Jan 26 2012 7:40pm

Mirror, Mirror Trailer

So, it may be true that I am the only person onboard Stubby that wants to see this but, come on, it does look charming. No? A little? My suspicion is that Mirror, Mirror will be semi-succesful at being light fun while the Snow White and the Huntsmen version will fail at being the dark, brooding adaptation of the original fairy tale...

Jessica Reisman
1. jwynne
Actually, I'm stoked for both of them (despite the presence of Julia Roberts).
2. TarDan
Eh . . I'll stick to "Once Upon a Time".
Constance Sublette
3. Zorra
Mirror, Mirror looks delightful!

Whereas S W and the Huntsman, not so much, a la the offputting Kristen Stewart.

Love, C.

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