Jan 17 2012 2:08pm

Watch the New Scenes from Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Set to debut sometime this year, the future sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the bigger genre events we have to look forward to. Over the holiday weekend, three new clips from the show leaked online. Check out the first one above and two more after the jump.

What does everything think? Does Korra have the stuff to fill Aang’s shoes?

[News and clips via Topless Robot and Mundo Avatar]

Stubby the Rocket is the voice and mascot of Tor.com and has the one element-bending skill none of these avatar jokers have mastered: star-bending.

1. mordicai


That is all.
2. AudreyG
So excited to see these clips! I just started a rewatch of my own for AtLA (since the one here seems to have died--so sad!) a few weeks ago. Do we have a solid air date yet?
Juan Avila
3. Cumadrin
Can't wait. I want to see her learn Airbending to complete the cycle.
Karen L
4. changisme
Is it just me or the animation looks kinda retro?
Also, it will be interesting to see how Korra work out, given her almost opposite personality to Ang. She kind of reminds me of Zena.
5. Stefan Jones
Thanks to a Netflix gift subscription, I'm watching the Last Airbender series for the first time. Very cool stuff.

I'm totally avoiding the stuff about this new series because I assume they are spoileriffic.
Other Alias
7. ghostcrab311

That is singlehandedly the most exciting news this year!!!!!

I watched the first clip, and I was blown away. Then I watched the second clip and said, "Is that Katara??!??!?"

8. BCsmith
As much as I would love to be excited (since this does look cool) I'm afraid I just can't be. My reason: FANDUMB. It seems that on one side you have a bunch of weaboo's (as some one call them) and lardasses starting flame wars with each other over the dumbest s**t. And on the other side you have fans who sound like they are having an uncontrollable orgy everytime they see anything related to avatar. Its lame, retarded and quite embarrisng really. So while I may check some of this out, I'll just stick with REAL anime like gundam unicorn, fairy tail and blue excorcist.
9. BCsmith
Darn. that should have said 'orgasm'. My fault
Amanda Lee
10. Ladnama
BCSmith: I'm a bit confused by how your response makes you better than the weeaboos? You'll stick to real anime -- because even a bad animated series from Japan is better than a good one from America?

Regardless, I'm very excited for the new series. I think AtLA was a close to perfect as an animated series has been in years and I'm hoping Korra keeps it up. Has anyone heard anything about a date yet?
11. Scarvye
Lookin' good, but one thing gets me about Avatar now that Winter has arrived here... why in the world are these people tromping around the South pole with their heads uncovered? Where are their scarves and gloves? I have to bundle up in 25 degrees, but they brush off -25 like it's a walk on the beach.
12. Sariah
"My brother and many of my friends are gone."

13. Eudae
@Scarvye: It's actually spring in the South Pole. Republic City is right above the equator and from the pics, it's fall because the trees are orange and since the seasons are reversed south of the equator...it's spring.

So it's about 30-40F there, not too bad.

Also, the creators were informed of the wonky seasons in season 1 of Avatar, so I'm sure they got it right this time LOL
14. MaxG
I've been looking forward to this since I saw the first trailer. It looks like the production team can still write and draw compelling fight scenes and dramatic moments. I hope the humor also makes the jump from the previous series!
15. Superstarseven
BCsmith sounds like a complete ass.
Enjoy your REAL anime which implies that Korra or A:TLA before it were cheap imitations.
16. szzzt
@BCsmith (#8)
It's possible to choose whether to participate in a fandom. It's possible to pick and choose small parts of it...or even create your very own alleys and niches.

It's hard work to even keep up with a whole fandom, and I'm lazy. I've had the best experiences in the nooks and crannies.
17. BCsmith
#10 and #15 Guys, should I really be concerned by the fact that i'm not as big a fan of the shows as you are. I didn't say that ATLA and KORRA were 'imitations'. Completely the opposite. It's just that for me, anime produced in japan take more risks story-wise and in some cases are more expiremental (see katanagatari, for example). ATLA is really just LOTR, SW, HP and NARUTO all retold in an asian-influenced fantasyland (that dosen,t mean it wasn't enjoyable but still). And to be fair, its too aely to really pass judgement on KORRA, I'm still deciding if I should watch it or not (again it looks cool but the fandom is a huge issue for me). And to address #16, YES it's hard to keep up with a whole fandom. And while I really want to go back and simply enjoy ATLA again (and also KORRA when that comes out), it seems i've made a probable mistake in being in the fandom too much, what with it's GODDAMNED SHIPWARS and other types of fanmade bullshit that I won't get into. It was was those things that simply spoiled the whole damn experience for me. And even native anime shows are guilty of this (HOLY SHIT, FMA:BROTHERHOOD! even though thankfully I still enjoy that show). Still there are exceptions. The show CASTLE has one of the friendliest fandoms i've ever seen and APH (or hetalia for short) can stand to be that at times too (google 'hetalia bloodbath 2011 tv tropes and click on the heratwarming section indicated by that little heart logo). As for shows like ATLA and their fandoms, i can only quote this ending lines from wierd al yankovic's 'elmo's got a gun': "you want me to walk around sesame street without a BULLETPROFF VEST?!? FORGET ABOUT IT!!!". Not every fandom is perfect, but even then we could use those examples I made above and say "yes, THIS is what a fandom can and should aspire to be". So in conclusion, hopefully that should give enough insight into my own PERSONAL opinion. and #15, the way I see it, the only person being a COMPLETE AND TOTAL ASS is you
FACT!!! See what I did there :)
P.S. If this makes you want to rip me anew asshole, go right on ahead. I'll let you do it, but I just have to type this.
*trollface* problem?
18. BCsmith
Again, spelling mistakes, espicailly for the HERAT in heartwarming. Sorry.

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