Jan 13 2012 4:00pm

Can You Be Gay in Star Wars? “Love Wars” Explores the Issue

Recently shown in the Notodo Film Festival, the short Spanish-language film above, “Love Wars” tells the story of a stormtrooper couple locked in a different kind of galactic struggle. Could you be openly gay while serving the Empire? Seems like the answer was no.

The film is very open in regards to weaving in current political and class struggles as they affect the relationship of two men. Two men heavily invested in a galactic struggle that sees them as cannon fodder. Putting these faceless characters in a human situation risks coming off as funny, but the film is actually about more and illustrates the absurdity of people being forced into the closet quite effectively.

Written by Fiana Marin and Vicente Bonet, “Love Wars” stars Jordi Sanchez, Ivan Jara, and Pepe Torres. Head over to the NotodoFilmFest website for more info and to check out other movies in competition. (The above video contains subtitles but you may not see them if the video controls are present.)

Sky Thibedeau
1. SkylarkThibedeau
I thought the Stormtroopers were all asexual clones of Jango Fett??? Maybe they should have looked into the Don't ask, don't tell policies of the Galactic Rebellion or the Old Republic Jedi Council.
2. Boosh
How is having sex with yourself gay? Don't you masterbate all the time? Does that mean you are gay? I guess not many people would screw themselves in teh azz or suck on their own D, though....unless they were gay.

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