Feb 16 2012 11:52am

Watch a Live Space Walk Right Now

There is a space walk taking place at the International Space Station right now! NASA has a live feed, which we have embedded for you below.

Check that out. That thing you’re seeing? It’s not even on our planet.

Streaming live video by Ustream

Alexandre X. Duchateau Navarrete
1. Lexiel
This is extremely cool :D

It's kinda creepy to hear the lady do both sides of the conversation though.
Scott Silver
2. hihosilver28
@Lexiel-I second that on both counts. This is really quite slick.
Rachel Howe
3. ellarien
I watched most of the afternoon. The translator seemed to be very good, rendering everything into idiomatic American English on the fly -- it would be a bit much to expect more than one of that calibre at once.

I'm intrigued by the difference in style between the Russian and American spacewalks. The Russians seem much less scripted and rehearsed -- not always as smooth, but more free-wheeling in their approach.

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