Jan 23 2012 6:00pm Salutes Military Science Fiction

Military Science Fiction on

Over the last several days we’ve explored various aspects of Military Science Fiction in the form of articles, book appreciations, and excerpts. (You can see it all collected in the Military SF index.) Thank you to all the contributors and readers who have all provided us with insight into this venerable sub-genre.

Most of all, we’d like to take a moment and thank all of those for whom military service is not limited to discussion, but action, as well. To those that have made real sacrifices in service to their countries: We thank you.

1. AlBrown
Thanks for the series. I don't read military SF as much as I used to, having found too much of it to be rather formulaic, and heavy-handed in its politics, but I very much enjoyed these discussions. And the conversation inspired me to pick up John Scalzi's "Old Man's War," which I am finding very enjoyable.
2. AlexBDA
Years ago I enjoyed reading the Gan Moondrake books by Donald E. McQuinn (Warrior, Wanderer, and Witch) which take place in a post-apocalyptical world where some survivors from our near future wake up from cryogenic sleep. Even after re-reading them a recently they still hold up.

Worth a read.
3. Walter Knight
There is a shortage of good military science fiction out there, especially in movies, so I appreciate Tor keeping the genre alive.

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