Jan 6 2012 9:09am

Controversial Akira Remake Is No Longer Happening

The Hollywood Reporter has learned today that the Warner Bros. funded live-action remake of the iconic anime film Akira, has completely terminated production. According to their insider “the offices are being closed and everyone is being sent home.” The source also reported that if further budget issues with the film could not be sorted out that it might be shelved indefinitely.

Though budget issues are being blamed for this move, one has to wonder if the cacophony of criticism over the white-washing of the film has anything to do with shutting down the project. Was it just the money? Or was Warner Bros. worried they might have been making a huge social mistake too?

[News via The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision]

Danny Bowes
1. DannyBowes
This karmically balances things like Guillermo del Toro's huge Lovecraft picture being canceled.
Cait Glasson
2. CaitieCat
This is wonderful news to start the day. Now maybe someone can think about making a live-action version that doesn't completely change and disrespect the original.
Seamus Cooper
3. Seamuscooper
This project seemed ill-conceived from the start. Please the fans with a faithful adaptation and you'll create a film way too befuddling for the mainstream audience you need to make your money back. Please the public with a movie that makes sense, and the hardcore fans will be up in arms and word of mouth will be terrible. Bad idea--good decision to abandon it.
Charles Gaston
4. parrothead
"Huge social mistake" is putting it lightly. When both of the leads of friggin TWILIGHT have been associated with it in one rumor or another, and the rest of the names floating about have looked like a bleach load, I would have gone with "catastrophe". (looks down at model of Kaneda's motorcycle at desk at work)
5. trench
Oh please oh lease let this thing stay dead this time.
6. tigeraid
If I believed in a deity, I would thank it.

Wait... Praise Cthulhu!
7. kidentropia
R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn]

so there´s still a little bit of sanity/respect in hollywood after all?
Joe Dillingham
8. theblacklaser
Too bad. I was really excited about the live action version.
Benjamin Klein
9. benjaminsa
Hollywood loves remakes and sequells, they are far sounder investments. Original characters and stories are risky compared to proven characters and concepts. The remake of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and yet another Spiderman drives me nuts, but they are going to make lots of money. It must be some sort of indicator of how captured and cowed Hollywood directors are when you look at the explosion of sequels.
10. McTrollerson
Thank god! I was afraid the movie was going to pose undue competition to my adaptation of Akira as a stage musical.
11. spacechampion
Praise Cthulu!
12. YouWillBowToMe

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