Dec 15 2011 4:49pm

Nic Cage Makes You Say “Hell Yes” in New Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer

Did we need or want a sequel to Ghost Rider? Surely the sane among us would say “no.” But if you love the beautiful insanity that is Nic Cage the way we do, you’ll agree Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance looks to be the variety of cheeseball nonesense we can get behind. Hell yes, Nic! Own the crazy.


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Chuk Goodin
1. Chuk
I kind of liked the first Ghost Rider movie. It wasn't very good, though.
Evan Langlinais
2. Skwid
Will "Eva Mendez's Cleavage" get a proper line of its own in the credits, this time? Because that was just unfair.
3. TomT
I always kinda liked the Ghost Rider movie. It isn't a great movie or anything but it a fun movie to just kick back and watch. This one looks like it is in the same general category. Fun not great but just fun.
Chris Hawks
4. SaltManZ
That...that actually looks kinda cool.

(I never saw the first one, but I thought it looked pretty terrible.)
5. critter42
Jack Nicholson has been called "over the top" on more than one occasion (cf. "Batman", "The Witches of Eastwick", etc). As great as Jack is, he can't hold a candle to Nic when he, as you put it "owns the crazy" :). Can't wait until February.
Joseph Kingsmill
6. JFKingsmill16
I will only watch this movie if he uses that wonderful accent he had in Con Air.
7. Cathy G.
Also a Nic Cage fan, also liked the first Ghost Rider movie, also can't WAIT for February.
David Spiller
8. scifidavid
Looks cheesy but fun. I'm in. I liked the first one.
9. Criss
I'm a fan of Nic Cage, so I'm looking forward to february!

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