Dec 12 2011 5:00pm

It’s Time to Pick Hunger Games Nail Polish Colors! (We’re Totally Serious)

There’s been a lot of chatter about the Hunger Games merchandising going on in preparation for the film adaptation’s release, but here’s one we were hoping would disappear — Hunger Games nail polish. After all, creating a color palate based on the Hunger Games themselves, or the children who compete for their lives is, frankly, a little sick. In an effort to remedy the situation, the nail polish line is back, but this time they will be called Colors From the Capitol. So the oppressive rich and powerful of Panem are releasing a line of nail laquer for your bemusement as you watch the young people fight, murder, and struggle to stay alive. We’ve been trying to come up with some appropriate colors for this line, and we were hoping you might join in with us. Some ideas below....

  • Octavia’s Oppression Orange
  • Effie’s Emerald Elegy
  • You Just Shot a Rat for Food Fuschia
  • Tracker Jacker Java
  • Avox Amber
  • Muttation Mauve
  • Wall of Fire
  • Tribute Training Teal
  • Head Gamemaker Hot Pink
  • Resource-Robbing Red
  • Quarter Quell Quince
  • With the Help of Your Sponsor Silver
  • Your Entire District Will Be Carpet-Bombed If You Don’t Comply Blue

What do you think? Did we miss any colors? Feel free to add your own!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is having a hard time coming up with a joke about creating a consumer base about a book series where the consumer base is murderous and amoral.

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Clare McBride
1. The Literary Omnivore
As both a nerd and nail polish junkie, I find the reaction to this nail color line delightfully ridiculous—The Hunger Games is being flogged as the next teen franchise to milk. There's been nail colors released for Alice in Wonderland, Shrek, The Muppets… all admittedly lighter stories, of course, but all aimed at a similar demographic.
Chuk Goodin
2. Chuk
My daughter is a huge fan of both nail polish and the Hunger Games and she's totally looking forward to both the movies and the nail polish.
Teresa Jusino
4. TeresaJusino
I think a "Mockingjay" line of nail polish wouldn't be out of the question, doing something District themed - like Sea Blue for District 4 or Coal Black for District 12. It could be marketed as the colors revolutionaries wear. Like, if you spot someone wearing these colors, you know they're "on your side." Or there could be a "backstory" created for the colors - that the polish was created in District 8 (the textiles district) in response to a burgeoning movement. Something like that. :) I do think they should be careful with Hunger Games nailpolish, but I don't think the concept itself is abhorrent.
Michael Grosberg
5. Michael_GR
what, no "Blood of child combatants Crimson"?
Verity Meridian
6. Verity Meridian
Completely Missing the Point Taupe
Huh? What Irony? Orange
To Match the Rose in Your Lapel Ivory
Gray as the Ashes of Your Demolished Home
First Against the Wall Mauve
Verity Meridian
7. John N
"Tracker Jacker Java"??? Aren't Tracker-jackers yellow?

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