Dec 9 2011 2:00pm

The Dark Knight Rises Plot Synopsis Game

Some days paying attention to the scraps of mostly non-information about The Dark Knight Rises can you drive you a little... batty. It’s certainly gotten to us, so we figured out a way to alleviate the boredom: The Dark Knight Rises Plot Synopsis Game!

Below the cut we’ve taken snippets of a plot synopsis from another science fiction film and replaced the characters and settings with Batman 3-related ones. Have we stumbled on to the actual plot of the film? Perhaps!

What movie is this from?

Batman and the citizens of Gotham City become involved when Gotham City’s new leader, Bane, makes overtures for peace with Comissioner Gordon.

During his first meeting with Batman and members of his crew, Bane remains hidden in the shadows (he and his “brothers” are not comfortable in the light) and informs Batman of his intentions to negotiate peace with Gotham City. After correctly guessing what Batman thinks of such a negotiation, Bane reveals himself to his doppelganger. This revelation shocks Batman, who now realizes he is facing a younger version of himself. Bane then cuts his own hand and gives the knife to Catwoman to have her examine his blood. Afterward, he invites Batman to dinner at Arkham Asylum, insisting that they have “much to discuss.”

Now, Batman faces a new, very personal enemy, and Gotham City is tasked with preventing a costly re-ignition of war between Bane and Comissioner Gordon.

Guess which movie we picked and post your own plot synopses in the comments!


Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and knows that somewhere, Tom Hardy is smiling down upon us all.

1. strongdreams
That "cuts his own hand and gives the blood to catwoman" (who otherwise has no purpose being there) makes it way to easy.
2. RoryB
Got it even before the cuts his own hand bit - but I had the benifit of just catching this movie on TV a few days ago.
Jordan Dennis
3. jddennis
Ha! I love how the picture ties the two movies together. I remember seeing a still in almost the same pose from the movie that shan't be named.
4. NormanM
I haven't even seen this movie, but I could tell what it was by the third sentence. Somebody's gonna have to try harder!
5. chaosprime
It's Star Trek: Nemesis, in case anybody else is feeling teased by strongdreams and RoryB. :)

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