Feb 20 2012 10:00am

Happy Presidents’ Day. Now Let’s Kick Some Ass!

Lincoln on Bear with Machine Gun by Jason Heuser

Happy Presidents’ Day! If the giving of gifts was something we did today, then the perfect Presidents’ Day purchase would surely be one of these beautiful prints from artist Jason Heuser, or as he calls himself on Etsy, Sharpwriter.

In the following paintings, Sharpwriter has reimagined the likes of George Washington, JFK, FDR, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson as science fiction action-hero badasses. Even non-presidents like Ben Franklin and Paul Revere get in on the action. Feast your optical scanners on these killer presidents below.


George Washington takes out some zombies. (For more Washington action, click here.)

George Washington taking down zombies by Jason Heuser


Famous game hunter Teddy Roosevelt versus the biggest game of them all: Man Bigfoot.

Teddy Roosevelt versus Bigfoot by Jason Heuser


A non-president, but important all the same. Paul Revere’s ride as it would be in the world of Tron. End of line, redcoats.

Paul Revere in TRON by Jason Heuser


Another non-president, but a founding father, so we’ll count it. Also, it’s nice to see someone appreciating all that Ben Franklin went through to invent electricity. Thanks, Ben Franklin.

Ben Franklin lightning warrior with Wolverine claws by Jason Heuser


As you go into your Presidents Day, don’t doing anything the presidents wouldn’t do. Which is nothing, because they’re awesome. You can see a lot more interpretations of presidents, action, and science fiction on Jason Heuser’s site.

And remember, you can hang this on your wall! Sharpwriter’s Etsy store is here.

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Martin Jarvis
1. Boscot
I'm pretty sure the ben franklin one is completely accurate...
Matt Wolfe
2. formflow1
I think Abe Lincoln Reloaded is the best from the linked web site. I do feel a little annoyed that there were two non presidents on this list; that is a 40% failure rate. What about Franklin Pierce, or James K. Polk?

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