Dec 2 2011 3:00pm

Mobilis in Mobili Art Exhibit Gives Steampunks Some New Ink to Spill

While enjoying some culture, how about sitting down and getting a tattoo to commemorate the experience? Recently, I attended the opening of “Mobilis in Mobili: An Exhibition of Steampunk Art and Appliance” at the Wooster Street Social Club in Manhattan, and scoped out a selection of artists that are highlighting the punk sensiblities of steam.

The opening reception for this exhibit, sponsored by ModVic and TLC’s reality show NY Ink, featured 26 artists and had the special perk of tattoo artists working on-hand to tat one of the attendees, Kayte Moseley.

When I asked her afterwards what the experience was like, she replied, “Fantastic, but now I’m exhausted.” And no wonder!

“Mobilis in Mobili” features a wide array of functional works and home decor, including one intimidating (but thankfully non-working) electric chair, motorized steam bikes, retrofitted guitars, and of course, airships. Steampunks, artists and attendees rocked the night away to music from Frenchy & the Punk, saw some steampunk burlesque dancers, and enjoyed refreshments bartended by Anders & co. from The Way Station.

Check out more pics from the event below. But of course, the reception was only the launch of this exhibit. “Mobilis in Mobili” is FREE to the public and  will be at the Wooster Street Social Club from now until January 14th, 2012. For more information, you can check out their website:

Ay-leen the Peacemaker enjoys good art and good music, especially if the two coincide. She is a current graduate student at NYU and runs the multicultural steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana.

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