Dec 1 2011 10:35am

High Quality, Spiffy John Carter Trailer

Ready for that Led Zeppelin-fueled John Carter of Mars trailer in high quality? We know the Internet is buzzing with how great it looks visually, but what does everybody think about everything else? Great homage to classic SF or Hollywood action-schlock? Discuss! (Trailer via Den of Geek)

Danny Bowes
1. DannyBowes
Jimmy McNulty gets fired from Baltimore PD. Moves to Mars. Antagonizes their bureaucracy to the point where only the drunk from Friday Night Lights can fix things. There's your plot. (The reason why there's only that one brief shot of Dominic West in the trailer is because they don't want to spoil the McNulty plotline....)
3. ScottS
@1: Haha, yeah I always think that every damn time I see Dominic West in something is, "Oh, that's what McNulty is up to." I have the same issue with Idris Alba. "They got Stringer Bell to guard the Rainbow Bridge?! Ain't nobody getting through that."
4. a1ay
I had that with Martin Sheen. I couldn't quite persuade myself that he wasn't playing the same character in "Badlands", "Apocalypse Now", "Wall Street" and "The West Wing".
It all hangs together: punk kid gets into a lot of trouble, eventually gets drafted, likes the military life and decides to go career, invalided out after a mission into Cambodia goes wrong, gets a job with the local airline, but the shenanigans around the takeover open his eyes to the corruption of America and he decides to go into politics to straighten it out.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
5. tnh
I keep waiting for Antoine Batiste to use one word for every piece of dialogue in a scene.

Really liked their use of "Kashmir" for the soundtrack.

Factoid: ERB's John Carter was one of the Virginia Carters, so that character onscreen is theoretically related to former President Jimmy Carter.
Scientist, Father
6. Silvertip
I am disconcerted to find a comment of mine @2 having been deleted, apparently because the reference behind me saying "What these people need is a honky" wasn't obvious--although I read about it first on! So, here's a link with explanation.

Basically, this story sounds to me like it falls into the same kind of obnoxious cliche (what tvtropes calls "mighty whitey".) Of course, I'm being an example of the "I haven't read the book but here's my strong opinion" trope here myself, but hey, what are comment threads for?

Next time, more details on the first try, especially on a term with potentially objectionable overtones. Sorry about that @tnh!


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