Jan 13 2012 1:16pm

Doctor Who Spinoff Announced Focusing on Amy & Rory

The BBC have announced a new Doctor Who spin-off show set to debut this fall in conjunction with the seventh season of the show: The Ponds.

The show has a markedly laugh-track sitcom bent (with maybe a dash of Gilmore Girls) although that doesn’t preclude aliens or weird time shenanigans showing up in episodes. You can see the title sequence above. Don’t worry, it contains no spoilers for the forthcoming events of Doctor Who season 7.

Who’s excited? We definitely are! Let’s cross our fingers for cameos by Matt Smith and Alex Kingston!

[Yes, it’s a joke. Amazing mock-up video via Blogtor Who]

Wulfy -
1. wulfmojo
Here, just take my money...
Rancho Unicorno
2. Rancho Unicorno
Glad you put in that last addendum. I was starting to feel a little ill (or maybe that's the five cups of hot cocoa). Either way, once I saw it was a joke I relaxed and thought, "ha ha," instead of "Moffat has officially jumped the shark.". Good to know that he is one screw up away from falling from my insignificant graces.
Rancho Unicorno
3. strongdreams
I'd rather there be a comedy spin-off (which I could easily avoid watching) than to have Moffat kill Amy and Rory (or go dark in some other fashion).
Rancho Unicorno
4. mordicai
So, literally ALL I did this xmas was watch Gilmore Girls & Doctor Who. SO BASICALLY THIS MAKE THIS REAL.
Jennifer B
5. JennB
Glad this was a joke even though I like Amy and Rory. Had a hard time staying interested in the last season. Haven't seen the Christmas special yet. I really hope the next season is better.
Cori Hull
7. yarnandtea
Dear god. I realize this makes me a huge nerd, but I would SO watch this show. I mean, come on, Moffatt gave us the original Coupling after all. He does have sitcom chops...
Teresa Jusino
8. TeresaJusino
HA! That's amazing. :)

And crappy theme song and Americanized sitcom format aside, I actually would watch a spin-off about Amy and Rory in the vein of the Sarah Jane Adventures.

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