Dec 5 2011 6:30pm

Live Action Fan Films: Voltron, Portal, and Sailor Moon

So, a while ago I wrote about Serenity: Redemption, a feature length live action fan film that continued the Firefly universe. I thought it was pretty neat, if obviously a fan tribute, but also fairly unique in being a fan film with production value. Well, time for me to start eating my words, as just in the last few months, three more live action fan films have been released upon the unsuspecting web: Voltron: The End, Portal: No Escape, and Sailor Moon: The Movie.

Voltron: The End

My kids have recently been watching the original Voltron, and when I commented about this on Facebook, a friend linked this at me. I properly nerdgasmed. The story is, roughly, a small vignette that shows a much older Lance waking up in a heavily damaged Red Lion, adrift in space. With his dying breath, he sends out a warning to the Galactic Alliance: Zarcon has won. Even for being three minutes long, it was amazingly good, and the limited CGI was quite effectively used. The only thing that bugs me is that there are no links or additional information on this project. Will there be more? Who knows.


Portal: No Escape

This short is actually the oldest of the three, posted at the end of August. Like the Voltron short, there is basically no information about this, although I’d imagine if Valve actually had anything to do with it, their name would be plastered all over it instead of it being one of two videos on the creator’s channel, the other being a pretty nifty Behind-the-Scenes feature. The story, in short, is of an Aperture Test Subject who tries to escape after finding the Portal Gun in her cell. No dialogue, but that just makes it all the more awesome.


Sailor Moon: The Movie

Okay, I’m going to get flak for this, but I actually watched the ever-living snot out of Sailor Moon growing up. More so than even Dragonball Z. Now, I know there have been live action adaptations of Sailor Moon before, but that this is strictly a fan man, not-for-profit production is amazing. The above video is the first fifteen minutes of what the production team is planning (according to their facebook page) on being a full length feature, drawing both from the original story and incorporating a new, edgier take. Considering that there are pictures of Sailor Moon fighting “Evil Endymion” on their tumblr, I imagine they plan on taking the story all the way through the Queen Beryl arc.

So, what do you think? Pretty cool, or am I just easily impressed? Any other awesome fan films out there?

Richard Fife is a writer, blogger, and also a closet Brony, as if being a Sailor Moon fan wasn’t bad enough. He writes an illustrated steampunk serial novel, “The Tijervyn Chronicles” and loves being stalked on Facebook and Twitter.

Christopher Hamilton
1. chrishamilton
The Voltron short is by Alex Albrecht, and the Portal short is by Dan Trachtenberg, who host the podcast the "Totally Rad Show". I think this is the first short Alex has ever done, but I know Dan has a few other short films out there that are worth checking out.
Ian Johnson
2. IanPJohnson
I assume that Legend of Neil counts as a fan film, yes?
3. SF
Info on the Portal video:
Thomas Keith
4. insectoid
Richard, don't be embarrased about watching the snot out of SM growing up... I did it too! In fact, I still have (nearly) the whole CN run on tape (::blushes::), though some of the tapes have deteriorated. I guess there wasn't anything better on CN at the time except that and DBZ (which I now own the entire DVD set of).

I watched Voltron for about half a dozen episodes, at the same time I started watching SM (late '97, I think). Thought it was alright, but it didn't really grab me like the other two shows. ;)

::dives back into the bunker::

S Barlow
5. Lizzibabe
Here is another good Portal video:
6. Freelancer
First the will be cake. And then you will be baked.
Michael M Jones
7. MichaelMJones
An hour later, I stop watching Youtube clips of Voltron... darn it! Welcome to my childhood, all over again. I still have the Lion Voltron somewhere in the basement. :)
Kurt Lorey
8. Shimrod
I don't mind that you're a Sailor Moon fanatic. But, please oh please, promise you will never dress up as same. I saw some overweight guy (with a beard, no less) dressed up as Sailor Moon at a GenCon once. That ended any potential interest I might ever have entertained concerning LARPs.
Richard Fife
9. R.Fife
@2 I'm not familiar with Legend of Niel, and while Youtube brought up quite a few things to that name, I didn't exactly see a place to start watching. If you can provide a link for "start here", that'd be awesome.

@3 SF: thanks for the link. The lack of information via either of their youtube channels was rather frustrating.

@4 Insectoid: I actually watched Voltron when I was 5 or 6, mid 80s, so it was the bees knees to me. If I had watched it at the same time as Sailor Moon or DBZ, I would likely have not been as into it. My kids, actually, are already starting to get meh to Voltron in Season 4 of 8 and are tending to the cartoon spider-man.

@8 I will never be sailor bubba, no worries. I keep my cross-dressing to Aes Sedai apprael ;)

@5 Lizz: Yes, I saw that one too, and really enjoyed it. Definitely worth a look if you havne't seen "Outside Aperture" (The story of how Chell finally got the cake)
Shaka Jamal
10. FaceofYo!
I too watched everything "Sailor Moon" I could... :)

I love these example of fan created films! :)
While not being's worth checking out "Star Trek: Phase Two"... more awesomeness :)
11. FluffyPanda
Legend of Neil videos are only hosted on

First google link for Legend of Neil is the creator's website, with embedded videos:

Second is the show page itself.

Either will let you watch all three series in sequence. It's pretty crude, but funny and enjoyable all the same, especially if you like old-school Zelda.

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