Feb 6 2012 7:00pm

Watch a Trailer for a Live Action Movie of Thundercats

What would a live action Thundercats movie look like? WormyTV took this question quite seriously and created a pretty convincing edit trailer for a Thundercats movie.

There’s a lot of great SFF movies in the mix here, starting with that first shot straight from Masters of the Universe. Indiana Jones, the Riddick series, the X-Men films, Farscape, Galaxy Quest, Star Trek VI, Garfield (for Snarf, obviously), The Lord of the Rings, Troy, and more are all used to great effect.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and loves kitties but is on the fence about Thundercats.

Anthony Pero
1. anthonypero
Ok, that totally sucked... not because it was bad, but because now I really, really, really want a live action Thundercats with Brad Pitt and Vin Deisel.
2. dral64
I would totally take my 10-year-old son to this. (Isn't it great, the things you have an excuse to do with a youngling in tow?)
3. Sleeping Hedgehog
What the Frell is Chiana from Farscape doing in there?
Anthony Pero
4. anthonypero
Cheetara... should probably be someone hotter... but seriously, for the purposes of the trailer, they didn't even have to edit her.

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