Feb 22 2012 4:55pm

A Party So Great It’s Visible From Space: Feb 29th Leap Day Meet-up! meetup 2/29

Party time fast approaches! If you’re going to be in or around Manhattan on Wednesday the 29th, please join us for our first official Leap Day Meet-up at Professor Thom’s (219 2nd Avenue between East 13th and 14th Street). The whole crew will be at the upstairs bar from 6 through 11 PM, and there should be plenty of snacks, free books and swag onhand, as always. All in all, it should be a fabulous shindig the likes of which may never be seen again…at least for another four years!

Please save the date and come on out (and if you follow on Facebook, you can check out the event page and RSVP here). Hope to see you all on the 29th!

Kirk/Spock DJ illustration by Chris Whetzel

Rachel Austin
1. Rachel Austin
Wish I could attend...but live in Texas. Have a drink for me peeps and keep up the good work!
Rachel Austin
2. The Wiley One
I want to be there, too, but I ALSO live in Texas and have no oil money in my family to help finance the trip....
Rachel Austin
3. Yankee Girl
Wish I could fly up from Florida for the party!! Have a great time people!!! Love you guys!

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