy. Now the wait to see what copy I can get first. They may end up loosing a sale if it is close to the ebook release.

Whats the deal with delaying the ebook copy???
273. thegnome
As a fan of the WoT I read the books, not the NYT best sellers list (never have read it before, and likely never will because as a WoT fan the NYT could tell me that this last WoT book sucks but I would read it anyways) . I am done killing trees and refuse to help inflate arbitrary causes. Bad decision based on poor narcissistic priorities. I will now withhold my money to help it not hit the list, and then buy it when the caring about fleeting accolades passes. I would have easily paid the hard cover price (and been happy about it too). Fan lost, money lost, legacy tainted.
274. Snood
Was going to get the ebook. Certainly don't need 5 lbs of dead tree in my house. Now I'll just read the synopsis on Wikipedia and call it a day. The series has been a bloated money grab for about 7 books now.
Coffee Mug
277. coffeemug0
I just wanted to say that while I don't agree with the decision to delay the e-book release, I have more loyalty to the series and to RJ than I do to some misguided, selfish idealism.

Bought the hardcover on release day, already done with the masterpiece.

All the fury in this thread is disheartening. Blame the New Y ork Times for not treating e-books as first class citizens. Blame the book pirates for ruining the industry and closing brick-and-mortar stores. But don't blame Jordan.
john thompson
278. demeisen
Fully think this delay is a very bad decision

I love the wheel of time series and wanted it on my kindle at the same time others opened their hardbacks. i would have liked the ebook to be a token amount less expensive but i would have have been flexible with what i was prepared to pay.

I am denied the chance to purchase this book. I say this because i cant see a physical book as an actual option.

Has the publisher etc the courage to respond to the fans protests and releade the ebook now? probably not.

i have a voucher meaning the hardback would cost me £4 yet i will not pay that for something that is obsolete.

Remember all the money we have spent on this series. its not as if we should be falling to our knees in thanks for this release. its great the last book was wirtten, but we have paid for it and the creators have made a profit. it is business, bad business in this instance.
280. GoodBob
So, the reason given that the ebook is delayed is to make sure that the book reaches #1 on the best seller list. Ok, that makes sense to me. She wants to make sure she can say every book in the series did that. I can see and totally agree with that sentiment.

What doesn't make sense is the fact that an ebook only helps it make the best seller list. From what I can tell, the best seller list includes hard cover and ebook sales, so what is the problem with an ebook if it only helps make #1?

At this point, she is not going to change her mind on releasing the ebook so that the book makes #1 even though there is no logic behind that reason. What could be done though is very simple. As soon as the book hits #1, then release the ebook. Make that an incentive for those wanting to read the book. That way you have people trying to help you achieve what you want and you please all those wanting the ebook. Once the book hits #1, then there is no other reason to delay the ebook any futher. The book will hit #1 long before April.
281. Dr. Beier
Late release of the digital book is the most idiotic thing I've heard this year. If your readers are willing to pay the same price as the hardcover edition to have the book on our e-readers at the same release date as the harcover there is no reason not to alow us that opportunity. Simply lower the ebook price to its normal value at the april date for those that wish to wait. Making the rest of us wait to finish our collections until then only halts our purchasing the book until that date. You can be sure I'm sitting in a bookstore reading the hardcover asap, however I wont be purchasing any nondigital copy of this book. Its ludicrous that i can get a digital copy of another person reading it aloud to me before you the publisher will allow me to read this book in an environmentally friendly fashion.
282. Dr. Beier
Late release of the digital book is the most idiotic thing I've heard this year. If your readers are willing to pay the same price as the hardcover edition to have the book on our e-readers at the same release date as the harcover there is no reason not to alow us that opportunity. Simply lower the ebook price to its normal value at the april date for those that wish to wait. Making the rest of us wait to finish our collections until then only halts our purchasing the book until that date. You can be sure I'm sitting in a bookstore reading the hardcover asap, however I wont be purchasing any nondigital copy of this book. Its ludicrous that i can get a digital copy of another person reading it aloud to me before you the publisher will allow me to read this book in an environmentally friendly fashion.
John Pyers
283. jep4
What a crummy way to treat your customers. I've bought multiple copies of the WoT books - all of the first dozen at least. But that was my choice because a book was packed away and I couldn't find it, or a friend wanted a copy of a book or I wanted to introduce someone to the series. Well, my shopping pattern with TOR has already changed. Other TOR titles still aren't available as eBooks - from authors I've enjoyed over the last 25 years. TOR drags it's feet. So, I'll wait - and take the book out of the library when it's available there - and never buy the book. I've already been doing this with Terry Goodkind's books because many haven't been made available digitally. By the way, in the last 5 years, I've purchased over 100 eBooks a year - in addition to hardcover first editions and large format books I "had to have!"
289. Chrisfinla
Wow! Look out book fans, if TOR dislikes your comment, it gets unceremoniously booted off of the list. You may notice that comments #270 & 271 are missing. Mine was #271. TOR, I will NEVER, EVER, buy a pirated anything. I don't even know where to look. I am just a bit frustrated with the decision to hijack or lojack people who have supported you for 20 years. I am disabled, & unable to drive the 30 miles to buy a hard copy, that I can now barely hold up. And, we all have to wait this arbitrary 3 months for the e-book, which so many of us have switched to. I have bought hundreds of TOR books. I have multiple copies of all of the WoT books. I have given a few copies of each of them to others, & bought more for my collection, including signed copies of some of the earlier books. A couple of shelves in my HC library, & a couple in my paperback library, belong to WoT books. You all probably take up about half of my shelf space, & that includes hundreds of books. I love books, in any form. Please, please make better decisions in the future, knowing that they adversely affect many of your supporters. It would be very nice if someone at TOR would make some statement to let us know that you at least hear us & care about us.
291. Eivind S
Will be interesting to see if the book is able to achieve #1. The bar is the combined fiction and ebook list, which is the most important list at the top:

Will be funny if the book doesn't make it, just because Harriet refused to release the ebook.
292. PaulWillWaitForEbook
I no longer buy paper books. I havent for over a year. While frustrating, I will hold out for my preferred format. The only way to cause change in the industry is to vote with your dollars. These comments make almost no impact. The revenue will. If others do what I am doing and wait for the ebook, the bottom line after all the commotion is over will show which format is greater. It may take more time, but paper books are done. They just dont know it yet, until their bean counters inform them of the shift. To while the days until then, I may re-read the whole series again (on my kindle).
Shame on you, TOR. We are all going to remember this treatment in the future.
293. luop90
Seriously? You say no ebook for us until April 9th... Have you checked the Amazon reviews lately you greedy basterds? You have gotten this book over 150 one star reviews ONLY because there is no ebook form.... Hope you feel happy.
294. ccap
So, the current bestseller list (Dated Jan 20, though today is Jan 13) is for books on sale the week ending Jan 5. We will have to wait another week to see how AMoL does.

While I hope Harriet gets what she wanted out of all this, I am glad she will no longer have impact on what I read and when. I had thought about buying the encyclopedia, but after this, I refuse to give her or Tor any more $$$
295. J1368124
I would like to rate the book, but I can't because the author's wife
doesn't understand the e-book market. Heaven forbid technological
advances be used to make our lives better. I wonder if this book was
written in pencil, in long hand on parchment? It certainly took long
enough that it may have been written that way.... Wouldn't want to adapt to current tech for fear of doing something different!

Love Sanderson, just don't like the decision to hold off on releasing to all fans at the same time. Probably will go to the library to check out instead of purchasing a copy now.
296. waiting
does delaying the ebook really drive up sales on the hardcover?

if you prefer an ebook format, does a three month wait persuade you to buy a physical book? in most cases, such as mine, no. the additional physical sales they generate from this split will not be significant. and in turn the sales they would have gotten from an ebook released on the same date has diminished due to pirating (I already see them available, idk if they work, haven't downloaded them) and dissatisfaction at this decision.

consumer preferences aside, this sounds like a bad business move to me.

I fully intended to pay whatever price the ebook would have been to be able to finish this fantastic story in a way that is most convenient and comfortable for me. I no longer buy physical books as I am limited on storage space. i already have a closet full of books bought previous to getting my reader and have room for no more. I wanted to start this so badly I even paid Amazon $3 for the electronic prologue they are selling even tho I know it's included in the full book that I may pay for when they eventually release it. or I may not. I have a friend who bought the HC to complete his collection that has offered to lend it to me when he is done. not my preferred reading method, but I get to read it without having to wait or store it, and, Tor, you lose out on a sale that you would have definitely had. tsk tsk to you

and how is it the audio version is released and not the ebook? what's the difference? does that count for the nyt rating? it shouldn't if ebooks don't.
297. Roberto Void
You are really really genious.
I'm an european reader.
I would have given you 13€ immediately for the ebook version.
But noooo, you thought it was more intelligent to wait 4 months in order to avoid piracy. You were afraid of unauthorized ebook copies while you were still selling the physical book in usa.

And what's the result?
That on the internet it is already possible to download a scanned and OCRed version of A memory of light, already converted to pdf epub and mobi.

And I, as an honest reader, have to wait 4 months to buy the ebook (since buying the printed usa version here in italy is very expensive)

Good job Tor.
welcome to 2013. Still the lack of vision on the internet amazes me every day
298. Protester
I posted a 1-star review of this book on Amazon because I am very unhappy about the eBook release date. After reading Harriet's reasons for the delay I believe this was the right move and I encourage others to do the same.

I see no reason to recount the many valid reasons why the eBook should have been released at the same time as the hardback, others have done that much better then I could. I also see no reason to refute the many illogical reasons that the zealots are inventing to justify this bad decision. Instead I will explain my thought process.

My review is a protest. I hope to accomplish two things with this protest. The first would be for Harriet to immediately release the eBook with an apology to all of the fans. If she did this I would take down my protest review and replace it with what I expect to be a 5-star review after I finished the eBook. The second goal is to make this process an effective case study that will deter any other publishers from making a similarly bad decision in the future.

I understand the reasoning for Harriet's decision, and it is her right to make that choice. However, that does not change the fact that it is a bad decision that needlessly enraged a fiercely loyal fan base. A Memory of Light was going to be a best seller regardless of the eBook release date. If this techno-phobia is protested whenever it rears its ancient head then the entire publishing world will be forced to seriously address the changing market place sooner rather then later.

When researching new books or series I heavily rely on reviews, they are my primary decision maker when deciding what to buy. I do regret manipulating a tool and that I rely upon to make this protest. However, it seems to be the most effective way to protest without stealing this product. Plus, no one will ever confuse my review with an actual review of the story, but just maybe a potential new reader will choose to not even start the series when he sees that the final book only has 2 to 3-stars. This is the potential effect of this protest, and I hope that Harriet has someone in her life that can explain it to her.

I love this series and am very grateful to Brandon Sanderson who has masterfully rescued it from endless drudgery. I will buy the eBook when it comes out, at this point I have invested hundreds of dollars and hours into this series and it is inconceivable to not read the end. Maybe that is why her decision bothers me so much; I have invested too much to not buy the last book and therefore am forced to support her bad decision with my dollars. I will also complain to Tor about Harriet's decision, but I will not remove my 1-star protest review without an apology and an earlier release date.

As every business owner knows the fastest and easiest way to get rid of poor reviews is to have the reviewer take them down. Maybe if enough people leave 1-star protest reviews Harriet will give us a reason to take them down and every other publisher will think twice before making the same mistake.
300. Tristtan
Very disappointing. Very greedy on the part of the publisher. Very stupid on the part of the e-reader developers not to push harder on pricing and release dates. As much as I enjoy the organic feel of the hardcover I won't be buying any more of them - thanks entirely to this slap in the face.

I'm not buying the leather copy as I had intended BECAUSE of this slap in the face from the publisher. I'll wait for the ebook copy and just stop buying the damnable things.

Play games at home with your kids, not with your readers.........
301. Waiting
The e-book release date was set about 9 months ago,
At that time perhaps the e-book sales were indeed less than paper book ones, but last info from Amazon says e-book sales are bigger than paper book ones, so wouldn't it be a better business decision to release e-book earlier? Right now it will keep collecting 1-star reviews for 3 months :( And likely too many reviewers will forget their promise to remove thair 1-star reviews after e-book release and the overall score will remain too low for a great book :(
Suzanne Smith
302. Suzann3
I wholeheartedly agree with 298. Protester.
Very disappointing TOR.
303. Loudenvier
This is very dissapointing and makes no sense. I'm from Brazil and I can't get my hands on the conclusion of a series I'm following for a decade. It's next to impossible to get this in Brazil and shipping makes it prohibitive. Why didn't you set the ebook price on the same price of the hardcover up to April 9 instead of making it available only at April 9? I would have bought it only to not have to wait... And you shouldn't lose any single "Hardcover" customer with the prices the same.
304. Erinellii
Still so upset... I have spent 17 years of my life wondering what was going to happen in WOT, I've eagerly awaited the release date since I found it out months ago.

I was puzzled when I didn't see any Kindle edition for pre-order but didn't realize until THE DAY OF RELEASE that it was delayed these three months. Words can't express my hurt and let-down on that day. My anticipation level was so high for weeks beforehand that I still feel like a puppy someone has kicked when I think about it.

I am now doing a re-read of all the books to try and stave off the bleakness, but unfortunately I'm a very fast reader and already up to book 8.

After that... well, we will see. Because I love to read and have so many many books in my life, I went electronic 2 years ago. Now two e-readers (with a third in reserve) take the place of my seven bookshelves and thousands upon thousands of books in boxes. I have a very small house and the freedom from book clutter has really revolutionized my life.... I've promised myself I won't go back to paper books no matter what, not even for Robert Jordan.

So far all the new books I want for my e-readers I buy just like I would have before I had them. I don't mind the publishers who price the same as the hardcover books initially either... I'd gladly pay the $25 to have a copy of A Memory of Light RIGHT NOW. But this is tempting me to pirate like nothing else has so far... WHY can't it be available for pre-order now, at least then I could go ahead and pay, and not feel bad about also downloading beforehand....
305. AKinferno
For the record, I have bought each of these books at release, but I am waiting at least the 3 months for this one. If I can wait longer, or just borrow the book from a friend, I will. I would have been among the ranks to buy both the hardcover and the ebook if they were released together, but I am going to speak with my wallet on this one by not purchasing the hardcover at all.
307. Thathos
I agree with these comments and as a loyal reader (who had previously purchased all the hard covers) i am incensed at this. I was going to buy one copy for me and possibly two or three for my local library in addition to the ebook for me to read in the train into work. I will no longer buy the hard covers and i will probably still buy the ebook, but i am upset.
308. Charles Iachetta
It is stupid that we have to wait until April for the e-book. I was getting the hard cover anyway. Wrong move Tor. Wrong move.
313. Brandon Racette
I've just finished arguing with an Amazon rep, for some reason or another in the middle of my re-read through the series I can no longer purchase any WoT content throught my Kindle (Canadian). Tried to explain it's a little strange I can't even buy the book that I bought 3 weeks ago anymore, but got nowhere, anyone else here experiencing anything similar?
315. GeorgeK
Well listen, Tor Management, if you would pay attention at all, you would know that in 2012, hardcover sales were surpassed by ebook sales, (according to the Association of American Publishers).

Tor Management: since you have such an ebook demand, more than for the hardcover, and no printing and shipping costs, and thus lower labor on your own staff, how can you, the management, be so nearsighted?

Tor Management: Can't you see very far into the distance? What's with you all? You should have gone ahead and released the ebook the same day as the hardcover, no matter what unfounded wishes were wanted by other people. That's opinion of many.

Tor Management: you will soon see the day when you first release the ebook, then later the printed version. Please wake up.
316. TomRaffa
I will not buy either. If the ebook was available now, I would buy it, but since it is not, I will borrow the hardcover from the library. No charge!
317. JimBob
Shortsighted. I'll borrow a friends hardcopy in leiu of buying the eBook.
318. MikeF
Sanderson's blog explains that the reason for the eBook delay is that Harriet Rigney wanted to ensure that the book had the best possible chance of reaching number one on the bestseller lists.

If that's the case, then why not simply release the eBook now that the #1 position on the main bestseller lists has already been attained? Why do we need to have any further delay? Surely the finished eBooks could be released within a few days if you really wanted, so why not release them *NOW* and give the people what they want?

It's a silly thing to worry about anyway, if money truly isn't the point as Harriet indicated. When I think of my favorite books, like Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" or Goodkind's "Wizard's First Rule" it never even occurs to me to measure their legacy by what position they reached on a bestsellers list. Maybe authors and editors care, but I doubt many readers do.
319. MikeS
No more money from me. I would have paid $25 for the eBook, but now I will try the library.
320. JForge
Perhaps our anger is misplaced. Perhaps our anger should be directed toward the NYT for not coming into the 21st century and having them learn to count e-copies toward the Best Sellers stats...wait a minute, we're talking about the NYT doing something smart. Never mind.
Craig Barnett
321. Ommadawn
@320 JForge, even so, the book has already reached number one on the NYT list, so there's no excuse for not releasing the ebook earlier now. Will that happen? I doubt it, but it would be nice.
322. AL41
What a pain... Never planned to buy the paper copy, but now I'll likely skip the kindle copy as well & opt for the library (and a latte on TOR).
323. dbholder
As a disabled reader who can't use print editions this is a serious hit below the belt.
324. Austrianoak
Not happy. I'm holding out for he kindle from amazon or library. I've been reading this series for 12 years, I can wait another 2 months.
Kathryn Dix
326. Alopex
Oh look, I just now pre-ordered the kindle edition. A very, very long time after pre-order became available for the HC. How hard was that , you guys?

I feel like if you can go through the effort to record someone reading the whole book and make it available the same day as the hardcover, you can make the ebook available that day, too.
327. Elisabeth1111
It is very dissapointing not to be able to buy the epub of this book. I live in a small house and I travel a lot, so not having to either store or carry around massive books is great. I hope Tor and other publishers realize that people are willing to honestly buy a book, but this way we are not even given the option. A week or two I could live with, but months? Very sad.
328. Papaholmz
I'm not going to get all blustery like some have and say "I'm going to the library and won't be the ebook now" because I will indeed purchase the ebook. But I just want to say how disappointed I am that the decision was made to delay the release of the ebook. Not a very classy move.
330. Jeeers
E-book is out now, but I CAN'T by it. Because I'm not from uNiTeD sTaTeS oF aMeRiCAaa!!
This is ridiculous! I wanted to by e-book for my wifes birthday and I can't do it. I wanted to by a legal copy, I wanted to give you my money! F***!!!
Anthony Pero
331. anthonypero
This is not Tor's problem. They only control their own region. You need to complain to whomever owns the rights in the region you are in. Tor probably does not.

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