Feb 23 2012 1:22pm

New Brave Trailer is All About Acts of Defiance, Deerhounds

Remember that time you really wanted to go against the wishes of your parents? Did you do it, or was it just too daunting to manage? Well, if you could manage a bow and arrow like this fair maiden, you probably would have done it all the time. Particularly if they were trying to arrange your marriage.

Seriously, you need to watch this new Brave trailer. It’s amazing, and to quote our boss: “It has deerhounds!”

So that’s what our office has been like today: Nicki Minaj, deerhounds, Star Wars.... Enjoy the trailer!

Irene Gallo
1. Irene
It’s amazing, and to quote our boss: “It has deerhounds!”
I belive it was more like, “IT HAS DEERHOUNDS!!!!!!”

Ian B
3. Greyfalconway
Ha, nice, looks generic for a pixar movie, but their trailers never do them justice anyways =]
Andrew Willett
4. AndrewWillett
I'll be over here doing the foam-at-the-mouth-and-swoon thing.

I so cannot wait to see this.
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
This is the first one I've been excited about in a long while. Cars, of course, was terrible and I thought Toy Story 3 was an overated chase movie. I miss the days when every Pixar movie was something to look forward to. I hope this is a return to that. And a female lead for the first time in a Pixar feature.
Andrew Willett
6. AndrewWillett
Whatever TS3's flaws, I'm willing to forgive anything for the sake of its last few minutes, which left me a sniffly mess.
Elizabeth Bear
7. matociquala
Yeah, I will watch the hell out of this. PLUS DEERHOUNDS.
Scott Silver
8. hihosilver28
It really was the character moment at the end, plus the physics accurate (YAY) slo-mo shot of the arrow as it left the bow that makes me want to see yesterday. Seriously, I've watched this clip around 5 times already, and will continue to check it out I'm sure.
Zayne Forehand
9. ShiningArmor
I can't wait to see this movie. The Incredibles will always be my favorite because of the superhero thing but this one looks to be vying for second already with Scottish accents and bows and arrows, plus a main character who I'm already rooting for.
Zayne Forehand
10. ShiningArmor
Sorry, double post.
11. AlBrown
Finally, a princess movie where the princess does not need a prince to be happy. I can't wait to see this one with my granddaughter.
12. JamesPadraicR
I just had to send a link to the video to my father and mother.
He of Scottish descent, with Deerhounds. She a former archer.
13. RMJ
Holy. Frick.

I am going to watch this movie as soon as it comes out in theaters, and possibly re-watch it as much as I can afford. And then buy it when it comes out.

Mostly because right now it is looking like a eerie, ancient scottish mirror of my own family dynamics between me, my mom, and my dad. I have a feeling that I will cry when I see it, darn it all.
Ian Tregillis
14. ITregillis
I cannot wait to see this. Few are the Pixar movies I don't love, but this one in particular I'm very excited about.

A friend of mine described TS3 as, "The best prison break movie since The Shawshank Redemption," and I thought that was pretty accurate.
15. jennygadget
I really want to be excited about this. But everytime I see an ad for it I keep thinking: "Why the hell is she human and not a
17. Suburbanbanshee
And then, she became a nun and was knocked out of the succession, albeit she wrote a really awesome spiritual and archery handbook, and had a good time defending the nunnery from various pirates who wanted to kidnap her and get her back into the succession.

Oh, wait, that would be a medieval movie instead of a fairy tale one. :)

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